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A baby changing bag is an absolute necessity, but finding one that you love and enjoy carrying around is equally important. You'll be taking the bag everywhere with you, so you'll need to find one that's not only comfortable to use but practical enough to fasten onto a pushchair and fit in everything that you need.

Many modern options for changing bags can be amazingly practical, with rucksack changing bags including loads of side pockets. Many options have internal compartments (sometimes colour-coded), bottle holders, and dirty nappy compartments.

Best baby changing bags at a glance:
Editor's choice: Gigil Luxe (2.0) Changing Backpack - Buy now on Gigil
Best practical baby changing bag: The Bloom Changing Backpack - Buy now on Gigil
Best spacious baby changing bag: Disney Baby Changing Backpack - Buy now on Boots
Best lightweight baby changing bag: Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack - Buy now on Boots

Some have multiple straps that you can attach to your newborn's pushchair, and they are designed so you can hang them from your shoulder or wear them as a backpack. It's always good to check what comes with the changing bag, as some will come with a matching travel changing mat, thermal bottle holder, and even a wet bag for soggy clothes.

Baby changing bags are an essential baby item, so much so that there are also baby changing bags for dad, and it's a good idea to have at least one changing bag packed and ready to go at all times.

Every year, we thoroughly test and review the best new products on the market, including the best baby-changing bags. We can then bring you comprehensive reviews from real parents who've tried out the bags in real life. Discover who the Mother&Baby Award Winners 2023 are.

Now it's time to shop from the best baby-changing bags that parents and Mother&Baby shopping experts have recommended.

The best baby changing bags 2024

Editor's choice

Gigil Luxe (2.0) Changing BackpackCredit: Gigil

The Gigil Luxe (2.0) changing backpack features a range of pockets, dividers, zipped compartments that make it an ideal changing bag for those early days with a baby when you have so much gear to take everywhere with you.

This is a stylish backpack that mums and dads will be comfortable wearing, while it has a cute embossed giraffe for a little character that your child will love once they grow up too.

The Luxe (2.0) bag is an updated version which now features more eco-friendly credentials, such as the leather being sustainably sourced and vegan. It’s available in four different colours, with coordinating zips for each colourway.

There are two insulated pockets for keeping snacks and drinks at the right temperature. The pram clips are vital and we wouldn’t buy a changing bag without them, allowing you to hang the bag off the pram handle and save yourself some backache. The capacity is large, at 22 litres – plenty of space for everything you need on a day out.

Parents like this backpack because of the premium, vegan leather, and because it looks more like a regular backpack than a standard, frumpy changing bag. This gives it longevity as you’ll be able to use it beyond the nappy days. One mum commented, "It is so practical as well as stylish. There are three main compartments inside, with an additional internal zipped compartment. It has a further zipped compartment on the front of the back and a concealed compartment on the back plus side pockets.”
A definite benefit of this changing bag is that it comes with a one-year warranty, meaning the brand really believes in its product and wants you to be happy with your purchase.

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2024, where it won Gold for Best Changing Bag.

Read our full Gigil Luxe Changing Backpack review.


  • Made from sustainably sourced vegan leather
  • Features lots of pockets and compartments
  • Chunky straps make for comfortable carrying
  • Includes vital pram clips
  • Made from water-resistant material
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • One of the pricier changing bags available
  • Other bags have more colour options

Best practical baby changing bag

The Bloom Changing BackpackCredit: Gigil

The Bloom Changing Backpack is a vegan leather backpack with a unisex design, suitable for all parents. Just like the Luxe (2.0) we reviewed above, this is a changing bag without looking like one.

It features nine different compartments, two external zipped compartments and one interior zipped compartment. The straps can be adjusted to suit the wearer (you'd be surprised how many changing bags have straps that can't be altered), and it also comes with a changing mat and buggy clips.

