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best baby sleeping bags

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Medically reviewed by Dr Emily Prior, The Lullaby Trust, 1 July 2024.

Baby sleeping bags are an alternative to blankets, designed to stay on your little one through the night even when they're wriggling about in their crib or Moses basket. Until your baby is approximately a year old, it's important to ensure that their cot is free from any items such as loose blankets, pillows and toys - including their favourite stuffed animal, where possible - as these items increase the possibility of accidental suffocation.

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Sleeping bags are the perfect substitute for blankets, keeping little ones cosy and safe all night long and encouraging them to feel secure when in bed (perhaps with the added help of sleeping aids!). Dr Emily Prior, Paediatrician and advisor to The Lullaby Trust says, “A well fitted baby sleep-bag can be an option to reduce the risk of overheating or head covering by avoiding baby wriggling down under their bedding. Most sleep bag manufacturers will recommend a sleep bag is used when baby is a certain weight rather than age, so make sure to check the product guidance before using it."

Best baby sleeping bags at a glance

Best baby sleeping bag overall

SnüzPouch Baby Sleeping Bag

Softest baby sleeping bag

MORI Baby front opening sleeping bag

Best summer sleeping bag

Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

Best swaddle to sleep bag

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Baby Swaddle Bag

How we tested the best baby sleeping bags

When testing the best baby sleeping bags we took into account comfort and fit, including whether there are any additional safety features such as poppers to adjust the gap for the arms, or to fold up the base of the sleeping bag. We also considered the ease of getting baby into and out of the sleeping bag, and the position of the zip to make nighttime nappy changes easier.

We tried out a range of sizes, from sleeping bags for newborns to those for older babies.

When choosing a sleeping bag for your baby make sure you look closely at the features of each sleeping bag to decide what’s best for you and your little one. Some have easy access zips that mean nappy changes in the night are made easier such as the SnuzPouch, some can be used as a swaddle bag for newborns, which then converts to a sleeping bag, as with the Purflo Swaddle to Sleep.

best baby sleeping bags comparison table

It's also important to check the thickness or tog rating, which will indicate the level of warmth it provides. Most sleeping bags are available in 2.5 tog, which is considered a year round thickness, and 1 or 1.5 tog for summer, however some of the options we tried also come in thicker options such as 3.5, like the Kumla sleeping bag, and thin summery options like 0.2 tog as with ergoPouch Cocoon swaddle bag. Always check the tog rating of the sleeping bag you’re using, and consider the other layers your baby is wearing to bed to ensure they’re not too hot or too cold.

There are lots of things to consider, but the right baby sleeping bag can be a great investment. Read on for our round-up of some of the top-rated sleeping bags on the market, then check our FAQs below for more helpful information.

The best baby sleeping bags 2024

Best baby sleeping bag overall

The SnüzPouch Baby Sleeping Bag was shortlisted for Best Bedding at the Mother&Baby Awards 2021

The SnüzPouch Rainbow Baby Sleeping Bag is super soft and comes in adorable designs. With under-arm poppers, a side zip, and an innovative nappy change zip on the front for quick changes with minimal disturbance, this is a safe choice.

Our own Mother&Baby tester said, "Yes yes yes! It’s so easy to change your little one without a fuss, just unzip and off you go! My little one never really woke up and it was so easy to fasten back up as quick as I unzipped! It’s easy to get on without a fuss and comfy for my little on and also cosy and warm so you don’t worry about the temperature in the night!"

At 2.5tog, and made from 100% cotton, this sleeping bag is machine and tumble drier safe.

Read our full SnüzPouch nappy change sleeping bag review


  • Easy to change nappies with front zip
  • Super soft 100% cotton
  • Ideal for cooler weather at 2.5tog


  • Some said it marks easily
  • Zip function for easy changing
  • Popper sleeves

Softest baby sleeping bag

With multiple useful features and adjustable sizing, this is a well-thought-through design. As well as having a zipper that fastens at the bottom to make night-time changes that little bit easier.

