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Whether you are bottle-feeding your little one with formula, sharing the night feeds or going back to work and pumping, you'll need to find the best baby bottles to suit you and your little one. Baby bottles come in a wide range of different shapes and materials including plastic, silicone and even glass baby bottles.

It's likely that your baby will take to a particular type of teat or bottle, so it's worth trying out a few to find your baby's favourite. We spoke to Marie-Louise, The Modern Midwife and advisor to MAM to get her expert opinion on the best baby bottles, drawing on both her expertise as a midwife and her firsthand experience as a parent. "As a midwife and a mum of two, I am no stranger to the overwhelming choice in deciding which purchases are the best fit for my family and lifestyle. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combi-feeding there are a number of choices available to you."

The best baby bottles at a glance 2024:

Best baby bottles overall: MAM Easy Start Anti Colic 2pk 260ml - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best baby bottles for colic: Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle - Buy now on Amazon UK
• Best baby bottles for breastfed babies: Philips Avent Natural Response Baby Bottle - Buy now on Amazon UK
• Best baby bottles for ease of use: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles - Buy now on Amazon UK

From the actual bottles to products you'll need when using baby bottles including the best products for cleaning your bottles, there is a huge array of items available on the market. Some bottles are designed with a specific use or to help aid common digestive or reflux issues in babies, such as anti-colic bottles which have angled tops and a special venting system.

There are also bottles for breastfed babies, where the teats are designed to mimic a nipple, so that your baby doesn't develop a preference for one over the other. If you're using a breast pump, there are bottles that are specifically designed to attached to breast pumps too, so you can pump efficiently into the bottle your baby will be feeding from.

How to choose the best baby bottles

It's important to consider different features of the best baby bottles, to make sure you're finding the best one for you. You need to consider how easy they are to clean too, and whether you'll need a bottle brush for narrow bottles. Some baby bottles are self-sterilising too. Other factors include:

Bottle shape and capacity: many bottles come in different styles, meaning you can buy different sizes and capacities. Some are tall and thin bottles, whereas other are wider, and often designed with an ergonomic grip. You can also get different volumes, with 150ml bottles up to 330ml.

Teat options: as well as having the option to choose between silicone and latex teats for bottles, you can also get standard shaped teats or natural ones. You can also get different flow rates of teats, from slow, to medium and fast.

Ease of clean: can the bottle be sterilised? Is it suitable for the dishwasher? Will you need a bottle brush? The different shapes and styles of the bottles can make cleaning trickier, so it's important to check how they can be cleaned too.

Material: there are three main materials for baby bottles, which are glass, silicone and plastic.

Weight: Baby bottles are usually light in weight, particularly if they're smaller, plastic bottles. If however you're choosing to use glass bottles, they will weigh more than plastic bottles so you may want to keep this in mind.

Size: Baby bottles tend to come in two sizes; larger ones and smaller ones. For newborns, the smaller bottles (which are usually 150ml) are ideal. Once baby is drinking more than that, then you can begin to use larger bottles (which can usually hole 250ml).

Durability: silicone bottles are often favoured more than glass bottles, as glass can shatter. You want to choose a bottle that will last, and withstand being dropped too.

How easy it is to put together: there are often different elements of a baby bottle, including the tea, bottle neck and the bottle itself. You want a bottle that's easy to put together, as when in a rush, it can just be popped together with ease.

How we chose the best baby bottles

As Marie Louise, The Modern Midwife told us when we spoke to her about choosing the best bottles for your baby, "whichever area you are planning to make a purchase, the consumer market can feel overwhelming. My most important message to all families is ‘knowledge is power’ and it is worth investing the time to research products and their suitability for you and your family. No matter what you choose to do!"

As busy mums, we know how hard it can be to find the time to do this research so every year we arrange for thousands of independent mum reviewers to test the latest products on the market through our Mother&Baby awards.

Our independent mums review products based on their usability, design, quality, and value for money. Reviewers give us qualitative feedback on their experience with the product, which our team of journalists review to decide our recommended products.