This is a really spacious backpack, and one of our mum testers, who has five children, found she could fit in everything she needed for all of her little ones. Another mum tester said: "The Gigil Bloom backpack is the most practical baby changing bag currently on the market. The bag is larger than most backpacks which allows for ample space to hold essential baby items. The bag has nine impressive compartments for easy access and makes for good organisation."

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2023, where it won Gold for Best Changing Bag.

Read our full Bloom Changing Backpack review.


  • Made from waterproof material
  • Plenty of individual compartments for even the biggest families
  • Unisex design to appeal to all parents
  • Includes a changing mat
  • Made from vegan leather


  • Pushchair straps aren't adjustable

Best spacious baby changing bag

Disney Baby Changing Back PackCredit: Boots

The Disney changing bag is a Disney-designed backpack that indulges in your Disney character favourites as well as being completely practical. This is certainly a changing bag that your little one will want to borrow when they’re older. Characters featured include Bambi, Thumper, and Marie the kitten; one mum said: “I love the design on the outside of the bag with all the Disney characters, too. We've had many complements on this bag. I've struggled to find a bag with space in the past, but this bag has tons of space and different compartments, making it so much more spacious." We do think the design could have included more than just three characters, however.

The charm of the design doesn’t detract from the practicality, though; this bag features all the elements you need in a changing bag. There’s a variety of pockets and compartments, with zipped pockets on the outside for smaller items and larger compartments inside for nappies and other essentials. The elasticated pockets on the sides are ideal for bottles. 

We like the wipe-clean material, which makes it extra practical, although some parents were disappointed that it doesn’t come with a changing mat, unlike most other brands of changing bags. This is a definite down point as you will have to buy one separately. 

Padded should straps make this comfortable to carry, and you can easily attach it to your pram with the integrated D-rings. 

We tested this bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2023, when it won Silver for Best Changing Bag.

Read our full Disney Baby Changing Backpack review.


  • Features three Disney characters 
  • A must for Disney-loving parents 
  • A practical bag with plenty of storage 
  • D-rings to attach to your pram 
  • Plenty of compartment space 
  • Child-friendly Disney print 
  • Padded back and shoulder straps for comfort when carrying


  • The Disney design won’t appeal to all parents 
  • The lack of a changing mat is a definite downside
  • Could feature more than just three characters

Best lightweight baby changing bag

Skip Hop Forma Changing BackpackCredit: Amazon
Price: $78.99
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This Skip Hop Forma Changing Backpack feels lightweight to carry and the quilted detail makes it stand out from other changing bags on the market. It’s different to other changing bags as it features what the brand calls ‘packing cubes’ - they’re supposedly designed to make it easier to compartmentalise all your baby gear and make it easier to find stuff when you need it; in reality, it might be a bit of a gimic that not everyone will be interested in. Essentially it means there are a couple of pouches that fit inside the bag; one mum tester said “The two separate little bags that sit in the front pocket are handy for little bits and bobs,” while another commented: “Storage cubes are an additional bonus and help keep everything neat and tidy”.

Taking the cubes out means you have a big spacious pocket, so it does offer flexibility - this is good when baby gets older and the type of gear you need to take out with you changes. 

Our favourite feature of this bag is the large zip around the main compartment that makes everything easily accessible, so you’re not digging around for a spare dummy when your baby is having a meltdown; one mum tester commented on the roomy nature of this bag and said: “This backpack has so much space for everything I need to carry. I especially like the front pocket that fits my purse and keys in perfectly, there is even a pouch for my mobile phone. It may sound like a small thing but my changing bag I had before did not have this and I was always rummaging to the bottom to find my keys.” 

It’s available in five colours, and it’s a good size for carrying a laptop once baby grows and you want to keep using the bag. 

The only real downside to this bag is the size of the changing mat; one mum said: “A bigger mat also makes it easier for those occasions where you have to change the nappy in the car, it covers more of the seat. This small one was a nightmare for that!” We all know how vital it is to have a changing mat that’s big enough - but at least this changing bag does include a changing mat, unlike some others we tested. 

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2022, when it won Gold for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Skip Hop Forma Backpack review.


