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best baby bouncers and rockers

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As much as we love holding and cuddling our little bundles of joy, there are times when we need to put them down so we can use both hands every now and then (although we parents are pros when it comes to one-handed tea making)! Just like with the best baby swings, the best baby bouncers and rockers are great for those very moments.

They keep our little ones entertained - especially if the chairs have toys attached to them. They're also great for those times when you need a helping hand in getting them off to sleep as the gentle bounce or vibrations of a rocker or bouncer get them quickly drift off, though bear in mind that babies shouldn't sleep in a bouncer so you'll need to transfer them to their baby cot or crib once they're asleep.

Best baby bouncers and rockers at a glance:

Best bouncer and rocker for comfort: Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer - Buy now on Bargain Max
Best overall bouncer and rocker: Badabulle Easy Baby Bouncer - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best bouncer and rocker for creativity: BabaBing! Float Baby Bouncer - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best bouncer from newborn to two year old: BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss - Buy now on Amazon UK

How we choose the best bouncers and rockers

There are loads of different rockers and bouncers available on the market so making a decision can be tough. To help you narrow down your options, we've rounded up some of our favourites from the Mother&Baby awards that were rated highly by our mum testers and have trawled the reviews to find the bouncers that are loved by real parents.

The best baby bouncers and rockers

Best bouncer and rocker for comfort

Super-soft fabrics, a plush cushioned insert and a supportive headrest help keep your baby cosy as can be as they bounce, play, or relax with one reviewer saying “the material is very soft and cosy. The vibrations are enough to keep my 3-month-old granddaughter satisfied”.

The two hanging toys on the removable mobile encourage eye tracking while the music and sounds, which activate for up to 20 minutes at a time, make playtimes fun. The seat also vibrates and reviewers praised the comfort, with one describing it as a “lovely bouncer, the baby seems really comfy in it and he really loves the vibrate and the bird song function. As well as the vibrations, one reviewer noted that “baby's own movements will make the seat bounce too.”


  • Comfortable and cosy option
  • Lightweight so easy to move from room to room if needed
  • Seat pad is machine washable


  • Seat could offer more positions
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for creativity

BabaBing! Float Baby Bouncer
Price: $82.41

This simply-designed contemporary baby bouncer has a cute elephant print and a colourful toy bar included, so it will keep the baby entertained while fitting into most room designs. As well as looking great, it ticks a lot of boxes for practicality - it’s lightweight at just 1kg, which makes it easy to move between rooms if needed, and the fabric cover is machine washable and easy to remove, while the non-slip feet make it sturdy and secure. 

Though some reviewers felt it might be improved with lights or music, others thought it was pleasantly soothing without being overstimulating, noting that “it’s nice and calm and not over-stimulating for a baby (why do they need flashing lights and toys in the first few months?!) My baby loves staring at the elephants, and they got one of her first smiles, so they are obviously popular."

While it is suitable from birth up to 9kgs or 6 months approximately, some reviewers felt that it wasn’t ideal for newborns as it only has one seat position and no head support, so may be better when the baby has stronger neck control, with one reviewer saying “For the first week or so, it seemed huge, so I supported my baby at the sides with a muslin. Since then it has been perfect”.


  • Great value for the price
  • Super lightweight at 1kg meaning it can be moved around the house easily
  • Three-point safety harness adds confidence that your baby is secure in the bouncer
  • An easy-to-remove and machine-washable cover makes it practical


  • Has just one seat position, so better to use with babies who have stronger neck control
  • Some reviewers felt it could be improved if it played music or had a swing or vibration settings
Age suitability: Birth-six months
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best overall bouncer and rocker

This baby bouncer is a fantastic option for those looking for a bouncer that can be used from birth. The five adjustable positions and removable anatomical headrest mean it can be supportive for baby as a newborn. It’s also easy to adjust, and a three-point harness means you can feel confident that your baby is safely secured. 

While it’s great as a bouncer, it can also be converted into a rocker by lifting the feet at the back to create a gentle rocking motion, and one reviewer noted her son particularly liked this and the toys, saying, “He enjoys the rocking motion and the dangly attachments and sits safe and snug while chilling out. Definitely recommend for little ones!".  

The toys are designed to encourage early learning and interaction, and the toy bar tilts to make it easier for small hands to reach and explore. One parent praised the toys, noting, “This has really helped our little one to relax whilst downstairs, without relying on being held by one of us. He enjoys the rocking motion and the dangly attachments and sits safe and snug whilst chilling out”.

