Birth-ease Birth Ball review

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by Jane McGuire |
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This is a great product. I'm 5'5" and it's the right size for me, just make sure you inflate it as far as you can - your hips should be higher than your knees. I've just been on a course for calm birthing and the instructor had exactly the same ball- so it should be good! I'm 8 months pregnant at the moment and am finding the ball comfy to sit on and do exercises with. It's meant to help get the baby in the right position for birth. The pump is good, and there are a couple of extra plugs included.

Product Information

  • Highest Anti-Burst Quality Birthing Ball - manufactured in Italy to all EU standards

  • Compact hand pump included for inflation.

  • Product Guide with instructions for prenatal exercise, labour support and mobile active birth positions

  • 65cm ball for heights up to 5'8 (173cm).

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