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Sock Ons

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2015 – Shortlisted for 'Best Product for a Newborn' Award!

Sock Ons are designed to keep baby socks in place, no matter how hard your little one kicks. They were invented by a mum of 6 boys. Simple, straightforward and easy to put on babies’ feet.

The Sock Ons come in a wide range of colours and are quite inexpensive. However, if you don’t keep them on the cardboard backing, the Sock Ons could get lost as often as normal socks.

They are worth the cost, given how many lost socks they save you.

A pattern could be added to the design, as some passers-by commented that they look like bandages.

2014 – Shortlisted for 'Best Nursery Product' Award!

Sock Ons are a clever little invention that stop socks from falling off and getting lost. They are lightweight and come in a variety of basic colours. The Sock Ons do a good job and you’d cover costs almost immediately by virtue of the amount you’d save not losing socks en route!

But they do look like they could easily get swallowed up in the unassailable vortex of washing that goes into the machine (much like 'regular' socks) – the inclusion of a net washing bag, or the like, would be a good way to help keep the socks in pairs. They're also not particularly fashionable and a multi-pack option would be a welcome development.

Overall, a practical product that is good value for money...but why not just design socks with the ‘Sock On stretch material’ built in?

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Sock Ons

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