When it’s not being used, the bouncer folds down easily so you can store it out of the way, ideal for those with more limited space. If you want to transport it when visiting friends and family, two large handles make it easy to carry.


  • Adjustable backrest has five positions to suit babies from newborn up to 6 months
  • Can be transformed from a bouncer to a rocker to suit your baby by simply changing the feet
  • A three-point harness offers peace of mind that your baby is secure
  • Fully removable, machine-washable cover makes it easy to care for
  • Easy to carry thanks to the two large handles


  • Some reviewers had issues with the locking mechanism
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child weight: 9kg

Best bouncer from newborn to two year old

This ergonomic bouncer chair wows many parents and is a tried and tested favourite for good reason, despite having no musical or vibrating features. The chic, minimalist design appealed to our style-minded mums, and they loved that it folds away easily and compactly when not in use. One mum said “you can easily move the bouncer into the various positions without any trouble and it folds away really easily. It feels and looks an expensive product and would look great in anyone’s home".

This chair converts to a seat for children up to two years once your baby outgrows it, so while it’s one of the more expensive bouncers on the market, it will last longer than others. The three different positions also make it versatile when your baby is small, and our tester mum, Lucy, found this with her son, saying “being upright meant that he could still clearly see me and I could see him whilst doing these things. I also found that the options for the seating position really helped as a more upright location for him to be after feeding. This reduced his wind and the spilling up."

Parents particularly praised the softness of the fabric cover, which has the bonus of being easy to remove and machine washable. Mum tester, Jo, said “how lightweight it is, the good quality material and the enjoyment of my little one using it makes it all worthwhile. I love how it moulds to my baby's shape, making my baby feel comfortable at all times. I have noticed that she even whines less as well - so that is a win-win situation for me!"

Plus, no hunting for batteries – bonus!

Read our full BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss review


  • Available in a choice of colours and materials to suit your home
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable for your baby and their growing body
  • Folds flat and is easy to move around
  • Can last from newborn to 2 year olds so offers value for money over the years


  • Some parents may prefer a rocker with more features
  • Toys aren't included but are available to buy separately
Suitable age:Birth-two years
Maximum child weight:13kg

Best swing and rocker for motion ride

The Serina 2-in-1 baby seat offers babies a multi-motion ride as it swings from front to back or side to side to comfort them. The six different swing speeds create versatility, while the toy bar will entertain your baby to free you up to make a cup of tea, or as one of our mum testers said "it was a godsend as it kept my daughter calm and relaxed, and I was able to get on with the much-needed housework!" 

You’re spoilt for choice with sounds to soothe your baby, including a choice of ten lullabies and nature sounds. A night light with four brightness settings can soothe further, and the potential to change it into a rocker makes it even more versatile. One mum tester found this was particularly soothing for her baby, saying, “My daughter loved the swing and it's so clever that it can swing side to side and forwards and backwards. It was so calming and relaxing”.

It’s easy to move around the house thanks to the wheels, integrated handle, and compact frame. Mums liked this, with mum tester, Sophie saying it made her life easier as “you can use the seat as a rocker without the base and also means if you need to pop upstairs you can just take the seat off the base and carry your baby up with you”.

Suitable from newborn with the removable, washable, plush infant body support, the Joie Serina 2-in-1 should last until your baby’s around 9kg. 

Read our full Joie Serina 2in1 Rocker review


  • Six swing speeds make it versatile for all baby's moods
  • Can be both a swing and a rocker
  • Three reclining seat positions allow it to suit ages from newborn upwards
  • Light and sound options to calm little ones, with plenty of options to choose from


  • Partial assembly required
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child age:9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for removable headrest

Ingenuity Soothing Baby Bouncer Chair
Price: $57.00
Alternative retailers
Target$43.99View offer
Walmart$55.00View offer

We loved how this bouncer grows with your baby, as the removable headrest makes it supportive for newborns but allows it to grow as they do. The cushioned foot pillow and side support make it a comfortable option, while the three-point harness and non-skid feet keep your baby and the bouncer secure. There’s just one seat position, which sets it apart from others we tested, such as the Badabulle Easy Baby Bouncer, so this is worth considering if you want a bit more flexibility in the recline.

