Kally Body Support pregnancy pillow review

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Kally Body Support pregnancy review

by Lorna White |
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The Kally Body Support pillow is an attractive, soft and comfortable pregnancy pillow for any expectant mum. Its curved shape fits nicely to your body as you snuggle your bump in for a good night’s sleep. Priding itself on supporting your overall health and well being, the pillow aims to relieve aches and pains, improve circulation and prevent acid reflux and indigestion – surmounting to a better quality nights sleep! Find out how our mum tester Leah got on when trying out this pillow during her second pregnancy.

Kally pregnancy pillowLeah Roberts


  • Multiple colour options to suit every room
  • Neatly packaged on arrival
  • Soft fabric for comfort during the night
  • Nice shape for the body and bump
  • Comfortable throughout the night


  • Too big for most standard bed sizes
  • Doesn’t support the back
  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Worth the money
Dimensions:Height: 35cm, Length: 145cm, Width: 30cm 
Fabric:Pillow cover: cotton blend (50% cotton / 50% polyester) Pillow filling: hollowfibre
Care:Machine wash outer cover at 30°C. Dry naturally on a flat surface, do not tumble dry. Iron at a low temperature.

Testing the Kally Body Support pregnancy pillow

I am currently mum to my 3 year daughter who keeps me on my toes from morning to night. Expecting my second child in a couple of months.  So in much need of a restful sleep at night, having just reached my exhausting third trimester.

I was looking for extra support at night to help me get a good nights sleep and ease some of those ‘pregnancy pains’ such as; back ache, cramp and a mild case of Sciatica down the back of my left leg.  Having struggled with sleep in my second trimester and fast growing, I needed something that would make night times a lot less uncomfortable.  I swapped out an old support pillow I’d had in my first pregnancy (but had seen better days) and in came the Kally pillow.

As advised in all pregnancies when it comes to sleeping safely during pregnancy I kept to lying on my left side predominantly which luckily meant the pillow was positioned on the edge of the bed rather than in the middle (as the pillow is rather large and does take up quite a bit of space).  Taking the pillow to bed each night it soon became part of my routine to snuggle up to it, wrapping my right leg over and left leg under for that extra bit of comfort.  As the pillow is quite long, I also occasionally rested my head on it as well which helped keep my neck aligned with the rest of my body.

This product is a great budget option if you’re looking for a bit of extra support but don’t want to spend a fortune.  It also comes in multiple colour choices (if you’re worried about it matching your bedroom décor!).

Kally pregnancy pillow
©Leah Roberts

The Kally support pillow does exactly what it says it says – support!  It comes neatly packaged (so easy to store again once you no longer need it), and the pillow is extra soft, making it incredibly comfortable.  The curved shape also fits perfectly to your body. The discreet zip also allows you to easily remove the cover to wash.

Final verdict

Overall, I can honestly say I slept better when using this pregnancy pillow.  My aches were a lot less, particularly in my arms and legs.  However the size of the pillow does mean it takes up quite a bit of space in the bed (fine if you’ve got more than your standard single or double).  The one thing I did miss in comparison to my old pillow was additional back support, which considering the price still makes this pillow a good buy.

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