Find out more about how we test and what considerations we take into account in our testing process.

From all this work, the best baby bottles are chosen and listed below, along with the review comments that we thought would be most useful to those looking themselves for the best baby bottles.

The best baby bottles for 2024

Best baby bottles overall

The MAM Easy Start Anti Colic 2pk 260ml was awarded Gold for Best Product for Bottle Feeding at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

The MAM Easy Start Anti Colic bottles are a game-changer for mums dealing with colicky babies. Their standout feature is that they’re self-sterilising for quick and hassle-free sterilisation in just minutes which is great for travel. Our mum tester Katie loved this feature, saying “this product has the amazing feature of self-sterilisation, which definitely makes my life easier! It can be done in a matter of minutes and speeds up the whole process of feeding which is great when you’ve got a hungry baby.” 

Designed with patented ventilation holes, these bottles prevent babies from swallowing excess air, significantly reducing colic symptoms, with our mum tester Amy noting “They are very hygienic and I would particularly recommend them to a mum whose child has colic, as we found these were the only bottles that helped.”

Our mum testers loved the ultra-soft silicone teats, made to mimic mums nipple, providing a comfortable feeding experience. They also loved the wide opening, making the bottles easy to fill and clean, making life a breeze for busy moms.

This was also Marie Louise's recommendation, saying "as a breastfeeding mum second time around, I have needed to express milk to help with my busy lifestyle and going back to work - my youngest is almost 10 months. I found peace of mind in the MAM easy start bottle to give him expressed breast milk and it is no surprise to see it as mum's number one choice of bottle in 2024!"

MAM also reports a 94% acceptance rate of their bottles for babies who’ve been breastfeeding too, as the products offer a range of comforting features.

Read our full MAM UK Easy Start 260ml Bottle review.


  • Designed to reduce colic and regurgitation
  • Two in a pack
  • Easy to clean


  • Some babies may prefer a more rounded teat
  • Only suitable from 2 months
Materials:BPA free
Teat:Anti-colic / vented
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Microwave safe:N/A
Suitable for sterilising:Self-sterilising
  • Anti-colic system patented base with ventilation holes
  • Self-sterilisation system
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 14cm x 7.1cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: BPA and BPS-free plastic
  • SkinSoft teat
  • Self-sterilisation function
  • Vented base
  • Dimpled exterior
  • Developed with medical experts

Best baby bottles for colic

Dr. Brown’s Alti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle 5ozAmazon
Price: $15.99
Alternative retailers
Target$15.99View offer
Walmart$24.25View offer
Macy's$34.21View offer

The Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle 5oz was awarded Bronze for Best Product for Bottle Feeding at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

Clinically proven to reduce windy colic, thanks to Dr Brown’s unique 100% vacuum-free vent system, this bottle offers both standard and anti-colic feeding options. The bottle is designed to adapts as they grow, making feeding sessions easy and comfortable. Our mum tester loved this feature for her child, commenting, “the fact that is has an anti colic vent systems and the flow is controlled by baby means, a happier more contented feed child.”

As one mum mentions, "These bottles are great as they offer both standard and anti colic feeding for babies." Designed to allow you to use the bottle with or without the removable internal vent system, making it convenient for all baby’s needs. 

Our parent testers loved the playful jungle illustrations on the bottle, and found the bottle easy for their babies to grasp and hold, with our tester saying, “Baby is happy and able to hold bottle himself but gripping it so encouraging self feed too.” It keeps milk warm and offers a controlled flow, suitable for your baby's pace. Not only does it help with colic, but it also reduces wind, ensuring a more restful night's sleep for both baby and mum.

While the bottle's capacity may not be as large as some others, its versatile design and anti-colic features make it a standout choice.

Read our full Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle 5oz review.


  • Aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep
  • Anti-colic vent system is clinically proven to reduce colic
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Contoured breast-like teat for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience


  • Doesn't hold enough liquid for older babies
  • Some parents found the anti colic vent systems difficult to clean
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Microwave safe:N/A
Suitable for sterilising:Yes
  • Anti-Colic internal vent system is clinically proven to reduce colic. Decreases spit-up, burping and wind.
  • Vacuum-free feeding is closest to breastfeeding and Dr. Brown’s silicone teats provide a consistent flow so babies can feed at their own pace.
  • The anti-colic vent system is proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients and aids in digestion for a better night’s sleep.
  • The breast-like teat shape encourages a proper latch for a more natural bottle feeding experience and eases the transition from breast to bottle and back again.
  • Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ baby bottle works best with the internal vent system in place but can be removed as baby’s feeding develops – no need to introduce a different bottle.

Best baby bottles for breastfed babies

Avent natural feeding bottle
Price: $11.90

The Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle was Shortlisted for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2017 Mother&Baby Awards.

Ideal for helping that transition between breast and bottle as seamless as possible, the Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, making late-night feedings easier. “The bottle is comfortable to hold and the teat is flexible to the point that baby can look around while feeding.” commented one mum tester. Our parent testers have also found their babies like to hold on to this bottle too. 

While parents loved the quality and design, some did find the anti-colic teat noisy, with one mum tester saying “the anti-colic teat can be noisy, making a high-pitch squeal as baby sucks, which can disrupt feeds.” They did however like how easy it was to clean and assemble.

Read our Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle review.


  • Used by mums for 30 years
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic shape


  • Would be nice to include bottles of different sizes in the pack for babies different needs
Dimensions: ‎19.4 x 7.4 x 7.2 cm
Microwave safe:Yes
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Suitable for sterilising:Yes
Teat:‎Orthodontic teat
Material: ‎Polypropylene, Silicone BPA free
  • 3 pack
  • Natural Response nipple
  • Works like the breast
  • Anti-colic valve
  • No-drip nipple
  • Right nipple flow

Best for latching

TommeeTippee Closer to NatureRobyn Cann

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles were Shortlisted for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

If you’re struggling with latch issues, The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle might be just what you’re looking for. Featuring a breast-shaped teat that feels soft and natural, it provides comfort and familiarity for your baby. Our mum tester Chantelle said, “This is a really good product for transitioning from breast to bottle. The soft teat really helps and the shape of the bottle is really good for child development.”

Our parent testers found these bottles easy to use and clean, with a simple assembly process that can be managed single-handedly – perfect if you’re holding baby in the other hand as mum tester Fiona points out, “these bottles are extremely easy to use, they’re so simple to put together that I can do it with one hand whilst holding my baby.” The lightweight design and clear markings make it easy for parents to see how much milk is in there, with an anti-colic valve is ideal if your tot is struggling with colic.

While some testers did find their baby struggled to adapt to this bottle from other brands, parents liked how easy it was to use thanks to how lightweight it is, the clear markings, and anti-colic features. They would have also liked to be a bit easier to clean compared to other bottles.

Read our full Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles review.


  • Anti-colic
  • Great for breastfed babies
  • Simple to put together


  • Some parents found these difficult to clean
Material:Silicone BPA free
Sterilising:Hot water, steriliser, cold water and sterilisation liquid or tablets and UV light
Teat Options: Soft silicone, breast-like teat feels
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes
  • 3 pack
  • The original breast-like bottle
  • Soft silicone, breast-like teat
  • Anti-colic

Best medium flow baby bottles

The Lansinoh NaturalWave Breastmilk Feeding Bottle & Teat was Shortlisted for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2017 Mother&Baby Awards.

The Lansinoh NaturalWave Breastmilk Feeding Bottle & Teat encourages the wave-like tongue movement crucial for babies transitioning between breast and bottle feeding, mimicking the natural sucking style babies learn at the breast. Our mum tester Liz loved this for her baby, “these Lansinoh NaturalWave Breastmilk Feeding Bottles are really sturdy and the teats are great for recreating a natural breast feeling so you can happily express or formula feed your baby with them still thinking it's the breast so you can mix up feeds.”