  • Made from wipe-clean material
  • Handy packing cubes to keep gear separated 
  • Extra-wide opening means it’s easy to find small items 
  • A lightweight bag that’s easy to carry 


  • Changing mat is a bit too small 

Best eco-friendly baby changing bag

Babymel Georgi Eco Convertible BackpackCredit: Boots

The Babymel Georgi Eco Convertible backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it stand out among other changing bags that we’ve tested - it’s the ideal choice if you want an eco-friendly bag. 

Our testers like this bag as it’s really lightweight and versatile; one mum said: “You can carry it on your pushchair, as a backpack or as a shoulder bag, so it is useful when on the go in a hurry. It looks so stylish but super casual at the same time.” 

We tested the ‘caramel leopard’ design, which animal-print lovers will prefer, but it’s also available in a more traditionally styled striped design - although that pattern might make your eyes go funny. 

Testers like the wide opening of the main compartment, as well as the pocket on the front - it’s perfectly sized for a packet of wipes and makes finding them easy; one mum said: “Every time I wear it, I feel like a kid with a new school bag showing it off”. 

The material is water resistant and wipe-clean - a necessity when it comes to keeping a changing bag looking presentable. You do get a changing mat included with this bag; plus it’s washable. We also appreciated the insulated lining, meaning snacks and drinks are kept at the right temperature - for up to four hours, the brand claims. 

You can buy a pram organiser from Babymel, too, although it doesn’t come in the same patterns as the changing bag, which is a shame.


  • You can wear it as a backpack or messenger bag 
  • Sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Handy wipe-sized pocket at front
  • Made from water-resistant material
  • Includes straps to attach to your pram
  • Easy-to-use wide opening 


  • Only two designs that won’t appeal to all 

Best changing bag for accessories

If you’re looking for a changing bag that comes with loads of accessories, the BabaBIng Erin changing bag should be top of your shortlist. It comes with loads of extras - and they all match - including: a large changing mat, stroller straps, bottle holders, and two separate pouches that are insulated for keeping food and drinks at the right temperature; one mum tester said “This bag includes so many extras - sold separately these items would cost almost double the price.”

A particularly useful feature is what they call ‘the parent pockets’ - two pockets designed for your gear, such as phones and keys, to keep them safe and separate from nappies and wipes. We like this feature as it just makes it so much easier to find your important valuables without rummaging around among crayons and Sudocrem. 

BabaBing has a reputation for making good quality but reasonably priced changing bags, and this is no exception as it’s clear to see the craftsmanship that’s gone into the design; as one mum tester said: “I have used this bag for over six months now to see whether it would stand the test of time. Often, when I use a changing bag, it starts well. Then, slowly, you realise that it isn't practical, or parts begin to break. This is not the case with this Erin Changing Bag - if anything, quite the opposite."

The only real downside is that it currently only comes in two colours, however they are colours that most people will be happy to wear. Testers did also note that the shoulder straps weren’t as strong as they could be. 

Read our full Bababing Erin Changing Bag review


  • Bag comes with loads of extras 
  • Parent pockets keep your valuables safe 
  • Made from wipe-clean material 
  • Changing mat is extra large 
  • Includes stroller straps 


  • Only available in two colours 
  • Backpack straps aren’t as strong as they could be 

Best baby changing bags for sustainability

LÄSSIG Rolltop Backpack Diaper BagCredit: Amazon

Just like the Babymel Georgi changing bag (above), this is another eco-friendly design that’s made from 100% recycled polyester from waste2wear, a brand that designs fabric made from recycled plastic. The bag is therefore vegan and sustainable. 

Varying from other changing bag designs that we’ve tested, this one features a roll-top closure, which is secured with a strap and magnet. Some mums love this design, whereas it can be a bit fiddly to close if you’re in a rush and balancing your baby and your changing bag at the same time; one mum tester commented: “I was sceptical about a roll top at first as I thought it would be more fiddly to fold away, but there are integrated magnets that make the top really simple role down and the buckle has a magnetic popper too.”