"We love these sleeping bags, our son has been using them from around 6 months, and I just got another one because they're just so good," said one reviewer. "He has never been able to get himself out of it (yet!) and they're super cute, too."

Designed for babies from 4kg through to 24 months, the sleeping bag can be adjusted for size via poppers, ensuring the sleeping bag is a secure fit and doesn't ride up and cover your baby's face. It's not recommended for babies under 4kg in weight.

At 1.5 tog, it will keep your little one comfortable all year around, although the brand recommends using 2.5 tog in the winter months. It's made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric, breathable and thermoregulating materials that will help keep your baby or toddler at the ideal temperature.

We love the character patterns available directly from MORI, such as the Peter Rabbit sleeping bag design pictured, they also do Peppa Pig and The Gruffalo!


  • Can be adjusted for size to cater for 4kg to 24 months old
  • Unzips from the bottom to make nappy changes easier
  • Made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric


  • They don't have long sleeves
  • It's not recommended for babies under 4kg in weight
Tog: 2.5
  • Breathable
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Double direction zipper
  • Travel pushchair belt opening

Best summer sleeping bag

ergobaby sleep bags
Price: $49.95

There's a surprising amount to say about this sleeping bag, but the main thing is that it converts from an arms-in design that helps baby feel secure in a swaddling position, to an arms-out design for when they are slightly older. Available in different tog ratings for different seasons - and the option to buy coordinating sleepsuits with padded sleeves - all your baby sleepwear and bedding needs are covered.

"My baby absolutely loves the cocoon swaddle bag, " said our own Mother&Baby reviewer Katie. "It’s simple to use and she sleeps so much better than before. She would regularly twitch and wake herself but she hasn’t since we’ve been using the swaddle bag, allowing us both to get a better nights sleep. I can quickly swaddle my wriggling baby in no time with the handy zip feature which is also great for nappy changes during the night. It’s perfect for taking to stay at her grandparents house with no need for blankets. I would definitely recommend to all new parents!"

Made from organic cotton and bamboo, and dyed with natural water-based dyes, the materials used are gentle enough not to aggravate sensitive skin and are lovely and soft. There is a two-way front zipper for easy nappy access. Ergopouch also do sleeping bags for once your child is past the swaddle stage and they're available in a wide rage of togs including lower togs such as 0.2 - ideal if your house gets quite warm or you're going on holiday.

Read our full Ergopouch Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag review


  • Available in several designs
  • Made from organic cotton and bamboo
  • Can transition from arms-in-to arms-out swaddle
  • Certified hip healthy
  • A two-way front zipper for easy nappy access.


  • May not be long enough for longer babies
  • Arm in and arm out feature
  • Bell-shaped design
  • two-way front zipper
  • Made from organic cotton and bamboo

Best swaddle to sleep bag

Sleep when in the newborn stage can feel like an all-encompassing issue, but this sleeping bag may be of some help in catching some zzzz's. Newborns like to feel secure and the Purflo Swaddle helps to achieve that with an arms-zipped-in design that converts into an arms-zipped-out design once baby is a little older. It also features mesh panels to help regulate temperature and access at the bottom of the bag for nappy changes in the night.

"Very impressed with this swaddle to sleep bag," said one reviewer. Baby has been sleeping well in the for the past few days. I particularly like how versatile it is, lasting to 4 months with a few clever poppers at the shoulders & feet. The breathable panels to avoid overheating & stop sweating are fab! This is by far the best, when I compare to other big brands I have tried."

The Purflo features a loose leg design which enables use in a car seat and means parents can transfer a sleeping baby straight to the cot.


  • loose leg design which enables use in a car seat
  • features mesh panels to help regulate temperature
  • access at the bottom of the bag for nappy changes
  • poppers at the shoulders & feet adjust size
  • Different togs available


  • Not as affordable as other options
  • Only for 0-4 months of age
  • Non-restrictive design
  • Short sleeve

Best sleeping bag for newborns

sweet dreamers baby sleeping bag

The poppers on the arms means this sleeping bag is easy to transition between a swaddle bag and sleeping bag. It has a two way zip which makes getting baby in and out and nappy changes a breeze, and the flap covering the zip is secure to prevent any irritation from the zip.

