The 15 best breast pumps 2024: tried and tested by mums

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Medically reviewed by Sioned Hilton, registered general and paediatric nurse and specialist neonatal nurse.

When you are setting out on your feeding journey, finding the best breast pump is crucial. Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed, more than likely, there will come a time when you will need to use a pump. If you are a working mum, a mum of multiples or want the option of a helping hand, you may need to use one of these best breast pumps. "Whether you have a baby who can’t feed directly from the breast or you have to spend time apart, expressing means your baby can still benefit from your breast milk," says Lactation Consultant for Medela, Sioned Hilton.

There are lots of reasons why a mum might choose to express breastmilk and, thankfully, plenty of different types of pumps. Perhaps you're returning to work and want to be able to use a hands-free breast pump, then our top pick, The Lola&Lykee Smart Electric Breast Pump, may be the one for you. Or, if you want to go on that girl's night out, finding the best electric breast pump will allow you to enjoy your evening and not become uncomfortable. It really depends on how often you pump breast milk or see yourself needing to express milk.

A breast pump is an electric or manual device that extracts milk from a lactating mother. The extracted milk can be stored in the fridge or freezer to be fed to your child via a bottle, cup, spoon or supplementary feeding device at a later time. Please make sure you follow the NHS advice on storing your breast milk. There are several different options available – single, double, manual and electric. Some breast pumps are hands-free, and others can be made hands-free by using a wearable breast pump bra.

Medela expert Sioned says according to the ABM Mastitis spectrum protocol 2022, it's important to feed the baby, not the freezer. "Responsible expression is being mindful not to overstimulate milk production as this may lead to engorgement and mastitis. When milk 'comes in' in the first days after birth your breasts are full, swollen and engorged. Feed your baby frequently to relieve the fullness and apply a cool compress. Avoid expressing unless feeding is too painful and your baby cannot latch."

Even if you're not planning to give feeding duty to anyone else, a breast pump is still worth having. It's worth knowing how to use a breast pump and finding the best position for breast pumping for you. Did you know expressing even small quantities of milk can bring pain relief if your breasts are engorged or swollen? Lots of mums also use manual breast pumps to express between feeds to boost their milk supply.

Finding the best breast pump for you can be difficult; unlike most baby products, you cannot go and try one out for hygiene reasons. So, our mum testers have tried all of the pumps in this article. We have also included the best pumps, as voted by real-life mums. We also consulted expert Sioned to make sure you get the best advice around pumping.

The best breast pumps, at a glance

Best breast pump overall: Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump - Buy now on Mori
Best double breast pump: Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best breast pump for support: Medela Swing Flex - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best breast pump for on-the-go: Pippeta Compact LED - Buy now on Amazon UK

While we have picked our best choices, we have also tried to consider the best pumps for different needs. We understand everyone is different and we have tried to find a breast pump that works for everybody's individual needs. For a wider choice of breast pumps have a look at our guide below.

What are the different types of breast pump?

Manual breast pumps - Manual breast pumps are great for mums who are primarily breastfeeding. When using a manual pump, you place the breast cup over your breast and squeeze the handle to extract the milk, which collects in a storage container or bottle. Most mums who use a manual breast pump feel they have more control. Manual breast pumps tend to cheaper and be easier to use making them ideal for occasional use as they require no additional costs such as batteries or a need for a power supply. They're also 100% quiet.

Electric pumps - Electric breast pumps are one of the most popular as you can adjust both speed and suction. Electric pumps come in both single and double pumps, allowing you to express milk from one or two breasts at the same time. These pumps may have rechargeable batteries, batteries or require a power supply. Generally quicker and more efficient at expressing milk than manual pumps. We recommend an electric breast pump to mums of multiples or for mums who want to maintain their milk supply whilst at work.

Hands-free breast pumps - As the name suggests, hands-free breast pumps allow you to collect milk whilst you do other things. Hands-free pumps are a fantastic option for mums who have older children and mums who are constantly on the go.

You can hire breastfeeding pumps from hospitals and maternity units, too. These are electric pumps that are super-efficient at expressing a high volume of milk in a short period of time. These pumps are designed to support mothers who pump a lot, with specialist technology to instruct your milk making cells to switch on and to remove the available milk effectively. These pumps are suitable for mums in hospitals and at home who are not able to breastfeed or baby is not feeding effectively.

What is the difference between an open and closed system pump?

There's one main difference between open and closed system pumps and that is that one has a barrier and the other doesn't.

Closed system pump - Closed system breast pumps have a barrier which stops milk from leaking into the mechanism and prevents any cross-contamination from bacteria or viruses. Hospital grade pumps are all closed system to safeguard against cross contamination and to make sure that the milk is safe for your baby.

Open system pump - Open system pumps do not have a barrier, but it's important to note that the risk of contamination is very small. There's no right or wrong pump to use and it's still important to sterilise whichever breast pump you're using regularly. There are baby sterilisers you may wish to look at purchasing. Personal use pumps are designed to be used by one user only.

How we tested and chose these breast pumps

Our Mother&Baby awards are renowned in the industry for being one of the most highly respected product awards for baby and parenting products, and every year, we arrange for thousands of independent mum reviewers to test the latest products on the market.

We've tested over 60 of the best models available in the UK, with around 10 reviewers per product to ensure that we get a range of views on the product.

Once we’ve recruited our pool of testers we ask them to consider four areas while testing, including usability, design, quality and value for money. They also are asked to provide feedback on their experience with the product and whether they would make any changes to improve it.

Find out more about how we test and what considerations we take into account in our testing process.

Our independent mums review products based on their usability, design, quality, and value for money. Reviewers give us qualitative feedback on their experience with the product, which our team of journalists review to decide our recommended products.