The backpack design means you’re hands-free while wearing it, and you can also attach it to your stroller. It comes with a variety of accessories including changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, removable jar holder, stroller attachments and a small utensil bag. There are plenty of pockets for everything you need; one mum said: “Having lots of different pockets means that it is easy to separate all of your contents and then access/find them easily rather than everything ‘disappearing’ into one big pocket. The fact that the main pocket zips all the way down the side as well as across the top means that you can easily get to things at the bottom of the bag and is a feature that I really like.”

This changing bag comes in a variety of colours - eight at the time of writing - meaning there’s plenty of choice over style. 

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2021, when it won Gold for Best Changing Bag.

Read our full LÄSSIG Rolltop Backpack Diaper Bag review


  • Sustainable and made from recycled plastic 
  • Roll top to maximise capacity
  • Easy to transition to normal backpack when baby is older 
  • Lots of pockets for flexibility 
  • Comes with a variety of accessories 
  • Eight colours to choose from 


  • One of our mums found the magnetic 'buckle' kept opening when the bag was full

Best stylish baby changing bags

Storksak St James Luxe Scuba Changing BagCredit: Storksak

This Storksak changing bag is one of the most fashionable changing bags we’ve tested, and we like how flexible the design is; you can wear this as a shoulder bag, backpack, or cross-body messenger bag. 

The internal compartment is spacious, and there are seven smaller compartments, too; one dad tester said, “I love how many pockets there are as I can keep everything separate and clean, keeping my valuables safe and separate from nappies and food.” There are two further adjustable side panels for even more capacity; this is definitely one of the roomier changing bags that we’ve tested. 

The bag is made from scuba material, setting it apart from other bags; this makes it protective against spillages, as well as being water resistant; one mum said: “I love this bag!! The scuba is such an amazing material and seems really hard-wearing.”


  • One of the roomiest changing bags you can buy 
  • Machine-washable material
  • Durable scuba material 
  • Wipe-clean and water-resistant
  • Comes with matching insulated bag for food and drink
  • Detachable stroller clips


  • One customer found the straps a bit short to wear comfortably on the back
  • One of the highest-priced changing bags 

Best baby changing bags for a designer look on a budget

best-baby-changing-bags-Lässig-glamCredit: Amazon

This changing bag might look small, but it’s deceptively large, with a roomy main compartment and another removable section for baby food jars or other items. It also comes with stroller hooks, an adjustable shoulder strap and phone compartment; one mum tester said "I love the fact that this bag is roomy but still feels light. I can fit everything into it without struggling for space, and there are so many different compartments - everything has a place. The days of wondering where to put that jar of baby puree are long gone!"

Be careful because although this bag is showerproof, we found that it's not entirely waterproof. 
It is one of the cheapest changing bags we’ve tested, which is a major pro these days when we’re trying to save money wherever we can; the price doesn’t impact on the practicality though. 

This bag only comes in two colours, blue and mint, which is a shame as they’re not the most stylish colourways. 

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2018, when it won Bronze for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Lässig Glam Rosie Bag review


  • Deceptively large despite looking compact 
  • Stroller hooks included
  • Lots of different compartments 
  • One of the cheapest bags available 


  • The location of the main zip can be a little tricky to open if you're juggling a baby
  • Showerproof doesn’t mean waterproof 
  • Only two colours available 

Best baby changing bags for multiple storage

Amber Eco Recycled Nylon Black Changing BackpackCredit: Kerkit

This KeriKit Amber changing backpack has multiple pockets and compartments, meaning there’s a safe space for everything you need to take out with you on a day trip with baby. Once baby is older, you can continue to use this as a laptop bag - it fits a 14-inch laptop neatly. It’s really designed to be a flexible backpack that happens to work well as a changing bag; one mum tester said: “No longer do I have to dig or unpack to find that spare nappy - it also makes it so much easier to restock, ready for a trip out of the house.”

This is another eco-friendly option, as it is made from recycled nylon, and it’s very lightweight to carry. 

