My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic review

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MEM Fantastic Skin Elastic

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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A serum which soothes and hydrates tight, dry and itchy skin, for use during pregnancy and beyondThis rich massage serum offers instant relief for tight, dry or irritated skin anywhere on your body and even helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Midwife developed and mum approved, this award winning serum can also help to ease constipation in pregnancy, when massaged into your bump.Contains essential oils with proven benefits, like grapefruit, geranium, calendula and lavender to soothe and soften your skin, while vitamin E encourages elasticity and beeswax locks in moisture.

Overview of My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic


 • Natural ingredients

 • Made in the UK

 • Soothes and hydrates tight, dry and itchy skin


 • Price


fantastic skin elastic MEM m7b awards 2023

My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic won Bronze in the Mother&Baby awards 2023 for Best New Mum/ Maternity Skincare Products.

Testing My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic

The Fantastic Elastic moisturiser is one of a kind! I have tried two other brands and neither of them come close to comparing with this. It feels so soft and silky when you rub it in, it took a while to notice some difference in my skin but there is a massive difference after a month. I honestly couldn’t fault this product.

I’m in love with the product, the scent, the texture and the ease of being able to rub it in too. It gives you such a massive relief when your skin gets itchy and needs a bit of moisture in it. You only need to use a few pumps and it spreads over such a large area. The product is unbelievably silky soft.

The design of the bottle is perfect, instead of it being a squeeze bottle you just pull the cap off and pump it out of the top. This makes it so much easier to use and keep standing if you need to use more. Most bottles you have to squeeze then you either have to lay it down or put the lid back on then if you need more you have to faff about with the lid again which can just be a mess.

There is nothing I would change about this product! The usability is perfect, it’s perfect for all skin types, and for mums who may even need a little bit of pampering. The product's value for money is exactly right. The quality of this is unreal, the way it makes your skin feel and leaves you feeling flawless.

Final thoughts

The only thing I can think to change is maybe reduce price by £5 to make it affordable for more people or perhaps offer a smaller size bottle for people to try especially as it lasts so long as well. I like the pump so I wouldn’t change that or the branding or consistency overall I was very happy with it.

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