From all this work, the best breast pumps are chosen and listed below, along with the review comments that we thought would be most useful to those looking themselves for the best breast pump.

Our editorial team is also constantly updating our best of articles and looking for new breast pumps to test so that we can help you find the best – be that a cheaper product that we want to test for value for money or the latest breast pump innovation.

Elvie Stride
Senior Digital Writer Samantha Ball testing the Elvie Stride ©Samantha Ball

Things to keep in mind when choosing a breast pump

Like our mum testers, you will have your own individual needs when choosing a breast pump. However, there are some things you may want to consider when making your choice:

Portability: Where are you planning on taking your pump? If you are taking your pump to the office, you may want to opt for a lighter and quieter model.

Noise level: Electric breast pumps tend to be pretty noisy, which can be impractical if you're expressing while your baby is asleep nearby, when you're at work or if you just want to hear what's on the telly. Whereas manual pumps are much quieter, and some make no noise at all.

Comfortable fit: The breast shield fits over your breast inside the pump funnel. It must fit well for optimal milk drainage as well as comfort. Some pumps come with more than one shield, so you can try different sizes to find the perfect fit.

It's also important to measure nipple size, the nipple expands when vacuum is applied and the milk starts to flow. The nipple should move freely in the funnel, with only a small amount of areola tissue. Pumping should not be painful or uncomfortable.

Ease of use: You might want to choose a pump that allows you to control all the variables – such as the suction level and the speed at which the pump extracts milk from your breast – via the control panel.

Easy to clean: Choose a pump that's quick and easy to assemble once you've taken it apart for cleaning and sterilising. Hunt-the-tiny-missing-part-of-the-breast-pump is not a game you want to play, especially if you'll be using it frequently.

Size: Expressing is easier and more efficient if you feel relaxed, so choose a pump that's appealing to look at and comfortable to hold. Having said that, sometimes, a medical grade hospital pump is required when you are exclusively pumping in the first weeks to establish or recover milk supply. Once supply is established a personal pump can support your breastfeeding lactation.

Power source: If you like the thought of not being confined to one spot when you're expressing, choose a pump that can run on batteries. If you're the type of person who always forgets to charge your phone, a mains-operated pump might suit you better. Many pumps are now rechargeable but some still use conventional batteries. Factor in the cost of batteries, choosing a pump that runs on mains and battery operated gives greater flexibility to pump at home and on the go.

Storage: Are you pumping your milk and planning to freeze or store it for later use? If so, choose a pump with storage containers or factor in the cost of buying these. If you intend to feed your baby within days, go for a pump that lets you express milk directly into a clean, sterilised bottle until you're ready to use it.

Best overall breast pump

Lola and Lykke Smart Electric Breast PumpLola and Lykke

The Lola and Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump was awarded Gold for Best Breast Pump at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

With its modern design and wire-free functionality, the Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump offers convenience with efficient and quick pumping, as highlighted by our mum tester Sian, who found it efficient for quick pumping sessions. "I managed to get 3oz very quickly without needing to miss a feed. That was enough for my evening out that day so I was really happy. Next time I used the pump and I was able to feed baba from the other breast really easily as the device isn’t too bulky and I could prop it on a cushion to be hands-free. I was also able to go and make a cuppa whilst using it." Commented Sian. 

The pump's is designed to mimic baby's natural sucking pattern through six stimulation settings and nine expression modes. Our mum tester Brogan was a particular fan of this feature, commenting that she found it more powerful than other pumps she’s used. “This is very powerful compared to others I've tried. I had given up with pumps as they never seemed effective at all, even with an oversupply of milk,” she said. Additionally, the ultra-soft silicone breast shield helps let-down to optimise milk flow for a more comfortable pumping experience, according to mum tester Vicki. “Pumping milk is now a comfortable and easy process, and my baby has taken to the Lola & Lykke bottle well" Vicki says. 

Highlighted by our mum tester Helen, this pump is quiet compared to others, and the long-lasting battery makes it ideal for discreet and portable use, fitting seamlessly into the busy lifestyles of mums. “This product makes life easier as a mum because it's so quiet to use, it didn't wake my sleeping husband or baby, and it's so convenient as it's wireless that you can literally use it anywhere! It's really easy to charge with a USB charger, and each charge lasted for ages, so could easily be taken to work, on holiday or to the hospital if you needed to.” Helen said. Its USB rechargeable battery lasts for two hours and the option to pump directly into milk bags adds to how convenient it is.

While some testers would have welcomed the addition of a carry case or a double version of the pump, overall feedback was very positive and our mum testers agreed the Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump was worth the extra money thanks to its effectiveness, ease of use, and sleek design.

Read our full Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump review


  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent quality and very effective
  • Super portable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great, comfortable design


  • Doesn't come with a carrying case
Battery Life:2 hours
Dimensions:28 x 12.5 x 5.5
Milk Capacity:150ml each
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless

Best double breast pump

Lansinoh 2 in 1 Electric Breast PumpLorna White
Price: $250.00

This pump was shortlisted for Best Breast Pump at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards. It also won a 2019 Bronze Mother&Baby Award.

Our parent testers loved the dual-pump functionality of the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump, allowing you to simultaneously pump without the need for separate pumps to give you the most efficient pumping experience. Our mum tester Suzanne agreed, saying; “Previously I was having to pump at least twice a day to get enough for one feed now I’m done in one morning session. It’s great that it can be a single or double as if my baby is feeding I can still use it rather than having to wait for him to finish if it was just a double.” 

Mum tester Sarah also loved how easy it was to start using thanks to the preassembled design as well as the included extras to make mums life a whole lot easier. “I loved that it came preassembled so I could see where all the parts were supposed to attach. I also liked that the pump had a timer on it so I knew how long I had been pumping for. Finally, it comes with so many extra bits like a bag to carry and store it in and covers for the bottles so you don't have to put a teat on it until use.” Said Sarah. 

