9 of the best baby hair brushes for growing locks

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Whether your baby is born with a full head of luscious locks and requires a haircut ASAP or is just coming into their full head of hair in their first months, a baby brush is a newborn essential. They're specifically designed to be gentle on your little one’s scalp and promote healthy growth.

Many newborns will also develop cradle cap and brushing is a great way to help treat this. There are some great baby hair brushes out there that are specifically tailored to treat and minimise cradle cap, alongside baby hair shampoo, from three-step systems to easy bath time brushes – there really is a brush for every baby’s needs.

What to look for in a baby hair brush

Bristle type

For a newborn, you should be looking for ultra-soft bristles, these can be synthetic or natural, like boar or goat. We recommend soft nylon bristles for a delicate brush.

Hair type

Babies have different hair types just like adults and finding the right products and brush for their hair is just as important. Most babies will have fine hair when they are born, but some are born with full heads of locks, consider this and what hair type you’re expecting your baby to have. Curly and thick hair will be better managed with a detangling brush.

Cradle cap

If your little one has developed cradle cap, look for a brush specific to treating or managing this, for gentle exfoliation and a soft brush at the same time!

Shop our pick of the best baby brushes, from gorgeous personalised ones perfect for gifting, to detangling ones that are ideal for thick or curly locks.

Best baby hairbrushes

Best brush and comb
Tommee Tippee Essential Basics Brush and Comb

Rrp: £3.49

Price: £2.50


A great starter kit with the essentials you’ll need to get started from day one. This set from

Best personalised baby hairbrush
Personalised Birth Flower Baby Hair Brush
Price: £12.43 (was £17.75)



This beautiful hairbrush has super soft bristles that will help to leave your baby’s hair soft and

Best natural baby brush set
Baby Wooden Hair Brush And Comb Set
Price: £18.96


All natural! These brushes use soft goat hair for the bristles, bamboo, beech wood and pear wood

Best baby hairbrush in a gift box
 Molylove Baby Hair Brush with Wooden Handle and Super Soft Goat Bristles for Newborns & Toddlers

Rrp: £7.99

Price: £5.49


Keep those adorable little hairs in place with the Molylove Baby Hairbrush, made with soft nylon

Best for thick and curly hair
Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly Detangling Hairbrush
Price: £19.03


I’m sure you’ve already heard of Tangle Teezer, and as good as they are for our hair, they’re also

Best brush set for cradle cap


If your new arrival is dealing with a bit of cradle cap at the moment, then this special hair

Best baby hairbrush for bathtime
Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush

Rrp: £7.95

Price: £6.76


Soft against baby’s skin and still effective to brush away any cradle cap or dry skin, this baby

Best baby healthcare kit that includes a hairbrush
Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit
Price: £16.99 (was £24.99)



If you’re getting ready for your new arrival, then this starter kit has a lot of the essentials

Boots Baby Brush & Comb Set
Price: £2.99


This budget-friendly set includes both a brush and comb for your little one. The handles have been


When can you start brushing your child's hair?

There is no set age for you to start brushing your little one's hair. In fact, you can start brushing your baby's hair from birth. Brushing your little one's hair early on in life can help them to establish a good relationship with hair brushing. It'll get them used to the regular routine of grooming too. Using a soft-bristled brush to gently massage their scalp will also give you a good opportunity to bond with your bubba.

How do you brush a child's hair without them crying?

As your child's hair becomes thicker and longer, they may not enjoy having their hair brushed anymore. Here are some hints and tips to help make hair brushing a calm and happy experience for everyone involved.

Use brushes like Tangle Teezers which do not pull on the hair.

Try a long-handled brush or comb for long hair, especially at the back.

Use thicker or wide-handled brushes which are easier to grip.

Try using a detangling hair product.

Brush firmly and rhythmically.

Count to 10, sing a song and clap your hair to distract your child.

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