While it may be a bit limited on seat positions, it makes up for it with 8 melodies and soothing vibrations which one reviewer praised as “a true lifesaver. It provides a gentle and soothing motion that instantly calms my baby. It's like a magic touch that lulls them into a peaceful state”. You can even control the volume and it will shut off automatically so you can control how long the music plays for. 

The toy bars are entertaining but can also be easily removed so that you can get your baby in and out of the bouncer without any trouble. One reviewer agreed that it’s “safe and supportive, easy to strap him in and get stuff done.”


  • Eight melodies with volume control and automatic shut-off allow you to respond to your baby's needs
  • The removable headrest makes it suitable and supportive from birth
  • Calming vibrations to soothe baby
  • Wipeable and washable for easy cleaning


  • Only one seat position so cannot be raised or reclined
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child weight: 9kg

The best bouncer and rocker for melodies

This adorable sheep-themed rocker is as functional as it is cute, with three soothing vibrations and eight musical melodies to choose from. It also includes a white noise function to recreate the sound of the womb and soothe your newborn. Three volume levels allow you to be in control of the sound levels, and you can also control the vibration speed, with three options. Reviewers rated this versatility, with one saying, “I like the fact you can change the seating position and the multi-functions to help soothe baby”.

The three attached toys offer entertainment and keep baby engaged. While these aren’t detachable and may be tricky to keep clean, it was described by one mum as “easy to clean”. The push fabric and comfortable pillowed seat are sure to be a winner, though, with one reviewer describing it as “soft (and) beautifully designed".


  • Three soft toys attached to offer entertainment and engagement
  • Eight melodies and white noise so you can find the sounds your baby likes
  • Three-level volume control so you can alter the volume
  • Removable head cushion takes it from newborn stage unto 6 months


  • Requires two AA batteries which are not included
  • The attached toys may be difficult to clean if needed
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best bouncer for extra comfort

This bouncer chair can be used on its own or in combination with the Stokke Steps highchair, making it a versatile option, whatever your needs. It’s suitable from birth, and the cosy, padded newborn insert offers extra support and comfort, while multiple seat-recline settings allow you to change the seat position to suit your baby. We love that it’s designed by in collaboration with a pediatric physiotherapist to mimic the sensation of being held in the parent’s arms. It gave us the confidence that the baby is properly supported. 

Our parent testers found it particularly beneficial when combined with the Stokke Highchair (sold separately) and Dad, Tom said, “I love that your baby can sit with you at the table, at your level and join in the action. This is really useful in early stages when babies are not in a routine and still awake with you in the evening! “. 

It folds away compactly and offers a soothing, gentle bounce without the need for batteries. The detachable toy hanger is a lovely extra touch, allowing you to clip your baby’s favourite toy on to keep them happy. The Stokke Bouncer is available in several colours and prints to suit all tastes and homes.

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  • Developed with a paediatric physiotherapist to ensure your baby is properly supported
  • Cradling movement mimics that of a parent's arms to add comfort and support
  • Can be combined with the Stokke Highchair to allow baby to sit higher
  • The detachable toy clip gives you the freedom to add your baby's favourite toy
  • Three-year guarantee included


  • The Stokke highchair needs to be bought separately
Age suitability: Birth-six months
Maximum child weight: 9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for adjustability

This sleek baby bouncer from Ergobaby comes with a removable ergonomic newborn insert and can be adjusted easily with three heights tailored to each stage of development. This means it will grow as your baby grows and is ideal from newborn until they’re a toddler when it works as a comfy seat. As it was created with guidance from a paediatric orthopaedist, it supports your baby’s body in all the right places, creating an ergonomic M-shaped positioning in baby's hips and helping to prevent flat head syndrome. Our Dad tester, Ash, was impressed by “how intelligently designed this bouncer is. Bouncing is so easy and uses your baby's natural movement, so it's really easy to use and make sure that as a parent, you're comfy and confident too”. 

Ash appreciated the three different height settings, which “let you choose the most suitable, the highest for when your baby is awake and looking around, and the lowest is great for helping relax them before putting them to bed”. He also felt this was particularly easy as you can “adjust the height using a foot pedal which means you can easily do it one-handed when holding your child”.
The simple but sturdy buckle closure and padded harness keep your precious little one safely secured, while the breathable cover keeps them cool and is removable, which is reassuring in case of leaky nappies! Our tester was pleased that it just used the baby’s natural movement to bounce, so you don’t need to worry about batteries.