Despite being on the noisier side compared to other breast pumps, our mum testers liked the stylish and clever design. Mums like Sarah particularly loved the fact this pump is portable and can be used on the go. “I also liked that it can be used with batteries if I wanted to go cordless, makes it easier to bring on holiday without having to use an extra adapter.” Sarah commented. 
While reviewers suggest minor improvements such as a longer battery life when using wirelessly as well as quieter operation and stronger suction power, they agreed this pump was great value for money, agreeing that they would most definitely recommend it to their mum friends.

Read our full Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump review


  • Very effective pump and is great value for money
  • Excellent quality
  • Mains operated and battery


  • You'll need both hands
Type:Single and Double Electric Breast Pump
Dimensions:15 x 25 x 22 cm
Milk Capacity:160ml each
Battery:Up to 2 hours
  • Gentle pump
  • Can be plugged into mains
  • Very quiet

Best breast pump for support

The Medela Swing Flex pump was shortlisted for Best Breast Pump at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards. It also won a Silver Mother&Baby Award 2020.

With its different power options, compact design, and hands-free functionality, it’s easy to see why the Medela Swing Flex Electric Breast Pump is a popular choice amongst mums. Designed for using both at home or on-the-go use. Our mum tester, Lucy, particularly loved how easy this was to set up, despite the not-so-user-friendly instructions. “There aren't many components to it, making it really simple to assemble and use. The instructions make it seem daunting to use initially, but after a few uses, I found my stride and literally into the 'swing' of things!” Lucy commented. 
Mums also found the pump and its accessories very easy to clean and sterilise too – a must when you have a hungry baby to keep happy. Mum Niamh said; “Having the Medela swing was a life saver, it was so easy to wash and sterelise (with the microwave bag provided) as well as easy to set up. All the accessories were sterelised in 5 minutes and ready to use. I found it easy to use alongside holding and caring for baby too.”

The pump comes with two different-sized breast shields for a comfortable fit for different breast sizes, making it more comfortable for a wider variety of mums. The flexible rim can also be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to easily adapt its position to suit your breast shape. This was a welcome feature for our mum tester Alexandra who found both sized shields came in handy. “The fact it came with two different shaped breast shields meant it fit comfortably to almost all breast sizes, so if your breast were full of milk you may need the bigger one and if not so full the smaller one.” Mum Niamh also loved the Medela 2-Phase Expression technology which mimics baby's instinctive rhythms for a more natural-feeling and comfortable pumping experience for mum. “I love that it has a stimulating mode and then automatically moves into the expressing mode, this reduced any pain and really encourages a good flow of milk at a comfortable pace. You can also adjust the suction strength throughout,” she said. 

While mums were generally satisfied with the Medela Swing Flex, some suggest improvements such as adding a display screen to indicate suction speed, addressing occasional leakage issues, and incorporating USB charging capabilities for added convenience. Mum tester Faye said; “The one thing that would make this product better would be if it was possible to charge it/power it via a usb charger like other pumps can. This would make it easier to be able to use on the go, when for instance you unexpectedly need to pump when in the car and you haven't got batteries or they are flat (this actually happened to me!)”

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  • Provides fantastic support with maximum comfort
  • Portable and lightweight for a double pump
  • Has a range of different vacuum levels and settings to suit your needs and comfort


  • No screen or digital display
Type: Double Electric Breast Pump
Dimensions: 12.5 x 24 x 25.5 cm
Milk Capacity:150ml each
Battery: Up to 3 hours
  • Runs on mains power
  • Clips onto clothing
  • Quiet
  • Includes storage bag

Best breast pump for on-the-go

The Pippeta Compact LED was awarded Silver for Best Breast Pump at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

Both compact and lightweight in design for hands-free usage, the Pippeta Compact LED breast pump features four different pump modes and 12 levels of suction power giving you comfort and flexibility during pumping sessions. Our mum tester Raman loved how she could tailor each pumping session. “The different suction modes and levels allow you to tailor your expressing experience to fit your needs. I preferred using the massage mode as it allowed me to express the milk I required. The pump comes with an automatic switch-off after 20 minutes,” she says. 

Testers loved how easy it was to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, and the actual process of cleaning was easy. “The parts are easy to disassemble and clean and due to the silicone material, can be cleaned using a steam steriliser and in the dishwasher too,” our mum tester said. One thing she did point out is that some of the components are transparent and small so can be easy to misplace, but luckily, there are extras in the box if this does happen. Other extras you’ll find in the box as well as the components of the pump are the bra adjustment buckles for a customised fit and breast shield. 

Despite its affordability and performance, some mums did experience issues with the pump including the pump's noticeable protrusion when worn, limiting its suitability for discreet use outside the home. Our mum tester Raman said, “the pump is relatively quiet and although compact, it does stick out quite a bit under the contour of the clothes. Because of this, I personally only felt comfortable using the pump at home rather than out and about.” Another aspect which parents would have loved is the addition of a battery level indicator on the LED screen and a timer feature. 

Read our full Pippeta Compact LED review.


  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Quiet pumping sound
  • Can get different sizes of flanges for a comfortable fit (at extra cost)
  • Pump comes with additional spare parts
  • Good battery charge - USB charge
  • 4 different suction modes and can alter the strength to 12 levels
  • Compact and lightweight design - fits comfortably in nursing bra


  • Although compact, the pump still sticks out quite a bit so would only use in and around the house
  • No timer to show how long you have pumped
  • No battery level sign
Charging time:2.5 hours
Usage time:100 - 120 minutes usage time
Suction:60mmhg - 300mmhg
  • Up to 150ml bottle capacity
  • 12 Suction Modes (12 levels in all 4 modes)
  • Expression, Massage, Auto & Lactation Modes

Best quiet breast pump

This pump also won a 2020 Mother&Baby Gold Award.

The Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump is a real stand out product in the market thanks to its groundbreaking hands-free solution for mums. Designed to fit discreetly inside a nursing bra, this wireless pump offers silent pumping with the assistance of app control for convenience and flexibility. Our mum tester and Mother&Baby Editor Maria Martin loved how easy it was to use and how seamlessly she could use it on a daily basis.  

The ability to control the pump remotely via the app made the whole expressing experience much easier for parents, providing them with valuable tracking features for milk volume and pumping history. Maria was a big fan of the app, commenting; “The Elvie Pump app lets you adjust the suction sections from your smartphone, which is very helpful and saves you jumping down your bra to adjust settings from the hub. This means you can feel that little bit more confident, say when family and friends are around. You can also use the app to track how many times you’ve pumped previously and to monitor milk volume. This can really help you to also figure out the best times to pump for yourself.”

Made up of just five parts, cleaning and reassembling the pump is quick and straightforward. Its silent operation allows for discreet pumping, whether you’re in public or with a sleeping baby nearby, making it ideal for breastfeeding on one boob and pumping on the other as mum Maria found. “The pump is silent so the early morning pumps were a dream – I could sit silently feeding on one breast and pump with the other. Or just pump without waking anyone up from a loud pump sound.” Maria said. 

Although the Elvie Pump comes with a higher price tag, many mums believe it really is good value for money thanks to how comfortable and convenient it is as well as the quiet sound and clever app operation. Our testers however did find some minor drawbacks such as leakage during certain activities and the inability to charge while in use. Mum tester Maria said, “One thing that wasn’t ideal was that you can’t charge the hub and pump at the same time! This caused slight frustration when I needed to pump but the Elvie wasn’t charged. Although I didn’t have to wait long, maybe 10 minutes to get a bit of charge to sort out that engorged breast.”

Read our full Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump review


  • Truly silent - the only breast pump that can claim as much
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Wearable
  • Wireless
  • Hands-free


  • Small capacity
Type: Single Electric Breast Pump
Specifications: 10 x 5 x 1 cm
Milk Capacity:150ml
Battery:2.5 hours
  • Discreet
  • Very small and handsfree
  • Efficient

Best easy-to-use breast pump

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double Electric breast pumpRobyn Cann

This pump was shortlisted for a Mother&Baby Award in 2021.

For busy mums who just want a breast pump that’s straightforward to use from day one, then the Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump is one you might want to consider. Lightweight with remarkably quiet operation, this pump offers both comfort and convenience for pumping mums. Our mum tester Leah agrees, commenting; It’s easy to use and not complicated which is great for me because I don’t do well with things that take too much time to figure out when running around with 2 young children.” As well as how easy it was to use, parents loved the various settings, and the ability to express from one or both sides with just the push of a button with mum Kirstie saying, “being able to express both sides at the same time is a game-changer, and for the cost of this pump compared to a single pump, it’s definitely worth it!”

Powered by a lightweight, USB rechargeable power unit rather than needing to be connected to the mains, the pump provides 90 minutes of hands-free and cord-free pumping on the go which mum Nadine found great for work. “This pump charges via USB so although not “wireless”, you don’t need to be plugged in near a socket. You can basically pump anywhere, as it suggests. This is ideal if you’re pumping at work, or out of the house.” This pump also has a real powerful suction level, which helps maintain milk supply effectively, a feature which our mum tester Fahima loved. The powerful suction has really kept my milk supply going and for that. I have to say well done to Tommee Tippee. This product has allowed me to keep on breastfeeding my babies!” She said. This pump is also compatible with Tommee Tippee bottles as well as their other products. 

Our mum testers also loved how quiet this pump was, making it suitable for use anywhere at anytime without disturbing others. Mum Helena agreed, saying; “This product is a lot quieter than others I have used, my partner commented he could still watch TV whilst I was pumping, more importantly for me, I wasn’t worried about it waking the baby!”

Operated using a handheld control panel with illuminated buttons to make things extra clear, the massage feature was a welcome feature, with Mum tester Kathryn saying, “it has various settings, and once you get to know what suits you, it's so easy to just press a couple of buttons, and off you go!” Some of our mum testers would have loved the addition of a carrying case as well as clearer instructions, but overall, mums were impressed with the pumps performance and value for money.

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  • Easy to use, quick to set up
  • Powerful suction
  • Comfortable design
  • Quiet, so could be used anywhere


  • It can be quite fiddly when trying to clean
Type:Double Electric Breast Pump
Dimensions:15.1 x 26 x 18.6 cm
Milk Capacity:150 ml Each
Battery:90 minutes
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet

Best hands-free breast pump

Elvie StrideElvie Stride Samantha Ball

The Elvie Stride was awarded Bronze for Best Breast Pump at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

For mamas wanting a hands-free pumping solution, look no further than the Elvie Stride Double Electric Breast Pump. With its portable, lightweight design and silent operation, it allows users to express milk discreetly and comfortably making it ideal for mums going back to work. Our mum tester Samantha found it to be a game changer when she returned to work. “In the morning when I needed to express, I would be in the house working and would find it extremely convenient that I could still use both hands to type. I found that gave me back so much freedom and most of the time I would catch myself forgetting that I was expressing milk” She said. 

The cupped leak-proof design with secure seals eliminates the need for hanging bottles, providing freedom of movement, even enabling users to get on with their lives while pumping. Each breast cup has the capacity to hold up to 150ml and you can track your milk expression volume and duration on the handy Elvie Pump App, which allows you to save your personal preferred pumping settings for added convenience. Just note that it may take you a bit of time to find your preferred setting, as our tester mum Samantha found. “The first time using the pump was a bit more fiddly than each time after, as you have to find which shield fits comfortably and also adjust the settings of the suction and expression which suits you most,” she commented.

