Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist review

rock me momma perineal bits mist

by Maria Martin |
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The Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist is ideal for use during pregnancy or post partum recovery. The mist helps offer a cooling pain relief for any swollen or sort bits after giving birth, it also helps further with post natal recovered by supporting symptoms like haemorrhoids.

Rock Me Momma's formula has been created with all natural ingredients, including anti-inflammatory witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender and cooling cucumber essential oil. The spray is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Gold winner.

Overview of the Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist


  • Easy to use

  • Can be spray directly onto perineal area

  • Is 100% natural

  • Includes inflammatory properties


  • None

Testing the Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist

Our parent testers put the Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist to the test and here is what they thought.

Tyler said: "My experience with the Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist was positive – I enjoyed using the mist especially in the hot weather to cool the area down when hot and overheated. The recommendation on the leaflet to keep the mist in the fridge is also very handy and cooled the area even quicker. I look forward to carry on using the mist!"

Kayleigh said: "Wow what can i say, I have just managed to get around using this product as my little one decided to be stubborn and be late. The product was so easy to use. The smell is absolutely amazing and it does exactly what it says on the bottle – it's soothing. I wish I had known about this product with my other three children as this would have been a life saver."

Kirsty said: "I thought the products looked great, instructions and packaging of how to use the product was helpful and relevant. The product could be sprayed at any angle which is very useful as could use it without having to awkwardly move into different angles or positions. There is a lot of spray which could easy be used for the entire pregnancy/after birth."

Rachel said: "I really like this product. It was very effective at providing relief and also easy to use. I had used other brands before and would say it compares with the market leader and definitely is better than some of the cheaper options available. Also like the fact that ingredients are all natural. Pleased to have more choice on the market for this type of product."

Cecile said: "I used this product on my c section scar post baby and found it really helped to sooth and cleanse the area. The lavender scent is nice and uplifting and it’s suitable to use On the scar after initial healing. I also used the spray on other areas after birth and found it left me feeling clean and fresh."

Christine said: "I have not given birth yet, so I cannot comment on post-natal. However, ante-natal use of the Perineal Bits Mist has been wonderful, the Spray has relieved slight itching from sweat (due to the weather mostly) and is very refreshing. It’s a staple in my bag just now and will be coming to the hospital with me when I get induced at 38-weeks (~08/09/22) and I will most likely purchase again if required or if we choose to have another child. The packaging is very straightforward and design promotes ease of use. It has a gentle fragrance and isn’t too bulky. Would recommend to anyone pregnant and most likely post-partum (however, as I’ve stated above I am unable to comment on this just yet)."

Rock Me Momma perineal bits mist details

Type: 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty free

Instructions: Can be spray directly to perineal area or on a clean maternity pad. Can add a teaspoon to a bath or can be used with Rock Me Momma Bits Therapy Ice Pack.

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