The soft cotton material is comfy and the quilted padding makes it feel extra cosy. “It’s a small thing, but I like that the external label tells you what tog it is, it just makes life so much easier when grabbing a sleeping bag for bedtime.” 

Our tester also liked the fit of this sleeping bag, “Being a smaller size 0-3 months mean the fit is snugger and stops me worrying that it’s too big for my baby. Although it means buying more sleeping bags in the long run, I’d rather have this snugger fit, especially in the fourth trimester.”  

The skin friendly material is hypoallergenic, so gentle on babies skin even if they’re just in a nappy.

Best baby sleeping bag with organic materials

little green sheep baby sleeping bag

The material of this sleeping bag is lovely and soft, with a quilting to the front of the thicker 2.5 tog option (they do also make a 1 tog for summer). The zip fastens on the left hand side, at the top near baby’s arm and there is a fabric flap to cover the zip to prevent irritation. In terms of safety features, the addition of an extra popper at the arm holes is great to secure smaller sleepers, and there’s also a pair of poppers on each shoulder.

Our testers were impressed with the quality of the fabric, “I loved the softness of this sleeping bag, and the pattern was understated and neutral but different from the usual grey options for unisex designs. I love the ochre which is just as suitable for boys as it is girls.” 

However they did find the position of the zip made nappy changes a bit more of a challenge than with other sleeping bags, “Having tried other brands which have a front zip that opens from the bottom, I did find this zip a bit trickier to get at when my baby was stirring, if I was trying to check his nappy without him waking up completely.”

Something our testers thought could be improved upon was having a way to secure the flap over the zip, "Although my baby was in a sleepsuit as well I was a bit concerned the placement of the zip could rub him.”

Available in a range of neutral patterns, our favourite is honey rice, pictured below - you can also get matching bedding!


  • Organic breathable fabric, ideal for year round wear
  • 0-6 sizing to fit your baby for longer
  • Matching cot bedding and Moses basket liners


  • Position of zip under arm makes nappy changes a bit trickier

Best swaddle bag

halo sleep swaddle

This is a versatile swaddle that can be secured in multiple ways, so ideal for babies who sometimes like to be swaddled with arms in, but sometimes sleep better with one or both arms out. The Velcro fasteners mean you can adjust it to your baby’s preferred fit, knowing they will be safe and secure all night.

Our dad tester said, “Especially with my newborn I found it reassuring to be able to wrap her in this, and that it wouldn’t come undone halfway through the night. She seemed to prefer the fit of a swaddle but I was always worried I was doing it wrong.” He adds, “Having this swaddle sleeping bag combo has given me peace of mind at bedtime.”

There’s a large stitched on label on one of the swaddle ‘arms’ that gives a breakdown of how to wrap the swaddle, so you have the instructions there and ready for you at all times, and it’s tucked away from baby when folded so you don’t have to worry about it irritating them, the soft micro-fleece material is all that touches them. 

Another tester added, “I liked that you could keep baby’s arms swaddled while checking the nappy thanks to the bottom zip.” There are lots of designs available, as well as plain colours. 

One potential con is that once your little one doesn’t want to be swaddled anymore the flaps become a bit redundant, but there’s no way to remove them, so you may end up having to buy a new baby sleeping bag.


  • Bottom zip fastening makes nappy changing easier
  • Easy to adjust swaddle with velcro
  • Soft micro fleece material


  • Swaddle not optional

Best baby sleeping bag with detachable sleeves

Catering for babies from newborn through to 24 months with three available sizes, the Kumala Cotton Muslin sleeping bags are a great option for between-seasons because of their removable sleeves. This 3.5 tog design allows parents to choose whether to keep their child's arms padded and warm, or take the sleeves off via a simple press-stud attachment on warmer nights.