The main downside our testers found was the sterilising process compared to other models was slightly inconvenient. “When following the setup instructions on the app, it stated to sterilise the cup front, seals, breast shield, diaphragm and valve with boiled water for five minutes; I found this to be quite inconvenient as when rushing around, I find it easier to throw everything in a steriliser. This added on a bit of time to the sterilising process, as I would have to drain the water and allow the pump pieces to dry before using.” Said our reviewer Samatha. Overall however, the Elvie Stride really lived up to its high expectations and despite its higher price tag compared to other electric breast pumps, mums found it a worthwhile investment for hands-free pumping.

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  • Hospital-grade
  • Hands-free
  • Lightweight
  • Smart-app connectivity
  • Ultra-quiet and discreet


  • Some mums suggest it doesn't produce as much milk as other options
Battery:2.5 hours
Dimensions:28 x 12.5 x 5.5
Milk Capacity:150ml each
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Silent
  • Cupped design
  • Use with Elvie App

Best manual breast pump

Lansinoh Silicone Breast pumpLorna White

Bronze winner at the 2023 Mother&Baby Awards for Best breast pumps.

We know some mamas just prefer the simplicity and control you get with a manuel breast pump, and the Lansinoh Silicone Manual Breast Pump is one of our favourites. It’s ideal for expressing milk both at home and on the go thanks to its lightweight and compact design that can easily fit into a handbag or changing bag. Our mum tester Laura agreed, saying “the pump is compact and light, meaning it is easy to transport/carry in a changing bag.”

While some mums found it fit to the breast comfortably thanks to its wide neck and simple suction technique, other mums found the lack of different sizes didn’t suit them. Mum tester Hannah said, “the only downside is the breast cushions don't change size which is necessary as every woman has different size nipples. This can cause pain when expressing if you are not using it correctly.”

The handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand which many of our mums found didn’t leave their hand aching after pumping sessions as it normally did with other manuel pumps. And the unique ComfortSeal cushion ensures both efficiency and comfort during pumping sessions. With silent operation for discreet expression, it’s suitable to use when you have a sleeping baby or if you’re in public spaces. Mum Usha loved this feature, commenting, “it is much quieter than electric pumps and it allows you to pump anywhere on-the-go if needed. I found it was good if you needed to pump some milk off if you felt too full overnight or if out at work.”

Although it came out as a reliable and easy to use manuel pump, our mum testers did feel the bottle was a bit too small, making it unsuitable for older babies who needed more milk. “It only comes with a 160ml container, which isn't sufficient for my son now he's getting bigger and hungrier. It would be useful to have the option to buy the pump with a larger size bottle rather than having to buy these separately and decant the milk.” Said mum tester Rebecca.

Read our full Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump review


  • Light and portable
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • BPA / BPS free


  • Can lose suction
Dimensions:6 x 7 x 1.6 cm
Milk Capacity:100ml each
  • Great for anyone new to pumping
  • Quiet
  • Can express on the go

Best breast pump with natural suction

Featuring Flex breast shields with soft, flexible rims at a 105° angle, the Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump reduces the pressure on the breast to support natural milk flow. Our mum testers loved that this gave you the ability to rotate the breast shields 360°, allowing for more comfortable pumping. Our mum tester agreed. “I was struggling when my milk came in and so got this to try and relieve some pressure and as I didn't want to express milk for a stash I didn't want to spend too much. This was easy to use and hold. Worked well for me, I even managed one handed feeding baby on one side and expressing on the other.” She said. 

With 2-Phase Expression technology, the pump is designed to mimic baby's natural sucking behavior, offering a gentle pumping rhythm which our mum testers found gave them a healthy supply of milk thanks to its stimulation phase and adjustable pumping strength. 
The compact and lightweight design, along with its quiet operation makes it ideal for using on the move. It’s also very easy to use with a comfortable pumping handle which doesn’t leave your hand aching after pumping. Mum reviewer Sarah said; “It’s easy to use and great that the handle moves so you are not stuck to one hand position.”

You also get a bottle stand included which prevents spills and ensures the safety of expressed milk. The only downside our testers found was that it doesn’t include a teat for feeding. One tester said; “Only thing that could be better is that it has the bottle and a lid for storing but doesn't come with a teat to be able to feed from the bottle. So would need to purchase separately.”

Read our full Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump review


  • Highly efficient
  • One of the most compact breast pumps
  • Comfortable to use
  • Two pumping patterns 


  • The shield could be softer
Dimensions:8 x 24.5 x 13.5 cm
Milk Capacity:150ml
  • Handle can move
  • Mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm
  • Includes bottle stand

Best breast pump for comfort

This pump was shortlisted for a Mother&Baby Award in 2019.

We know breast pumping isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do, which is why when we find a product that makes it more comfortable, we want to shout about it. Introducing the Nuby Natural Touch Ultimate Digital Breast Pump. Featuring unique pump technology that encourages milk letdown and mimics the baby's feeding action, this pump draws gently from the breast, providing a comfortable and effective pumping experience.

Mum Samatha found this pump was a brilliant pain-free option for her, “I had been struggling to build an emergency stash of milk for the last four months since my daughters birth and this pump has made it quick, easy and painless! I now have enough milk for me to be able to leave my daughter in the care of someone else for a day if I need to,” she commented. As well as aiding milk supply, the soft shields made for a more comfortable pumping experience for mum tester Natalie who said, “the stand out feature for me was the softness of the silicon shield/horn which made expression much more comfortable than other pumps I have tried previously.” 