  • Stylish design will look good in all homes
  • Designed in collaboration with a paediatric orthopaedist to support your baby’s body
  • Removable newborn insert and three settings mean it will last longer than others, turning into a comfy chair for your toddler
  • The three different heights are controlled by a step pedal, making it easy to operate while holding your baby
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly as it folds flat


  • The price may be off-putting though it should grow with your baby and last longer
<meta charset="utf-8">Age suitability: 2.5kg to 13.2kg
<meta charset="utf-8">Maximum child weight: 13.2 kg

Best bouncer and rocker for ergonomic design


This chic bouncer may look quite simple but it’s packed full of clever features, including an ergonomic design to support your baby’s body with its hammock-style head and back support. This is another one that’s developed in collaboration with medical specialists so you can be confident it’s safe for your baby. It also has three heights and our mum tester, Danielle, found this was good for her son who “has reflux so needs to stay upright as much as possible”.

While some testers thought it could be improved with toys (these can be bought separately), another felt this was better for her baby who “gets over stimulated with vibrations etc and this really seems to keep her happy as she can control the movement”. 

It folds flat for easy storage, and our mum tester, Jane, said this made her life easier as she liked “how small this rocker packs away so you can slide it under a bed or sofa”.  While it’s one of the more expensive options, it should last until your child is around two years old as it can turn into a cosy toddler chair. One of our parent testers said that “it can be used for older children as well which makes it value for money”.

Read our full BABYBJÖRN Baby Bouncer Balance Soft review


  • Three different positions so it can recline or sit higher which is better for babies with reflux
  • Available in a wide variety of colours to suit your home
  • Rocking is controlled by the natural movement of your baby so no need for batteries
  • Folds flat to allow for easy storage or transportation


  • Doesn't come with a toy bar (it's sold separately)
Suitable age:Birth-two years
Maximum child weight:13kg

Best lightweight bouncer and rocker

Chicco’s Hoopla Baby Bouncer has a four-position backrest, enabling your baby to relax, play or feed in comfort. One reviewer noted that “the positions are good for relaxing and sitting up to eat. Really pleased with this purchase”. It should also last longer as it can be transformed into their first chair and used until around 18kg. The side buttons make it easy to adjust the seating position while the non-slip feet give peace of mind, with one reviewer saying, “Good quality, comfortable and extremely good grip on the feet of the seat no worries about it sliding or moving”. 

Parents liked the swinging motion, with one reviewer saying it “was effective in getting him to settle and sleep in his first few weeks of life”, though feedback was mixed on the music, with some questioning why there were Christmas songs. The easily removable toy bar was designed together with a psychologist to benefit the baby’s development, and the removable cover makes life easier when it needs washing.


  • Can be reclined into four positions for relaxing or
  • Removable and washable cushion
  • Compact and quick to close, so good for storing when not in use


  • Some reviewers questioned the choice of music
Age suitability:Birth to 2 years
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for quick assemble

Quick to assemble, this chair folds flat for easy storage and transportation and is easily converted from a rocking chair to a fixed baby seat. There are three recline positions to suit your baby and the gentle vibration setting should prove soothing to even the fussiest babies. Our tester felt “the seat angle is great, the material is lovely and soft, and the whole thing feels sturdy and well-made”. There are four different musical modes though some parents noted that you couldn’t choose the song and they play on rotation.

The detachable toy bar proved popular, with one of our parent testers saying that her son “was happiest in it for the longest, and he loved batting the toys about and making the bells ring. Unlike other chairs, the toy bar doesn’t fall off”. 

Read our full Mamas & Papas Wave Rocker review


  • Three recline positions to allow baby to recline or sit higher up
  • Four melodies and vibrations function to soothe and calm
  • Foldable toy arch and easy-to-fold flay for storage


  • Requires three AA batteries which are not included
  • The four songs play on a loop, and some reviewers felt it would be nice to be able to choose the music
Suitable age:Birth-six months
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for adding a splash of colour

Bright Starts, Safari Blast 2 in 1 Infant to Toddler Rocker & Bouncer Seat

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$39.00View offer

This cheap and cheerful bouncer features eye-catching designs and fun animal prints to keep baby entertained, along with the colourful toys and was described by one reviewer as “Very colourful and looks comfy”.

While it’s no-frills, another reviewer thought this was beneficial and that her son “hated the expensive swing we bought for him, but seems to love this as he can control the bounce himself”.  The toy bar can be removed with one hand, making it easy to get your baby in and out.