"This sleeping bag is perfect for winter for my little one," said one reviewer. "The arms are detachable, so you can remove them for the warmer months. The fabric and quality of this is lovely. Would definitely recommend."

The fabric is 100% cotton. Available in seven colours and easy to throw in the wash and tumble dry, the only gripe some reviewers have is with the zip which they say is not easy to manage, particularly in the night when managing a nappy change. The zip runs along the side and feet of the sleeping bag.


  • Detachable sleeves
  • zip runs down the side and along the feet for easy access
  • Three sizes cater for newborn-24 months
  • Seven colours available


  • No built-in scratch mitts
  • The zip is difficult to fasten according to some reviews
  • Removable sleeves
  • Press stud shoulder
  • Colour variety

Best arms up baby sleeping bag

Price: $32.95
Alternative retailers
Target$32.99View offer

Sleeping with arms up is a natural position for babies and this sleeping bag supports that with its clever wing design. Arms are kept as snug and warm as the rest of the body within the stretchy jersey fabric, and nappy changes are made easy by a two-way zip.

These sleeping bags come in four sizes and will cater for your baby from newborn age through to 24lbs. With a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from, your little one can also set their style credentials early.

"I'm very happy using the Swaddle Up with my newborn, and have even purchased in the next size up," said one reviewer. "The material is nice and stretchy. It's easy to get on/off and I like that my baby's hands are covered so that he can't scratch himself even when he's not wearing scratch mitts. Also, the arms-up position seems to be comfortable for him."

As all parents will be glad to hear, The Swaddle Up is machine and tumble drier friendly, and won't lose its shape in the wash.


  • Unique patented wings for natural arm positon
  • Certified hip healthy
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Keeps arms warm as well as the rest of the body


  • No tog reference but listed as ideal for rooms between 20-24 degrees celsius
Tog:N/A, but listed as ideal for rooms between 20-24 degrees Celsius
  • Easy swaddle
  • Twin zip for easy changes
  • Wings for natural arm position
  • Single layer fabric
  • Machine washable

Best value baby sleeping bag

This two pack of organic cartoon sleep bags has a double zipper design for convenient changes in the middle of the night. The Lictin Baby Sleeping bags are a lighter tog for the warmer weather at 0.5, and are made from breathable 100 per cent cotton fabric. Available in two sizes, each is adjustable in length so they extend over time with your baby's growth.

The smaller size is for 3-18 months, the larger for 18-36 months. Many sleeping bag designs only cater to 24 months so these have a little extra longevity.

"Great value - two baby sleeping bags for the price you can pay for just one!," said one reviewer. "The material is soft and thin so perfect for summer nights for the baby. I’m no expert with tog ratings but these feel more like my baby’s 1.0 tog sleeping bags than 0.5. Either way they’re not thick with padding and are definitely suitable for baby sleeping in warmer conditions. The designs on the sleeping bags are lovely. Even nicer than they look in the picture. The double zip is very handy, as are the poppers under the arms so the arm hole size can be adjusted depending on size of baby. My baby is just over 6 months and the whole sleeping bag fits nicely. I do the poppers up for him so the sleeves aren’t too big. I’d recommend this product."


  • Ideal for warm weather
  • Lightweight at 0.5 tog
  • Dual zips
  • Two sizes cater from 3-36 months
  • More affordable than many other options


  • Some complained the zip cover wasn't big enough to cover the zips
  • Designed for summer
  • Zip fastening
  • Sleeveless

Best footless baby sleeping bag

Price: $54.95

The Love To Dream Sleeping Bag is like a onesie-blanket for babies and toddlers. It also comes with optional feet covers to keep those little toes cosy and warm, or cool depending on the weather. The feet covers are helpfully gripped underneath for toddling before and after sleep. This one is designed for warmer weather and is sleeveless, but there are sleeved options available from this brand, too.

"Bought as my little one was refusing sleeping bags but would kick off blankets and wake up in middle of the night," said one reviewer. "Sleep suit kept him warm all night. Lovely and soft. Little one loved the pattern and kept telling me how cosy he was. Design still stops him climbing out of his cot (for now)."