As well as the different stimulation and expression modes, which allow for expressing more milk in less time, our mum reviewers also loved the touchscreen controls, which make adjusting suction levels effortless. Our mum tester Charlotte said this feature made the pump very easy to use. “The control panel is user-friendly and great with the built-in timer function to manage and control how long I have been pumping for.” Charlotte said. The pump also features an extra long-lasting battery, which provides extended usability, and our mum tester Mariana found that “the battery lasts all week when used 30 minutes every day.”

While some mums suggest improvements such as enhancing suction efficiency, providing a storage pouch for convenience, and adding a lock feature to the touchscreen display, overall, they loved the Nuby Natural Touch Ultimate Digital Breast Pump for its quiet and comfortable operation and user-friendly control panel.

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  • Simple to use
  • Five different settings for suction and speed
  • Adjusts the pump to your flow
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Suction could be improved
Type:Single Electric Breast Pump
Dimensions:15 x 26 x 21.7 cm
Milk Capacity:180ml
Battery:Up to 2 hours
  • Can charge and use on the go
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Excellent battery life

Best compact breast pump

Lansinoh Single Electric breast pumpLorna White

This pump was shortlisted for a Mother&Baby Award in 2018.

Long gone are the days of bulky and noisy breast pumps. If you’re on the hunt for something more lightweight and discreet, then we’d recommend the Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump which is ideal for both home and on-the-go usage. Our mum testers loved how easy this pump was to use and particularly liked how compact the design was, especially when it came to storing it away. “I would recommend it to a mum because of the size as it is so easy to store,” commented mum Victoria. This pump also comes with a range of features to make pumping more convenient and comfortable such as the long power cord and rubber suction tube, which provide flexibility during pumping sessions. 

Despite its compact size, it offers impressive pumping performance. Featuring six adjustable settings in each of the two phases, this pump can be personalised to your own needs and comfort levels to ensure efficient milk expression. Users also highlight the effectiveness of the pump in stimulating milk flow and the comfort it offers during use. Our mum tester Amber agreed on its efficiency, commenting; “This product makes my life easier as a mum as I can express a whole bottle of milk in five to ten minutes.” The inclusion of the clear digital display technology allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of suction levels. “The light display is very useful and enables you to immediately see what suction speed the pump is working at.” Said mum tester, Hannah. 

The cleaning and sterilising process was also very straightforward and quick and mum testers liked that it was compatible with the Lansinoh bottles, allowing for seamless feeding and storage. Our mum tester Hannah agreed, saying; “The pump is extremely easy to clean and sterilise, making me feel at ease when using it to pump milk and feed to my baby.” 
“My son only takes milk from Lansinoh bottles so the fact that the pump connects to the Lansinoh bottles makes life a lot easier, as I can use the bottle for expressing, storing and feeding,” Hannah continued. 

The main downside our parent testers found was how noisy this pump was when in use compared to other breast pumps. “The breast pump makes a lot more noise than the other breast pumps that I have used. I would be very reluctant to use it in the same room as my sleeping baby as it would probably wake them.” Said mum tester Hannah. They would have also liked it to come with a power bank to make it even more portable for travel.

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  • It's in a compact, lightweight package
  • Six different adjustable settings in each of the two phases
  • The breast shields have a soft silicone ring to maximise comfort
  • The digital display is a super handy feature as it keeps track of how long you've been expressing


  • Only mains-operated
Type:Single Electric Breast Pump
Dimensions:10.5 x 5.9 x 4.5 cm
Milk Capacity:150ml
Battery:Up to 3 hours
  • Lightweight and compact
  • USB adaptor
  • Can adjust suction and rhythm levels

Best budget breast pump

MAM manual breast pumpRobyn Cann

If you’re on a budget but still want a reliable breast pump to make expressing a breeze, the MAM Manual Breast Pump might be just what you’re looking for. Loved by mums for its simplicity and ease of use, this manuel pump continues to be a popular choice. “This product made my life so much easier when I had my newborn. I found it so easy to set up and use the manual pump,” said our mum tester Danella. 

Its adjustable angle funnel and suction controller allow for personalised comfort and efficient milk expression. Mum Carla said, “I would recommend this product as it is comfortable on the breast. The MAM pump has a lovely design. The funnel is very soft and doesn't cause any marks on the skin.” Designed for expressing milk quickly with ease without causing hand cramps, parents also loved how compact and easy to clean and sterilise this pump was. Our mum tester Eleanor said, “This product is so simple to assemble and sterilise, being a MAM product the bottles can self sterilise in the microwave and the remaining parts are lovely and complacent so can be put in a small Tupperware to sterilise with Milton. The pump itself is very quick to assemble without lots of fiddly parts which is exactly what you need when you are a sleep-deprived mum.”

Compatible with MAM bottles, this pump is convenient for travel and on-the-go pumping, particularly when you consider how affordable it is. The main thing our parent testers would change is the suction power.

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  • Highly adjustable
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • Good value for money


  • Tricky to operate at first
Dimensions:9.4 x 16 x 19 cm
Milk Capacity:160ml each
  • Easy to assemble
  • No batteries required
  • Set includes two extra valves

Best lightweight breast pump

For comfortable and convenient pumping, the extra lightweight Medela Freestyle Hands-Free double electric wearable breast pump is a popular choice. Its lightweight cups weigh just 76g each, ensuring comfort when worn in a bra, while the separate pump can be carried in your pocket, reducing the weight on your breasts, allowing you to get on with life while you pump. “It made expressing easier and less stressful to find time to do and was very handy around the home, meaning I could express myself anywhere I wanted without finding a power source.” 