Although this is one of the pricier changing bags we’re featuring, the longevity and flexibility of this bag make it worth the investment; as one mum says, “I don't think the price is bad at all; it's great quality, and I love that I'll be able to keep using this even when we're past nappy changes. To me, that makes it well worth the investment."

To add to its practicality, the material is easy to wipe down and keep clean; one tester said: “The material is easy to wipe down, and the side pockets are waterproof, which is ideal for bottles - if there are any spills, I know they won't ruin my baby's emergency outfits.” 

If you’re bottle feeding, then you’ll be impressed with the capacity to hold six bottles in the integrated bottle holders. There are also separate pockets for your valuables, such as keys and phones.


  • Flexibility as a regular backpack as well as a changing bag 
  • Plenty of room for bottles 
  • Lots of extras included, such as a dummy holder and D-rings
  • Made from recycled materials 
  • Fits a 14-inch laptop 
  • Made from wipe-clean material 


  • Wipe clean but not washable
  • One of the priciest changing bags 

Best baby changing bags for adorable design

Peter Rabbit Baby Collection Changing BackpackCredit: Amazon

The Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack has a charming Peter Rabbit design, which will appeal to parents with older children who love the Beatrix Potter character, or just fans of the mischievous bunny themselves.

This changing bag is made from a wipe-clean material and has plenty of room for everything you need to carry, although without some of the flexibility of other bags. While it fits everything, it might be best chosen as a gift rather than an investment piece; one mum said: "I opened and used this as soon as it arrived. It's such a wonderful bag with many pockets, which makes it easier to store everything you need when taking the baby out. It's a really good size too, which makes it easier as quite often you either get one too small or, on the opposite scale, way too big, especially once filled. The size of this is absolutely ideal."

It features several internal elasticated pockets plus two side pockets that are designed for holding bottles; there are also zipped compartments on the side for keeping items separate. It does also come with a changing mat, but no other extras unfortunately. 

This bag was tested as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2022. 

Read our full Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack review.


  • Ideal for Peter Rabbit fans 
  • Good size that fits the essentials 
  • Side pockets for holding bottles 
  • Wipe-clean material
  • Includes a changing mat 
  • Great as a gift idea


  • Parents found the backpack straps a bit flimsy
  • No additional extras except for the changing mat 

Best baby changing bags for pockets

Price: $101.64

The Allis City Plus changing bag looks smaller than most changing bags we test, but it’s hiding a lot of pockets - 16 in total - and includes a changing section which folds out so everything is right there ready for nappy changes. It’s not a large enough area to combine the changing mat into one ‘station’, however it is handy that all those wipes, nappies, bum cream, and other gear is all in the one space; one mum tester said: “It is clear that the bag has been built with a mothers’ needs in mind as I am able to stay much better organised with this as opposed any other normal bag.” It’s definitely spacious despite looking more compact. We like the small pocket for dummies and the wet pocket for dirty wipes or nappies. 

There’s flexibility in how you can wear the bag; as a cross-body bag, shoulder bag, tote bag or backpack. Plus, it comes with clips to attach it to your stroller; however, one mum tester commented: “If I could change one thing about this bag, it would be to shorten the width. I have found it doesn't fit the average pushchair” - so make sure you check the measurements before purchasing if you’re likely to attach it to your pram frequently.  

This changing bag comes with a thermo-insulated holder to keep bottles warm or cool for up to four hours. The material is wipe-clean, which went down well with mum testers; “I love how the bag is waterproof, which is helpful if you get caught in the rain, and it is wipe-clean so that if it gets dirty, you can clean it easily with a baby wipe.” 

This is one of the cheaper bags we’ve tested, and certainly gives you a lot of pockets for your cash.

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2018, when it won Silver for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Allis City Plus Changing Bag review.