Made BPA and BPS-free, these bottles offer peace of mind for parents concerned about toxins. The wide base and super soft silicone teat ensure a comfortable feeding experience for both parent and baby as well as being easy to clean.

The clear measurements on the side make it easy to monitor intake, while the bottles' durability and ease of cleaning add to their appeal. Our mum tester Liz says, “the measurements on the side of the NaturalWave Breastmilk Feeding Bottle are really clear so you know how much you are putting in and how much you're baby is drinking.” 

The main downside our testers found was in the plain design as well as finding the teat occasionally fiddly to reassemble, as mum tester Liz points out; “the bottles could look a little prettier as quite a plain design and sometimes the teat was fiddly to out back into place.”

Read our full Lansinoh Baby Bottles NaturalWave review.


  • Easy and comfortable for mother and baby to hold
  • Promotes instinctive sucking action
  • Wide base for easy cleaning


  • Could include more bottles in a pack so you don't have to wash immediately after each feed
Teat:Natural wave
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:Yes
Sterilising:Using hot water
  • Wide base
  • Flexible 100% silicone teat
  • ‎BPS Free, BPA Free, Latex Free

Best silicone baby bottles

nanobebe flexi bottle
Price: $19.99

The Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle is loved by parents for its soft and flexible silicone body, providing a comfortable feel for babies during feeds. Holding up to 9oz of liquid, it’s designed to grow with your baby as their appetite grows. 

With an anti-colic teat, non-tip base, and BPA-free design, the squeezably soft, breast-like bottle experience facilitates a smooth transition to bottle feeding or combination feeding without teat confusion. One mum tester loved this, commenting, “I am breastfeeding and on the rare occasion I can't I wanted to find a good bottle for my son that would be easy to transition from breast to bottle. These are great, he has no problem latching as he has with some other bottles we've tried, and even better is we have had no problems with it leaking as we have had with other bottles.”

Available in four colours —Grey, White, Turquoise, and Pink— one mum tester found this bottle helped her baby transition from breast to bottle. Testers also liked the leak-free design and comfortable feel. Although one mum tester did find that if you didn’t wash the bottle immediately after using, it would start to smell. “The only issue is you do have to wash right away because if left too long the bottle tends to absorb the smell of whatever is inside of the bottle but will go away with a really good washing.” She said. 

The bottle's naturally hygienic, made from extra-soft silicone and is dishwasher and microwave-safe. The materials are BPA, PVC, LEAD, and PHTHALATE-FREE, putting your mind at ease. Its advanced 360° TRIPLE VENTED non-collapsible teat design ensures a perfect latch and reduces post-feeding fussiness or discomfort.


  • Breast-like soft and flexible silicone
  • Anti-colic system
  • Easy to clean


  • Some parents found these bottles started to smell if not cleaned immediately
Material: Silicone
Capacity: 270ml
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:Yes
Sterilising:Hot water
  • Anti-colic

Best natural feel baby bottle

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle
Price: $62.39

The Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle was Shortlisted for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2018 Mother&Baby Awards.

Designed to feel like breastfeeding for your baby, these bottles ensure a leak-free, steady flow of milk, promoting a comfortable feeding experience for babies. They also feature dual air vents to prevent colic and a wide-neck design for easy cleaning. Mum tester Elizabeth found these were perfect for transitioning her daughter from boob to bottle, commenting, “I am breastfeeding my little girl and can never get her to take a bottle, until I tried this one. Previously, she fussed, cried and became very gassy but now we have no issue and I feel confident leaving her for a few hours to get some me time.”

Easy to clean, these bottles feature a soft, squeezable silicone body and wide-neck design, free from harmful chemicals. “I love the feel of the silicone and the ease of cleaning is when you normally have to get into ridges of a bottle” our mum tester Faye said. “It is safe in a dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer which is great and is made out of 100% safe materials which when you have a newborn is upmost importance.”

The main downside our parent testers found was occasional leaking. “To improve this product, the only thing really is the leaking by the seal around the neck issue we had.” Our mum tester Amy said. “When feeding, sometimes I squeezed the bottle a bit by accident when moving or changing position, this meant the milk leaked out around the neck and caused quite a mess.”