The collection cups are shaped to maximise milk expression and comfort by minimising breast tissue compression. Our mum tester said, “The cups attached easily and fit around your anatomy and shape well, expressing milk quickly.” As well as how easy it was to assemble and use, our parent testers found it was very effective at mimicking a real feeding experience, significantly increasing milk expression compared to manual pumping. 

Despite some noise when in use, it's easy to clean with just three parts and is dishwasher safe. The built-in USB-rechargeable battery adds to its convenience as well as the short charging time. The transparent cups and the accompanying app allow users to monitor milk collection easily and keep track of expressing sessions, battery life, and milk storage.

Although the hands-free, lightweight design allowed for more flexibility and comfort in expressing milk, some larger busted mums would have preferred the addition of a belt clip for the main unit to make it more comfortable. Our mum tester said, “The only downside is that the main unit could do with a belt clip rather than the tie string. This would enable you to holster it to your jeans or leggings easily and not have it swinging around off your wrist or belt loops.”

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • A little loud
Dimensions:248 x 128 x 219 mm
  • Compact, pocket-sized pump
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet

Best wearable breast pump for larger breasts

Momcozy S12 ProRobyn Cann

The Momcozy S12 Pro is a small, discreet pumping unit that sits entirely inside your bra for a wearable solution. It is lightweight and requires no wires or outlets to work. With a double-sealed flange made from suction-sealed materials, it’s designed so that it doesn’t spill or leak, and the stronger suction seal allows for more efficient pumping, as our parent tester Gethyn found. “I would often have difficulty positioning my wired electric pump to be able to get a continuous flow of milk, but the suction on this ensures a strong and regular pump.”

It boasts 3 modes to mimic your little one feeding and 9 levels so you can find the most comfortable level to suit you. Tester Gethyn liked this feature and found pumping a very stress-free experience. “I manage to pump 4 or 5 times a day with no problems. I can get on with everyday tasks or sit and relax knowing that I’m pumping without the effort.” she said. 

As you’ll be using your pump a lot, it’s important to find one that can charge quickly, ready for when you next need to pump, so we love that this has super fast charging capacity, reaching full charge in just 1.5 hours that will then last for 140 minutes of pumping. Mums also loved how quiet this pump was compared to others, with our mum tester Jess commenting, “Nice and quiet so I’ve been able to use it at night when my partner’s sleeping and it’s pretty comfortable. It charges quite quickly and holds its charge for a good amount of time.” 

Mums loved how the Momcozy S12 Pro gave them a much more affordable alternative to other wearable breast pumps on the market such as the Elvie. They did however note that on occasion this pump could leak or lose suction due to poor positioning, with mum Jess commenting, “90% of the time it’s great. Sometimes it does lose suction and I have to hold it again but this is only if I move too much and dislodge it.”

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  • Great for larger breasts
  • Fast charging
  • Leak-free


  • Some reviewers thought it was too bulky
Dimensions: 18.03 x 14.48 x 7.87 cm
Weight: 170g
  • Great for larger breasts
  • Hands-free and lightweight
  • Double sealed flange
  • 3 modes and 9 levels
  • Clear display
  • Fast charging

Best painless breast pump

Momcozy m5Robyn Cann

The newer alternative to Momcozy’s more affordable models, the M5 boasts some pretty impressive technology in the form of their “Baby Mouth” shaped pump which is structured like a baby sucking at a horizontal angle, providing painless lactation and producing more milk.

This double pump is designed to help you pump more milk with its micro-vibration tech with 3 modes and 9 levels of pumping, giving you a range of different settings to choose from. Despite this, some mums found that the suction could have been better, with some parents finding they were able to pump larger quantities of milk with other pumps compared to this one. Mum Charlotte comments, “Found out after I had bought it if you have elastic nipples that this product is unsuitable.” 

Weighing just 225g, it’s a very lightweight wearable option for mums on the move, and mum Sophie found it that lightweight and comfortable that she could still get on with jobs around the house while pumping. “I could not fault this product worked really well, allowed me to carry on, easy to clean and take apart.” She said. The pump also automatically switches off after 30 mins, so you don’t need to worry about setting a timer or forgetting about it as it does the remembering for you. 

It’s also suited to women with larger breasts thanks to the different sized nipple inserts, we also love that it comes with a stunning hard-shell storage bag to protect your pump and keep it in tact. A great feature for mums who regularly travel. For mamas who like the sound of this but would prefer a single pump, we’d recommend the Pippeta Compact LED as a good single alternative.

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Useful case and cover
  • Easy to clean


  • Some reviewers report weak suction
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 x 12.7 cm
Weight: 1.54kg
  • Features "Baby Mouth" concept for painless lactation and greater milk production.
  • 3 modes and 9 levels
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Includes travel case

Best transparent breast pump

Medela Solo Hands-Free Breast PumpMedela Solo Hands-Free Breast Pump Hannah Mellin

For a user-friendly pump that allows you to clearly see how much you’ve already expressed, the Medela Solo Hands-Free Breast Pump is a brilliant option. Designed with simplicity in mind, the pump consists of three parts to assemble: a breast cup for milk collection, a tube for air supply, and a hand-held Medela Solo 2-phase breast pump. The pump connects to your smart phone and links to the Medela family app for tips on how to use it, tracking pumping and milk volumes as well as breastfeeding advice.

A standout feature of the Medela Solo Hands-Free Breast Pump is its gentle suction options, allowing you to select a suction level that effectively removes the milk whilst remaining comfortable and effective when you pump. This is a welcome feature as many other pumps on the market can cause a bit of shock and discomfort at first with the intensity of the pumping motion, especially for new mums who aren’t used to the sensation. Our mum tester Hannah agreed; “Using an electric pump can be overwhelming and can cause a little discomfort at first (especially when your boobs are sore) so I was pleased to find how gentle the first setting was.”