  • Fabric seat pad can be removed, and machine-washed
  • Toy bar can be moved out of the way when you need to pick baby up
  • Two recline positions


  • Some parents questioned the quality of the fabric and design
  • Takes one C battery which may be trickier to find
Suitable age:From birth
Maximum child weight:9kg

Best bouncer and rocker for 3-in-1 use

John Lewis bouncer
Price: $49.98
Alternative retailers
Walmart$49.98View offer
Macy's$49.99View offer
Target$49.99View offer

The Ingenuity Keep Cozy Baby Bouncer, Rocker & Toddler Seat is a fantastic 3-in-1 option designed to grow with baby and is beautifully made to be enjoyed for years. With the option to have it as a bouncer, rocker, or stationary seat, it’s a hardworking multitasker, and reviewers appreciated this, with one saying, “My daughter-in-law loved it, very clever design will grow with the little one when she arrives so versatile."

As it can take up to 40lbs, it should last from newborn to 30 months and has a cosy infant booster to provide extra support for babies that can be removed for older infants. Two reclining positions aid with this versatility, and one parent “loved the fact it had 3 options which grow with the baby at a reasonable price”. 

It’s also a convenient option, with one parent saying it was “built within 10 minutes. It pops together with no need for a screwdriver (other than to open the battery pack)”. Not only that, but the 5-point harness keeps baby secure, while the machine washable seat means it’s easy to clean.


  • Accommodates infants and toddlers up to 30 pounds
  • Can be a rocker, bouncer, or stationary seat, so offers plenty of uses
  • Lovely elephant design


  • Some thought the vibrations were a little loud

Best baby bouncers and rockers FAQs

Do you need a baby bouncer?

Yes! Having somewhere safe to lay your baby is essential. While a baby bean bag or playmat on the floor can do the job, a bouncer is a safer option – you won’t have to worry about the baby suddenly figuring out how to roll across the room when your back is turned. It’s also useful for when your baby is tired, when they may object to being popped on a stimulating playmat. A bouncer will buy you a little time hands-free, which is worth its weight in gold when you’re a new mum and your little one isn't old enough to pop into a highchair. Most are suitable from birth until around six months, although some can be used for much longer.

When your little one outgrows a baby bouncer, you can then start to look for a door bouncer or baby jumper to keep them happy and entertained.

What to look for in a baby bouncer

Seat recline position: A bouncer seat with adjustable recline settings offers much better value for money than one with a fixed chair, as you can lay it back for short naps or make it more upright as your baby grows. It’s a must if your baby suffers from reflux.

Harness: This keeps your baby safe and secure in the seat, so make sure it feels substantial. Check that you can fasten it and unbuckle it easily with one hand.

Carry handle: A useful extra if you’re likely to move the chair between rooms frequently.

Toy bar: This gives your baby something to focus on and bat at with their hands and feet, which helps to keep the momentum of the bouncy chair going. Check that they will be able to reach the toys though, otherwise, they’ll just get frustrated.

Newborn insert: This offers extra support and comfort for your newborn. It should support their head and prevent them from slouching over to one side.

Vibrating function: Many chairs have various vibrating settings, which can really help to settle some babies.

Future-proofing: Some bouncer chairs convert to seats for older children. Think carefully about whether you want this extra functionality, and if you’re prepared to pay more for it.

How much will a baby bouncer cost me?

There’s a huge difference in cost - in our round-up, the options range from £39.99 to £225. This is a piece of kit you’ll use a lot, and if you have more children, will need to stand the test of time – so do think in terms of value for money rather than pound signs. Check out the resale value on eBay when you’re setting your budget, too – some models fetch high prices secondhand.

What to consider when buying baby bouncers and rockers:

How sensitive is your baby?

Some bouncers convert your baby’s wriggles into soothing movement, while others do the swaying for them. What one newborn finds calming, another may find overstimulating, so consider whether they need less or more when it comes to entertainment!

How portable do you need your baby bouncer to be?

If you move around the house a lot throughout the day, a bouncer chair that’s easy to carry with you is a must – though you should always take your baby out of the seat before you move it. Some are light and even have carrying handles for this purpose, whereas others are designed to be left permanently in one spot.

Will you store it away?

Some mums like to clear the baby clutter away at the end of the day and reclaim their living rooms, and some bouncers are designed to be folded for easy storage.

Do you want it to look good?

There’s a real divide between contemporary chairs that make a design statement and more traditional-style of bouncer seats.

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