Read our full Comotomo Baby Bottle review.


  • Wide neck design
  • Easy to clean as they're both dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Designed for easy and comfortable holding


  • Some parents found they leaked quite easily
Material: 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone
Teat:Slow flow nipples
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes
Sterilising:All kinds of steriliser safe
  • Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilisers
  • Slow flow nipples
  • 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone
  • Ultra wide-neck design for easy cleaning by hand
  • Deisgned to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues

Best baby bottles for breast pumps

Designed specifically to use with all Medela Breast Pumps, these BPA-free bottles allow you to directly express your breast milk straight into the bottle, eliminating the need for transferring milk between containers to make life easier for mums. 

Testers loved the easy-to-read volume markers as well as the leak-proof screw-on lids, ensuring secure storage as well as making them ideal for travel. The bottles are dishwasher safe and can be sanitised using Medela's Quick Clean Microwave Bags, making cleaning a breeze. 

The main downside is that they’re only really worth it if you have a Medela Breast pump as that’s what they’re designed to be used with, but they might not be ideal for you if you don’t use a Medela pump.


  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Ideal for pumping


  • May not be useful if you don't have a Medela Breast Pump
Teat Options: slow flow or medium flow
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes
Sterilising:Quick Clean Microwave Bags
  • Breast pump attachment and storage lid
  • Tailored to work with all Medela pumps
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Easy to measure
  • Leak-proof storage
  • BPA free

Best baby bottles start set

For a great value-for-money option, this Nuby set is ideal. Featuring a range of different bottle sizes, including 180ml and 270ml options, the set is designed to grow with baby. The slow flow teats ensure a gentle feeding experience, minimising spit-outs and discomfort.

Included in the set you get 2 180ml Nuby Natural Touch Bottles with Slow Flow Teats, 2 270ml Nuby Natural Touch Bottles with Slow Flow Teats, Nuby Bottle and Teat Brush, Nuby Orthodontic Soother, Nuby Bandana Dribble Bib and Nuby Chewbie, making it a lovely gift for new parents. 

Featuring a super soft teat inspired by the shape and texture of the nipple, it helps baby latch-on easier, helping baby to easily switch between bottle and breast. One mum found her son took to these bottles well, commenting, “he was combi fed but he stopped taking anything but breast at two months. The only time we've been successful with a bottle is with these bottles.” The bottles also incorporate three advanced antic-colic valves.


  • Soft teat inspired by shape, texture and natural flex of a breast
  • Teats have three air flow valves to reduce colic
  • Extras included: orthodontic soother, dribble bib, and teether


  • Some parents may want a set that includes both slow-flow and medium-flow teats
Material: BPA free plastic
Teat Options:  Anti-colic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes
Sterilising:Suitable for all forms of sterilisation
  • Contains 2 x 180ml Nuby Natural Touch Bottles with Slow Flow Teats and 2 x 270ml Nuby Natural Touch Bottles with Slow Flow Teats, Nuby Bottle and Teat Brush, Nuby Orthodontic Soother, Nuby Bandana Dribble Bib, Nuby Chewbie Teether.
  • Super soft teat inspired by the shape, texture and natural flex of mum’s breast
  • Three advanced antic-colic valves
  • BPA free

Best self sterilising baby bottles

The MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set won Bronze for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2021 and 2020 Mother&Baby Awards.

The MAM Easy Start bottle and microwave steriliser set includes 1 Microwave Steam Steriliser 3 Easy Start Anti Colic 260ml Bottles and 3 Easy Start Anti Colic 160ml Bottles. Suitable for infants up to 2 months old, these bottles are loved by celeb mum Lucy Mecklenburgh for how her own baby took to these bottles, she loved how they’re anti-colic and self-sterilising, making them very convenient.