With a transparent cup design, mums can see and align nipple placement for effective milk expression, a feature which mums who struggle with finding the correct latch really liked. Our mum tester Hannah loved this feature, commenting; “The transparent design of the cup makes it easy to check that you are placing your nipple correctly, preventing rubbing and supporting effective milk expression. You can also look at how much milk you’re expressing which is handy.” The real-time tracking feature within the app also offers insights into pumping progress so you can gain a real accurate view of how much milk you’re expressing.

Although some mum testers found the pump's larger cup size didn’t fit in their bra discreetly, they found it to be spacious enough for extended pumping sessions. Furthermore, the pump's portable design allows for hands-free operation, along with a lengthy battery life and convenient charging. Our tester mum Hannah said, “The remote control can easily fit in a pocket if you want a hands-free experience too. It also comes with a charger that provides a lengthy amount of charge, you can easily pump a few times before the red light starts flashing at you to pop it on charge again.”

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  • Easy to set up
  • The app is so handy to track feeds and gives you feeding guidance 
  • Simple to wash 
  • Straightforward settings 
  • Large capacity cup 
  • Gentle suction option for getting started on your pumping journey 


  • Large cup may not fit in some bras 
  • Tube sometimes gets in the way when pumping on the move 
  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Worth the money
Dimensions:138.5 x 158.5 x 200.5
Milk capacity:150ml
Collection cup weight:76g
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Anatomic design
  • Transparent design
  • Easy to clean


Do you need a breast pump?

This is a personal choice, if you are breastfeeding is better to wait until after birth to decide if you need one, so that you can select the right pump for your circumstances: whether you need one for occasional use (when you are not with your baby and are exclusively breastfeeding), pumping more frequently a single/ double or in-bra design.

What are the benefits of breast pumping?

"Some babies and mothers experience feeding difficulties, maybe born too early, are poorly and those babies that cannot breastfeed effectively after birth." explains Sioned. "It is not unusual in the first days after birth for both mum and baby to feel uncertain about breastfeeding. Talking with your midwife, and sharing your concerns can help and often tweaking the feeding position and feeding frequently resolves the difficulties.

"As a general recommendation, focus on getting breastfeeding off to the best start in that first 4 weeks after birth. For those babies that cannot breastfeed pumping early and frequently after birth in the hospital builds and establishes the milk supply. For mothers with inverted nipples or those experiencing painful breastfeeding, expressing your milk can help protect and build the supply alongside establishing breastfeeding and seeking breastfeeding support."

Do you need a single or double pump?

A double pump allows you to express milk from both breasts at the same time. This is indispensable if you need to express lots of milk very frequently, feeding twins or a premature baby, or you're juggling breastfeeding and working full-time. However, most mums find that a single electric breast pump is all they need.

What is a hospital-grade breast pump?

"A hospital-grade pump is a purpose designed medical grade double pump, with programs that are intended to be used in the first days to support timely ‘milk coming-in’ and to build and maintain your established supply," says Sioned. "These are intended for multi-users with individual milk-collection accessories to maintain the highest standard of hygiene for milk collection between mums. They are available in hospital and community health settings and can be loaned/ hired out for home use." The Medela Symphony is a great option for this and can be rented for less than £1.70 a day.

How do you clean a breast pump?

"Cleaning and sanitising your milk collection accessories is important to protect your precious milk and your breast health," says Sioned. "Follow the breast pump manufacturer's instructions. Wiping your pump with a clean damp cloth and wipe dry daily is also recommended when in use."

• To clean, rinse the disassembled parts with cold-clear drinking quality water to remove the milk residue.

• Wash the parts in plenty of hand hot soapy water, rinse with cold water and allow to dry completely after washing or alternatively, to hand wash you can place the milk collection accessories on the top rack of a dishwasher.

• To sanitise, you can use a sterilising unit, micro-steam bag or boil in a saucepan of water for at least 10 minutes.

• Allow the pump parts to air dry on a clean paper towel or an unused tea towel. It is important that all residual moisture dries before storing in an airtight container/ bag.

You should avoid sharing your breast pump with anyone, as they have been designed for single users.

Does breast pumping have any side effects?

Choosing the right breast shield size is important to avoid any nipple damage. The nipple should move freely in the tunnel with a small amount of areola as the nipple expands under suction.

Choosing a comfortable but effective pump vacuum/suction setting: Too high; pumping hurts and pain switches off the let down reflex needed for milk flow, too low and that chemical signalling to the brain to trigger the let down reflex is not effective and doesnt effectively drain the available milk in the breast.

Too much stimulation when pumping and breastfeeding is time intensive and can lead to oversupply and engorgement. Be mindful of the need to have a huge store of milk in the freezer, always follow what your baby is doing, how many feeds and replace those with a pump when they are not there.

Is it OK to just pump and not breastfeed?

Of course! Breast milk offers so many benefits to your infant, but exclusively breastfeeding isn't always a viable option for everyone. Whether it's due to a baby who cannot latch, returning to the workplace or feeling like you just no longer want to breastfeed. Exclusively pumping gives parents an alternative to breastfeeding when they're unable to breastfeed, while still providing all the benefits of breastmilk.

How long should you pump for?

Try to get comfortable and express for as long as comfortable, and your milk is flowing. For each woman, this time could be different which is the same for the best time to pump. Try not to focus on the ticking clock - We know it is easier said than done when you are feeling a little bit like a daisy cow. For most women, they will spend, on average, 20 minutes pumping. Others occasionally pump: every day, when you are not together with your baby or nearer to when you are returning to work or a special occasion. There is no set rules just go by what your baby needs first.

It's not important to have a breast pump. If you're not finding it comfortable or you're having any issues, you can talk to your midwife, health visitor, GP or other healthcare worker who will advise you on the other options and routes you and your baby could use.

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