Belief Bump Baby The Bump CD

from Bambeano
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The Bump CD by Belief Baby Bump is a good way to prepare for labour, especially for first time mums or couples who have chosen to have a homebirth.

Hypnobirthing techniques are an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional pain management methods. It is difficult to find the time to relax one’s self amidst the chaos of life, more so if you already have children at home but if you can find the space and time to give the CD a try, it could be well worth your while.

The tracks are interesting and easy to follow, and not at all patronising.  The CDs are split into three – each one with a specific intent or purpose, which makes it easy to pick the topic that you’d like to listen to. The "improving positivity" and "super confidence" tracks are really useful for preparing for birth and helping mums-to-be to feel positive about a positive birth outcome.

The Birth CD aims to empower couples and boost confidence, and although hypnobirthing is not for everyone at such a reasonable price the product might just be worth a try.

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