Featuring MAM's SkinSoft silicone teat, it’s designed to mimic the feel of a mother's breast making the feeding experience as comfortable as possible for baby. The ventilated base helps reduce colic, while the unique self-sterilising feature makes them ideal for travel. One mum tester said these bottles really helped her son’s wind. “I couldn't recommend the MAM bottles more as it helped him with his wind (the bottles are designed with valves on the bottom to help with air flow.) We really noticed a difference in how long it took to wind him with these bottles."

The main downside many parents found was that the large sized sterilser was too big for some microwaves so it’s important to check the dimensions along with the dimensions of your microwave before purchasing. Our mum tester said, "The only thing I would change would be the width and height of this product and make it slightly smaller (maybe to fit one less bottle in) as it was a very tight fit for my microwave - it only just fit in to turn with the plate.”

Read our full MAM Easy Start bottle and microwave steriliser set review**.**


  • Modular system for any combination
  • Slow flow for comfortable feeding
  • Quick to clean and sterilise


  • Some parents found it a struggle to fit into their microwaves due to large size of set
Material:  BPA free plastic
Teat Options: Anti-colic
Dishwasher Safe: No
Microwave Safe:Yes
Sterilising: Self-sterilising
  • Vented teat
  • Anti-colic
  • Self-sterilising
  • Includes the components for 4 complete bottles, plus MAM bottle handles, Slow Flow Skin Soft teats, extra soft spout, 4 bottle seals, and a 0-2 months MAM Start soother
  • BPA/BPS free

Best leakproof baby bottles

The Nuby Natural Touch Easy Latch Anti Colic Bottles won Bronze for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards.

With soft and flexible silicone teats to mimic mums breast and encourage the proper feeding positioning, it also features three valves to minimise air ingestion making the Nuby Natural Touch Easy Latch Anti-Colic Bottles are ideal for babies suffering from colic. Our mum tester Payal found they worked a treat with her baby, saying “The teats were brilliant for my 'refluxy' baby who liked a slower flow of milk and regular burping.”

100% BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe, the wide neck design simplifies filling and cleaning, though some parents noted difficulty reading the measurement indicators during sleepy night feeds. Our mum tester Barbara said, “The scale to measure volume quantities could be improved. I had to look very carefully at the scale as it is in a small font size and the grey ink colour made it difficult to see. It is very easy to make a mistake when measuring water, especially as a sleep-deprived mum!”

Read our full Nuby Natural Touch Easy Latch Anti Colic Bottles review**.**


  • Leakproof
  • Soft to mimic breasts
  • Designed to minimise air ingestion during feeds


  • Some parents struggled to read the measurement indicators on the bottle as they were a little too faint
Material:BPA free plastic
Teat Options:Slow flow silicone teat
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:Yes
Sterilising: Suitable for all types of sterilising
  • Wide neck bottle makes cleaning easier
  • Anti-colic valves
  • 100% bpa free, dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Textured side grips
  • No leak sealing rings, spill proof hygiene lids, plus a matching orthodontic Nuby dummy

Best fun design bottle

Price: $48.93
Alternative retailers
Walmart$34.99View offer

The Tommee Tippee Anti Colic bottles offer a game-changing solution for parents, with over 80% of testers saying it helped their baby’s colic symptoms. With a vented design and anti-colic tubes, these bottles work by drawing air away from the milk. “As soon as we started feeding him with these we could tell these would do the job.” One mum tester said. “Compared to the regular bottles, your baby will need to work harder to get the milk which means less air going to his stomach.” She continued.

Leakproof, BPA-free, and Phthalate-free, they’re free from harmful chemicals. And for even more peace of mind, the bottles' heat sensing technology ensures a safe temperature for baby.
Designed to mimic the breast, the soft silicone teats help promote a good latch making them ideal for switching between breast and bottle. The only downside some parents found, was that these bottles require a bit more cleaning and assembly steps compared to other bottles.