  • Multiple ways of wearing 
  • Features 16 pockets 
  • Great dummy pocket and section for wet items 
  • Made from wipe-clean material 
  • Buggy clips included


  • Width makes it unsuitable for some pushchairs 
  • Some mums think it’s too big if you have just one child

Best baby changing bags for large capacity

Homlynn Baby Nappy Changing Tote BagCredit: Amazon

One of the biggest changing bags you can buy, you might find this one a bit too big - it’s called the ‘bag for holding everything’, and it has room for about 10 nappies, plus all the other gear you need.

You might, however, find it too big and use this more for weekends away than an everyday changing bag. There’s a large inner compartment, two large outer pockets, plus side pockets for bottles, a ‘secret pocket’ for your purse and phone, a zipper pocket for wipes inside and also one outside, two sections for bottles on the inside - and it’s all made from water resistant fabric. 

It does have flexibility in how you can carry it - either as a tote bag or shoulder bag - as well as being able to attach it to your pram with the included pram straps - however, one mum said: “It’s fine for the pram but it’s too heavy for our lightweight pushchair,” so do be careful if you’re using the stroller straps.


  • Made from water-resistant material 
  • Very large capacity with lots of pockets 
  • Pram straps included
  • Tote or shoulder bag style
  • Good for an overnight bag 


  • Possibly too big for an everyday changing bag 
  • Too big and heavy for attaching to lightweight strollers 

Best baby changing bags for reusable nappies

Bambino Mio Baby and Beyond Change BagCredit: Amazon

The Bambino Mio Baby and Beyond changing bag features a wide main opening, giving easy access to the spacious interior that will carry all the gear you need for a day out with your baby. We particularly like the ‘messy pocket’ - a slimline, water-resistant outer pocket for dirty wipes or nappies; one mum tester said: “There are plenty of pockets to store things, and some nice features for those who use reusable nappies, such as the wet storage pocket (although I personally prefer having a separate zip bag as I find these easier to remove and clean).” 

The backpack design means it’s a great changing bag if you wear your baby in a sling or baby carrier; one baby wearing mum commented: “I liked the versatility of the design, and it worked well to transport nappies and other essentials on my back while I carried the baby in a front-facing carrier or sling. It was also very easy to clip onto my pram when I took the baby out for rides. I really liked that it has a cool storage pocket for bottles; this is a nice bonus feature that many bags don't have.”

This changing bag has longevity that it’s big and robust enough to be used as a rucksack once baby is older, or if you’re going out for the day child-free; one tester said: “It is also spacious and stylish enough for me to use as my handbag and carry my stuff."

The design is unisex in a traditional grey colour, but it features pops of bright designs on the inside, making it stand out from other changing bags; one mum said: “The bit of internal pink print is quite cute, but the exterior subtle grey colouring means that the bag can easily be used by parents in all settings.” 

The only real downside to this changing bag is that it doesn’t come with a changing mat, unlike most other changing bags on the market. You do, however, get a free drawstring bag for messy items, and a key charm; although we’d definitely rather have a changing mat. 

We tested this changing bag as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2021 when it won Bronze for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Bambino Mio baby and beyond change bag review.


  • Spacious with a helpfully large opening 
  • Useful water-resistant pocket for wet wipes or dirty nappies 
  • Backpack style is great for baby wearing 
  • Easy transition to a general bag when baby is older 
  • Features bright pops of colour on the inside 
  • Cool storage pocket for bottles 


  • Doesn’t come with a changing mat 

Best baby changing bags for days out

Maxi-Cosi Modern BagCredit: Amazon

The Maxi-Cosi Modern Bag features all the pockets and compartments you need from a changing bag, plus also features a toiletry bag with a hook - handy for changing baby’s nappy in public toilets. This is different to most changing bags and is the feature we liked best. 

It’s a discrete design, that could be mistaken for a laptop bag, so this changing bag would appeal to dads and mums alike. It’s available in a ‘graphite’ colour as well as standard black. The standard plain colours mean this bag is likely to match your pram or pushchair; one mum said: “"Great item and matches my pram perfectly! I love how many compartments are in the bag, and the additional changing bag, changing mat, and insulated bottle bags are great! I highly recommend this changing bag.” 

