Gummee Glove Anti-Scratch Teething Mittens

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Gummee Glove Anti-Scratch Teething Mittens

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These anti-scratch teething mittens have a secure adjustable Velcro closure around your baby’s wrist so they stay on. Featuring a silicone textured surface to provide gentle gum massage for babies who like to chew on their hands.

A unique product, they get wet very quickly. The mittens are quite thick and so might not be suitable in warm weather, and are quite bulky for small babies.  The Velcro straps really do keep them in place.

The little nodules on the gloves are a great design feature that you don't see on normal scratch mitts. They do look like little boxing gloves! A must-have for your hospital bag so the first pictures of your baby aren't of him covered in scratches.

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Gummee Glove Anti-Scratch Teething Mittens

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