  • Breast-like teat
  • Reduce colic symptoms
  • Heat sensing technology


  • Some parents found that the teat sank inwards during feeding
Material:Polypropylene, Silicone, TPE
Teat Options:‎Vented
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: Yes
Sterilising:Suitable for all types of sterilising
  • Soft silicone teats
  • Heat sensing technology
  • Naturally anti-colic
  • Heat sensing technology

Bottle and breast pump compatibility

It's good to keep in mind that MAM breast pumps are compatible with the entire range of Easy Start bottles, Lansioh breast pumps are compatible with their complete range of 160ml and 240ml bottles, and the Philips Avent breast pumps are designed to be used with their Avent bottle range.

Baby bottle safety

When using baby bottles there are a few safety aspects all parents should be wary of. Firstly, keep an eye out for any wear and tear. Baby bottles won't last forever, so it's important you regularly check their bottles to make sure they're in tact.

You'll also want to keep safe materials in mind. Under EU regulations, the use of BPA has now been banned in baby bottles. This is because research has found that traces of BPA can be released from plastic containers into the food or liquid they carry and in the case of baby bottles, this could be infant formula or breastmilk if these containers are heated at high temperatures. Because of the ban, you're unlikely to find any baby bottles that aren't BPA free, however, it's always worth checking.

How to bottle feed

Knowing how to bottle feed your baby can be tricky if you haven't done it before. If your baby is turning their nose up at the bottle, you might need to wait a little while before attempting again, as the hunger might make it easier for them to accept it. It can take a while to convince your baby to accept a bottle, but if they are hungry, they’ll want to feed eventually so don’t give up.

It could be a case of trial and error when it comes to bottles – some babies will prefer a particular shape, while others might need bottle that help to ease colic.​ You might need to try a few until you find the right one.

How often do you change a baby's bottle?

All bottles should be replaced after one year of use. If you can, it's generally better to hand wash a bottle with warm water and a baby-friendly detergent than to wash them in the dishwasher.

You should replace the teats when the baby is ready for the next size or if they get cracked, discoloured, or start to thin. Remember, silicone teats are firmer while latex is softer so they'll have a different endurance. Make sure you check these regularly.

Can my baby reuse the same bottle all day?

Baby won't always drink the entire contents of their bottle, and if this is the case, and you're left with half or a quarter of a bottle, you can reuse it, but only if you're going to do so in the next two hours. It is not safe to freeze this milk and reuse later due to the risk of bacterial contamination, so it's best to pour this milk away.

It's also recommended to sterilise your bottles once per day, so once you've finished a feed, we'd recommend sterilising.

How to clean baby bottles

Before using baby bottles, you need to ensure that you take the bottles apart and thoroughly wash all the components, including the teat, bottle, lid and teat collar. A baby bottle brush can be really helpful here to help you reach those hard to reach places inside your baby's bottle. Once thoroughly washed with warm water and dish soap, you then need to make sure that you sterilise the bottles to ensure all the bacteria is killed.

If you're short on time, most baby bottles are safe to go in the dishwasher to clean. However, it's important to note that dishwashing will only clean them, not sterilise them, so you should sterilise them after.

If your baby's bottle has some harder to reach areas such as vents, it's a good idea to use smaller brushes for these parts like straw cleaning brushes.

How to sterilise baby bottles

Knowing how to properly sterilise your baby's bottles and feeding equipment is essential for any parent. There are a number of different ways you can sterilise from UV to microwave plus sterilising solutions such as the Milton cleaner.

Whatever way you choose to sterilise your baby's bottles and feeding equipment, you should always check the manufacturer instructions on the advised way to sterilise as some bottles aren't microwave safe.

Best baby bottles cleaning product

Milton's Baby Bottle Cleaner offers a solution for thorough cleaning of baby bottles and feeding accessories, effectively removing milk residue that could harbour harmful bacteria. Developed with sensitive skin in mind, its fragrance-free formula ensures gentle cleaning without irritation. Our parent tester said, “since using the bottle cleaner I have noticed a big difference in the residue left on the bottles after use, I was always complaining before that they were greasy looking and hadn’t been cleaned properly but since using this product I have noticed a huge difference and I feel much happier with the cleanliness of my baby bottles.”