Also included is an insulated bag for keeping food and drink at the right temperatures, and it does include a changing mat too. It can be worn as a shoulder bag with a sturdy strap, but unlike many other changing bags, there aren’t any other options for wearing.


  • Stylish unisex design that doesn’t look like a changing bag 
  • Plenty of room inside 
  • Comes with a changing mat
  • Insulated bag for food and drink 


  • It doesn't come with buggy clips

Best compact baby changing bags

Bonnie and Kind The Bonnie KitBonnie and Kind

This changing bag is a designer bag that can contain the basics you need for a walk with your baby; it’s definitely the smallest changing bag we’ve tested and is best for short trips; one mum tester said: “This product is great for a quick visit out of the house where you don't want or need to take everything other than the essentials. It's a great stylish handbag design that can be used across the body or over your shoulder rather than put in the bottom of the pushchair. It's quite small and therefore only nappy/wipes and changing mat fit in alongside a small purse or phone."

It’s made from luxurious leather with a tactile grain; it would be ideal for weekends away if you also take a bigger changing bag. It can fit a changing mat, a nappy or two, and some wipes, plus your phone and wallet, but little else. It is, however, beautiful - it looks like a handbag, not a changing bag. Wear it as a cross-body bag or place it in the basket of your pram; cumbersome it is not. 

We tested this as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2022, when it won Bronze for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Bonnie and Kind Baby Kit review.


  • Designer luxury and style 
  • Will carry the bare essentials 
  • Ideal for short walks and trips out 
  • Full zip for easy access


  • While it's handy for quick trips, fitting everything in can be quite a squeeze
  • Very small and compact 
  • You’ll need a second larger bag for all your other baby gear 
  • Very pricey for the size

Best premium baby changing bags

This changing bag has a modern design that will appeal to style-conscious parents and can easily be used as an everyday bag beyond just a changing bag. It’s available in tan, black or grey, and you can personalise the tag - this personalisation isn’t available on any of the other changing bags we’ve tested. 

There’s a zipper compartment for your valuables, plus seven interior pockets, two outer pockets to slip baby wipes into, and a thermo-insulated pocket for keeping bottles warm or cool. You can choose between carrying this as a tote, with the top handles, or alternate with the shoulder strap for flexibility. 

It features plenty of pockets and a roomy interior, plus it includes a leather mini clutch, an insulated bottle bag, a changing mat, and a crossbody strap; one mum said: "Really love my Jem & Bea Jemima bag. It is so stylish and of great quality, yet understated (in a good way, of course). It's so nice being able to go out, not feeling totally 'baby-fied' with a bag. When I see other mums with any of their range, I feel like we are in a special club. I HIGHLY recommend."

This is one of the priciest changing bags that we’ve tested, so it’s a definite boon that you can use this beyond the baby days and have longevity with the design.


  • Stylish and sophisticated design 
  • Can be used as an everyday bag beyond the baby days 
  • Plenty of pockets for all your gear 
  • Includes an insulated pocket for bottles 
  • Comes with a mini clutch and a changing mat 
  • Personalisation available 


  • One of the priciest changing bags 
  • Only available in black or grey 

Best baby changing bags for being versatility

Pink Lining WonderBagCredit: Pink Lining

This is a new version of the WonderBag, which has been improved with a lighter weight, making it easy to carry - with flexibility as a tote, rucksack, or attached to your pram - however, please note that the stroller straps are sold separately, which we think is a shame as most changing bags come with the straps included. 

There’s a large internal compartment with a wide opening, plus two outer zipped pockets, a detachable insulated bottle holder, plus it’s great that there’s a little pocket to tuck away the shoulder strap when you’re using it as a tote - most bags have the strap as detachable only. This can make it a little bulky rather than just taking it off, though. 

