Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump review

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Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump

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Trying to find the best breast pump that works for you and your baby can feel like a real mission but the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump may be the pump for you.

An electric breast pump with dual-pump functionality to mirror your baby’s feed, it's effective and great value for money. The pumps are soft, the bottles are a great size and the screen is big and easy to use. It’s quite noisy, but excellent quality and a fab double breast pump option.

2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump by Lansinoh
Price: $165

Mother&Baby Awards
2018 Gold Breast Pumps
2017 Silver Breast Pumps
2016 Bronze Best Double Breast Pump


  • Good value for money
  • Very effective
  • Has a timer


  • Quite noisy

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: This breast pump is great for so many reasons. It allows me to pump both breasts at the same time without having to have two separate pumps, that way I don't miss out on the letdown of the breast not being pumped. I loved that it came preassembled so I could see where all the parts were supposed to attach. I also liked that the pump had a timer on it so I knew how long I had been pumping for. Finally, it comes with so many extra bits like a bag to carry and store it in and covers for the bottles so you don't have to put a teat on it until use.

Suzanne: This pump has made my life so much easier as it is way more effective than my previous pump. It is much more comfortable and quieter. Previously I was having to pump at least twice a day to get enough for one feed now I’m done in one morning session. It’s great that it can be a single or double as if my baby is feeding I can still use it rather than having to wait for him to finish if it was just a double.

Gemma: As someone who overproduces breast milk, this pump has made my life much easier! Previously, I have fed my baby from one side and had to express from the other side afterwards which can take so long, especially if my baby is having long feeds or cluster feeding. This pump enables me to feed comfortably on one side and pump from the other at the same time with little disruption. The tubing is easy to change from using two pumps to just the one so you can change it as you need to. It has cut down feeding and expressing time by half meaning I’ve more time for myself and my family.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sarah: I would recommend this product to a friend for all the extras that you get with it and for the ease of use when pumping both breasts at the same time. It was also significantly quieter than the Tommee Tippee pump that I had with my firstborn. With this one, I could still hear the tv above the noise! It was really comfortable too. I'm a B cup and the smaller breast attachments worked well and it was even comfortable on my nipple that has a blister from feeding which is really important as pumping helped me to recover.

Rimma: Would definitely recommend it if I knew someone was looking for a double breast pump that does the job and looks stylish too. Love the design where the milk doesn’t go anywhere near the tubes so cleaning is easy! However, I would understand if someone was put off if because of the price, there are more affordable options out there.

Suzanne: I would recommend this product over everything as it makes my life easier which is a huge bonus as a mum. It comes with everything you could need and more including the handy bag to store it all in. It’s very comfortable to use you really don’t feel like you have it on and is fairly quiet compared to others I have used previously.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Suzanne: I would happily choose this product over others I have tried and do daily as this is my go-to pump. It’s handy that you can single pump or double pump meaning you can still feed your baby if needed and pump again saving time and milk as if I don’t pump straight away I end up leaking so much when feeding my baby.

Gemma: I really like this pump. I’ve previously used other brands. Some have been complicated to set up and use, others have been tiring to use. This pump seems to be easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort. The pump itself does make a funny noise but it’s not too loud that it’s distracting. I really loved the way the pump goes through the various stages of suction imitation so that it doesn’t interfere with milk production.

Sarah: I would definitely choose this product as I think it is good value for money compared to others on the market, especially as it is a double pump but also allows you to pump only one breast at a time if desired. All the added extras in the box like covers for the bottles, extra valves and a carry/storage bag are fantastic too. I also liked that it can be used with batteries if I wanted to go cordless, makes it easier to bring on holiday without having to use an extra adapter.

What changes would you make to this product?

Melanie: It would be great if this product could have a slightly longer battery life and the option for stronger suction. Otherwise, there is very little else to change about this pump. It is great value for money for what it is - a double electric pump and certainly does its job in a fairly time-efficient manner.

Suzanne: The only thing I would change if I had to about this pump is for it to be rechargeable as others on the market are. It’s not a huge negative but it would make life easier than having to be near a plug or have batteries available as this isn’t always easy and batteries can be costly but then I guess you have the issue of charging it.

Gemma: There really isn’t much to change about this product. I guess at a push, it could be a bit quieter. Other than that, perhaps it could be a bit cheaper so that more mums would find it an accessible product. There is so little support for breastfeeding mums and if a more affordable pump that is this good was available, it could support more mums to want to keep going.

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