With Milton's reputation for sterilisation and its natural ingredients, parents can trust the quality and safety of their baby's feeding equipment. Easy to dispense, this fluid offers lasting value as only a small amount is needed per wash, with the 500ml bottle lasting for up to 100 uses. One mum tester also loved how readily available it was. “Another bonus is it’s a product that can be picked up whilst doing the weekly food shop or it can be ordered off of Amazon for delivery which are the two main places I would buy from, making life a little bit easier as a mum.” She commented.

Silver Winner for Best Product for Bottle Feeding at the M&B Awards 2023

Suitable from: Birth | Best for: Cleaning bottles and feeding accessories | Includes: Two 500ml bottles | Award: Silver. Read our Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner review here.


  • Effectively removes the white film from feeding products
  • Two included


  • Some said if you own a steriliser, this isn't needed
Suitable for bottle types:

How many bottles do I need for my baby?

This really depends on how many bottles you plan to give your baby and whether or not they're exclusively bottle feeding. Most parents start with six bottles and go from there. Some might find this is plenty while others need a couple more to keep them going.

How do you make up a baby bottle safely?

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to clean and sterilise all of your baby’s feeding equipment including the bottle, teat, lid, retaining ring, cap, and the manufacturer's scoop that comes with the formula milk. You’ll also want to disinfect the work surface you're going to use as well as washing your hands thoroughly.

Start by making sure you read the instructions on the formula you're using to check how you make your particular formula up. This will tell you how much water is needed for each bottle and the number of scoops of powder to use depending on your baby's age.

Top tips to follow when making up a bottle safely:

Always put the water in the bottle first, as this will help you measure it accurately so you can easily check the water level against the measurement marks.

When scooping up the formula, use a clean knife to level the powder off. Sometimes a levelling tool is provided in the packet.

Test the temperature of the inside of your wrist to make sure it feels just warm and not hot. If it is too hot, hold the bottle under a running cold tap until it’s cool enough.

There's also plenty of gadgets available these days that can help you make up a bottle with ease which is a game changer when it comes to sleepy night feeds such as the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night.

Best baby bottle prep machine

Bronze award winner 2023

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night machine is loved by mums and dads, helping them with quick and precise bottle preparation around the clock. Allowing you to prepare a bottle in just two minutes, it's ten times faster than a kettle, making it ideal for those late-night feeds. The machine takes water directly from the tap, filtering out impurities with an antibacterial filter, ensuring safe and clean water for your baby's bottle.

“I would recommend it to anyone and I have used it for two of my children and will use it for my third that I am currently expecting.” Our mum tester said. “Well worth the money as you can always pass it onto friends and family expecting.” She continued. This machine is designed to help parents find the perfect temperature without the guesswork. Its sleep-friendly design includes soft glow lights and an adjustable volume control, allowing for quiet use during nighttime feeds. 

While some users wished for a larger water tank capacity, the overall feedback praises its effectiveness and user-friendly design. One of our mum testers summed up this product, saying “I think this product is one of a kind and when you have had a tricky time breastfeeding it makes life a little easier as a busy, stressed out mother.”

Bronze Winner for Best Product for Bottle Feeding at the M&B Awards 2023. Read our full Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night review here.


  • Takes just two minutes to prep a bottle
  • Digital display and soft glow lights for night-time bottle prep


  • Water tank size could be bigger
Dimensions:21.6 x 30.6 x 33cm
Microwave safe:no
Teat: slow flow teat
Dishwasher safe: no
  • Soft, night time glow
  • Digital display

Do I need an anti-colic bottle?

You'll probably notice that many of these bottles on this list are anti-colic bottles. Although experts aren't sure exactly what causes colic, it's been linked to excess gas. Anti-Colic Bottles are designed to allow air to enter the bottle as your baby feeds which reduces the amount of air baby swallows during feedings. Even if your baby doesn't suffer from colic, these bottles are still suitable to use. They are however specifically designed for baby's who get upset stomach's after feeds and feel gassy, so you'll probably find your baby will benefit from an anti-colic bottle.

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