The design is bright and cheerful, but won’t appeal to everyone; just as the shocking pink inside won’t be to everyone’s tastes; one mum said: “The bold design makes it easy to find amongst other changing bags when going to a playgroup." There are other designs available, including the parrots on a cream background, hummingbirds, and pears and apples. 

This changing bag comes with a changing mat; you can also purchase matching items separately, including a wallet, stroller organiser, bottle holder, wash bag and dummy pouch. 

We tested this changing bag as part of the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards when it won Silver for Best Changing Bag. 

Read our full Pink Lining WonderBag review.


  • Bright and cheerful design 
  • Large capacity with plenty of compartments 
  • Includes a changing mat 
  • Matching items available to purchase separately 


  • Design won’t appeal to all 
  • Doesn’t come with stroller straps 

Choosing the right baby changing bag for you

First of all, you need the best baby changing bag to carry around everything you need for your baby, including nappies, clothes, bottles, wipes, spare clothes, and items for loud events such as baby ear defenders. So, when looking for the right one for you, it's important to consider the following:

• Separate pockets for placing everything in the right place

• More than one way to wear it - do you want to wear it cross-body, over your shoulder, or as a backpack?

• Thermo-insulation to keep bottles warm or cool (or an insulated bottle holder)

• Stroller-friendly with two clips for easy attachment

• Built-in changing mat or additional matching changing mat

• A design that goes with your style

• Wipe-clean fabric

• Dirty nappy compartment

• Detachable mini bags for food storage

• A light-coloured interior or see-through pockets so you can spot everything

• Anti-odour technology

Do I really need a changing bag?

You could technically use any old bag, but a baby changing bag is going to become a must-have for the first few years. Not only will it provide you with all the space you need, but it also makes sure nothing gets forgotten. Instead of panic-packing nappies in your handbag before you leave the house or emergency buying whilst out and about, having a dedicated baby changing bag will ensure you've got it all in one place.

It also helps that baby changing bags are fit for purpose; they're designed to be durable, have all the pockets, and many come with a baby changing mat included. It'll last through the baby years and beyond, and with our pick of bags you'll actually want to carry, you can repurpose them when you no longer need them for baby duty.

What can I use instead of a changing bag?

Whilst a changing bag is a worthwhile investment, there are alternatives if you're looking to save money and re-use what you already have at home.

The best alternative option is a practical backpack that's suitable for parents; they're typically large in size, easy to use and carry, and free up your hands for looking after your bubba. You can find some great backpacks on the market with an array of pockets. However, if yours just has one large compartment, you can split this up using smaller pouches for different items, i.e. clothes, nappies, toiletries, and more. The perfect excuse to get out a label maker, too!

What should you pack in your changing bag?

The NCT recommends that you should pack the following:

• A changing mat if it's not built into your bag, plus alcohol-free and fragrance-free wipes

• Bags for dirty nappies or clothing should there be any nappy leaks

• Barrier cream, if necessary, to protect your baby's skin

• Three to four clean disposable nappies, or liners and covers if you're using cloth nappies. How many you need depends on how long you'll be out for and how old your baby is

• A change of clothes for baby - just in case!

• Portable toys to keep them entertained on the move

• Food for your baby.

What our writer keeps in her baby changing bag:

• A muslin cloth - to act as a mini blanket or changing mat as these are less bulky

• Nappies and changing essentials - wipes, nappy bags and nappy cream

• Snacks in storage bags

• A change of clothes

• Board book with touch and feel pages

• Little toys include - a small bag with wooden biscuits, toy car, fidget toys

• Mini first aid kit with Calpol, plasters, bandages and wipes

If you're breastfeeding, you may need to pack clean breast pads or a breastfeeding shawl. If they're on formula, you may need to pack sterilised bottles and formula powder. If they're a little older, it would be worth having some purees or finger foods to hand.

You might also want to pack a muslin cloth, great for breastfeeding, spillages, comforting, and more.

Samantha Ball is a Product & Lifestyle Writer for Mother&Baby and freelanced for the website for two years before joining the team full-time. She's a mum of two and loves browsing for the best products and cute outfits.

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