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Every parent will agree: baby wipes are the changing bag essential you can't live without. You'll need what feels like an endless supply to use wipes on your child's delicate skin as well as to clean up spilt drinks and even take your make-up off at the end of the day. From wipes for newborns to unscented options, we've found the best baby wipes for you to choose from.

Baby wipes are designed specifically to be gentle on baby skin, so there's no need to look out for sensitive wipes unless your baby does have particularly sensitive skin or suffers from eczema or similar conditions. For this reason a lot of baby wipes are unscented, or will be scented with natural products that are kind to baby's skin.

It's worth remembering that the majority of options contain plastic – something that is rarely advertised on the packaging and something you might not have thought about. However, biodegradable baby wipes are available, so always check the packaging details if that's something that is important to you. Continuing on the eco-friendly baby products route, there are reusable options available to buy too.

Editor's choice

• Best baby wipes for newborns: WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin
• Best budget baby wipes: Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes
• Best daily baby wipes: Aveeno Daily Care Baby Wipes
• Best baby wipe for eczema: Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby Wipes

Whether you opt for branded or supermarket-brand baby wipes is down to you and your budget. It's worth knowing that supermarket brands are still quality products. For the past few years, own brands have won Gold, Bronze and Silver in our Mother & Baby Awards after being tried and tested by real parents. Not all wipes are the same, and different brands will have a different combinations of moisture, softness and scent. So, here are some of our recommendations...

Best baby wipes for newborns
 WaterWipes Baby Wipes

Rrp: £28.50

Price: £24.99


WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin contain 99.9 per cent purified water and a drop of


  • Good size
  • Refreshing scent
  • Good quality


  • Wipes a little dry

Best unscented baby wipes
Mama Bear Sensitive Unscented Baby Wipes (1008 wipes)
Price: £13.74


These wipes are formulated with a gentle lotion designed to cleanse baby's delicate skin. You and


  • Large wipes
  • Excellent value for money
  • Great for little ones with sensitive skin


  • Some customers reported that packet rips

Best baby wipe for thickness
Huggies Pure Extra Care Baby Wipes (672 Wipes)

Rrp: £12.20

Price: £12.20


Huggies Pure Extra Care wipes are Huggies most caring baby wipes, as well as being the brand's


  • Soft and cushioned texture
  • Natural fibres prevent skin irritation
  • 672 wipes in total


  • Can tear easily

Best daily baby wipe
Aveeno Baby Wipes

Rrp: £2.20

Price: £2.20


Aveeno Daily Care baby wipes gently clean baby's body and face. The wipes are mild and gentle and


  • Soft to touch
  • Formulated to prevent redness
  • Fragrance-free


  • Not biodegradable

Best biodegradable baby wipe
Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes

Rrp: £9.60

Price: £9.60


The Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes won Bronze at the Mother&Baby awards 2020 in the Best Baby Wipes


  • Cleans mess up well
  • Made with purified water and organic aloe vera
  • Lovely quality yet better for the environment


  • Some reports of wipes sticking together

Best baby wipe for eczema
Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes
Price: £24.99


Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby Wipes was shortlisted at the Mother&Baby awards 2018


  • Durable wipe
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Good quality and excellent for sensitive skin


  • Wipes stick together when removed from the packet

Best supermarket baby wipe


These baby wipes by Tesco won Silver at the Mother&Baby awards 2019 in the Best Baby Wipes


  • Nice and fun packaging
  • Plastic lid keeps wipes moister for longer
  • Easy to store in a changing bag or handbag


  • Some customer reviews mention the wipes come out in a bunch

Best budget baby wipe
Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes 6x64 Packs
Price: £8.09


These baby wipes by Aldi won Gold at the Mother&Baby awards 2021 in the Best Baby Wipes category.


  • Good value for money
  • Made from strong material
  • Doesn't dry out easily


  • One of our parent testers felt they were extremely wet

Best eco-friendly baby wipe
Mum and You 100% Biodegradable Vegan baby Wipes (672 wipes)

Rrp: £20.99

Price: £14.78
Alternative retailers
Boots£9.99View offer


We're always looking for more eco-friendly options, so when these Mum + You 100% Biodegradable


  • 672 wipes in total
  • Vegan, plant-based compostable wipes
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested


  • Not the thickest option on the list

Best all natural ingredient baby wipes
The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes (12 x 64 wipes)

Rrp: £30.00

Price: £22.99
Alternative retailers
Boots£24.00View offer


A well-known eco-friendly brand, The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes are made with


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Certified biodegradable
  • Sustainable choice