Made with organic cotton and elastane, these are super soft and comfy to sleep in as well as to move in. They also have a lighter, upper chest fabric so that your little one can help regulate their temperate better. On the expensive side, these are particularly useful for for toddlers who are between the sleeping bag and blanket stages and also want the freedom to crawl and toddle. Available in five sizes.


  • Twin zipper
  • Two-in-one foot cover
  • Ideal for toddlers who have outgrown sleeping bags and want leg freedom
  • Available in five sizes


  • Some mentioned it's not as easy to change nappies as other options
  • Less affordable than other options
  • Optional foot cover
  • Dual zipper
  • Lighter upper chest fabric to help temperature regulate

Baby sleeping bag FAQs: All you need to know

Are sleeping bags good for babies?

Yes, and in fact, they've been recommended by The Lullaby Trust as a sleeping product you can trust that can help reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Baby sleeping bags are a great option that'll keep your little one feeling snug and comforted at night. They prevent their head from being covered by wriggling, a risk that comes with blankets or sheets.

To reduce the risk of SIDS it is also important to place your baby on their back for every sleep on a firm, flat, waterproof mattress. The cot or Moses basket should be kept free of unnecessary items such as toys and loose or soft bulky bedding such as duvets and pillows should be avoided.

Things to consider when buying baby sleeping bags:

There are plenty of options available to buy, but there are certain characteristics you should look out for to ensure your baby sleeps safe and sound.

Size: There are different sized sleeping bags for different baby ages. This is a helpful guideline but you should make sure that the sleeping bag fits well around their shoulders. So that their head doesn't run the risk of slipping down into their bag.

Tog: To keep your baby at the best temperature, you can also get options with different togs for different seasons. A 2.5 tog is the most popular and will work well for most of the year. But, you could benefit from buying 0.5 to 1.5 tog sleeping bags for warmer nights and for the height of summer.

Comfort: Alongside this, you can consider different fastening options, cute designs, and natural fibre materials for softness and comfort.

Feet: Most sleeping bags will have be designed to keep your little ones feet tucked up inside, however some may come with the option to go footless. Footless sleeping bags may be better for a toddler, as they will allow them to move more freely.

How to wash a baby sleeping bag

Now that you've invested in the perfect sleepwear for your baby, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of how to clean it. First things first, you want to check the garment care label for any special washing instructions like hand-wash or to be cleaned in cold water only.

From there, we'd suggest using a non-bio detergent which is gentler on your baby's sensitive skin. For more advice on temperature recommendations and whether or not you can use fabric softener, read our guide to washing baby clothes.

How many options do I need?

There's no right or wrong answer to this. Here at Mother&Baby, we'd recommend having at least three options that fit your child. Why? Well, we'd advise having all these options tucked away in the nursery in case you're washing one and your little one goes on to have an accident - you can thank us later for having a backup.

The Lullaby Trust works with leading professionals who are experts in the field of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and infant health and care practices and are an invaluable resource to our staff.

The trusted team at The Lullaby Trust bring a wide range of experience, ensuring they always have an expert to call upon with the most complex questions about SIDS and infant health and care practices.

Dr Emily Prior is a Paediatrician at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Emily qualified from Imperial College in 2012 and has worked across a number of hospitals in North-West London during her paediatric training. She was awarded a Medical Research Council Fellowship in October 2020 and currently splits her time between working in research in the Academic Neonatal Medicine department at Imperial College and clinically on the neonatal unit at Chelsea. Her research is focused on investigating long term health outcomes of children born preterm. She also sits on the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health’s Engagement Committee and Great Ormond Street Hospital parent advisory group for research. Emily is married to Benoit and they live in South-west London with their young daughter and son.

Samantha Ball is a Product & Lifestyle Writer for Mother&Baby and freelanced for the website for two years before joining the team full time. She's a mum of two and loves browsing for the best products and cute outfits.

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