  • Quite dry

Best hypoallergenic baby wipes
Kit and Kin Biodegradable Baby Wet Wipes

Rrp: £39.90

Price: £39.90


Super soft and hypoallergenic, these Kit + Kin Biodegradable Baby Wet Wipes (10 x 60 Wipes) are


  • 100 per cent biodegradable
  • Approved by dermatologists
  • Each pack sold helps protect acres of rainforest


  • Some reviewers didn't like the smell

Best baby wipes for sensitive skin
Pampers New Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes
Price: £24.99


Claiming to protect natural skin pH better than cotton wool and water, these wipes from Pampers


  • Doesn't contain alcohol, perfume or dyes
  • Approved by Skin Health Alliance Dermatologists
  • Made with plant-based fibres


  • One reviewer thought they could be wetter

Best baby wipe with aloe vera


ASDA Little Angels Sensitive Cotton Soft Baby Wipes have been specially developed with your baby's


  • Pack size is good value for money
  • Good for little one's with sensitive skin
  • Convenient to pack ing bag when travelling


  • Some reported packaging ripping

Choosing the best baby wipes for your baby

When it comes to choosing the best baby wipes for you and your baby it comes down to a certain amount of trial-and-error. Key decision-making factors include:

Fragranced vs unfragraced - This really depends on your baby's skin and your personal preference. All babies have sensitive skin, but for some, the fragranced options will irritate them further, especially around the nappy area. Some parents find strongly scented baby wipes off-putting, while others prefer them, so it really is an individual choice.

Packaging - Most wet wipes are packed in flow wrapped plastic bags, with a re-closable lid or label, for opening the pack, extraction of a single wipe and closing of the pack to avoid de-hydration. In an effort to reduce unnecessary plastic, many brands have removed rigid plastic lids in favour for a semi-rigid sticky label opening. Check the label to confirm if you can recycle the outer packaging of the wipes or not.

Eco friendly options - if you're trying to be more environmentally conscious keep an eye out for biodegradable options. Be aware of wet wipes are marketed as flushable and septic-safe. Even though these wipes do eventually break down, they take a longer amount of time to do so compared to toilet paper. As a rule it's best to throw these in the bin anyway.

Sensitive/extra sensitive wipes - this comes down to your baby's skin type. As mentioned above all baby wipes are designed to be gentle. It may be that your baby doesn't react well to a certain brand of wipe, in which case it is worth trying another brand, or opting for an unscented or sensitive skin version.

Usability - the thickness and strength of the wipe will factor into this, as well as a the size of each individual wipe. If they're smaller wipes you may find yourself pulling out handfuls to have enough to do the job, whereas larger wipes that are thicker and stronger will be easier to use. Also bear in mind the lids on packets, if the lid is hard to close or becomes less sticky over time it can dry out your wipes, plus you'll often only have one hand free!

Bulk purchasing options - buying in bulk can be a more cost-effective way to buy products you know you're going to need a lot of, such as baby wipes. Just be sure you have somewhere to store the surplus.


Can I use baby wipes on my newborn?

The NHS recommends that you avoid using baby wipes until your baby is at least 2-4 weeks old, opting instead for cotton wool and water. However these days there are a few baby wipe brands that have products that are just as gentle as cotton wool and water, so these are ideal for your hospital bag. When used, they should be mild and free from alcohol and perfume. For premature babies, it's recommended that skin products are avoided for 6-8 weeks as the skin's protective barrier takes longer to mature.

Should you dry a babies bum after using wipes?

It's recommended that after using baby wipes for a nappy change you pat baby's bottom dry with a towel, or give them a moment of two without nappy to allow for any excess moisture to evaporate.

Are baby wipes flushable?

Top tip: always remember not to flush your wipes down the toilet (even if it says they're flushable) as this can contribute to the fatbergs blocking the nation's drainage system. Not ideal!

Are wipes bad for your face?

Baby wipes can be used instead of face wipes and are considerably cheaper than options designed specifically for your face. As they are mostly hypoallergenic and fragrance-free (because they are designed for sensitive baby skin), they can do wonders when you need a quick freshen-up.

However, you must consider that wipes are not designed to actually cleanse your skin; they just wipe away dirt and makeup. We recommend that you still use a skincare regime to cleanse, tone and moisturise and not rely solely on these to do everything.

What else can I use baby wipes for?

Baby wipes have lots of other uses beyond baby's bums and sticky toddler fingers. In fact they're great for cleaning a range of stains and spills such as food stains on clothes or pen marks on walls. They're ideal for using on suede bags, shoes and sofas. They're also gentle enough to dust plants, but tough enough to be used to disinfect toys and appliances.

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