Newborn baby essentials you actually need from day one

newborn essentials

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It’s not long until your little one will be arriving, which means it’s time to get stocked up on all those newborn baby essentials. From baby clothes to food and nappy changing must-haves, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate just how much stuff one tiny person needs (and costs!). That's why a newborn baby essentials list is a must-have.

A list is key for significant moments like these, which is why we’ve come up with the ultimate checklist for all your newborn essentials. We round up all those items you and your baby really can’t live without, so you can forget about those not-so-important ones.

Baby feeding essentials

There’s a whole bunch of baby things you’ll need to help you through mealtimes. Here’s the most important:

Nursing bra/comfy sleep bra

Breast pads

Plenty of bibs (around 4-8)

Muslin squares or burp cloths(you'll want a lot of these!)

Nipple cream

Baby nappy changing essentials

If you’re a first time mum, changing your baby’s nappy can be quite a daunting experience. But don’t worry, with our helpful step-by-step guide and these items, you’ll be a nappy changing pro in no time.

• Changing mat - so baby can lie flat to be changed wherever you are

Disposable nappies - you'll need around 2-3 boxes or [reusable nappies]{href='' } - you'll probably need around 30

Nappy rash cream

Baby wipes

• Nappy bags or nappy bin

Changing bag/diaper bag

Baby clothing essentials

Who doesn’t love cute baby clothes? Afterall, you’re going to get through a lot of these as your baby will grow quickly, so it’s important to just buy the newborn essentials in order to keep your bank balance happy.

Ten sleepsuits/baby grows/long sleeved suits

Ten vests/short-sleeved suits



Scratch mittens (or you can buy sleepsuits with built in mittens if you prefer)

Gentle laundry detergent and fabric conditioner

Pram suit

A few pairs of socks/booties (though if you're having a summer baby you may want to wait longer for these!)

Baby bathtime essentials

Bathtime is brilliant for a little bonding with your baby. Don’t be tempted to get too bogged down in bath toys. Here’s exactly what you need:

Baby bath


Bath thermometer

Gentle baby bath soap

Baby sponge

• Baby towel

Baby sleep essentials

You'll of course need somewhere for baby to sleep (or hope that they'll sleep!) In the first 6 months the Lullaby Trust recommend that baby sleeps in the same room as you, so it depends on the space you have available whether you opt for a cot or a bedside crib. You will also need:

• Baby bedding including mattress, waterproof mattress cover and sheets

Sleeping bags/swaddle

Baby monitor

Baby health essentials

Your baby getting sick is probably every parent's worst nightmare, so if it does happen you’ll want to make sure you can help them quickly. With these essentials your little one will hopefully be on the way to feeling better in no time:

First aid kit

Nail scissors

Baby thermometer

• Calpol - it's a good idea to have some on hand to give them after their 8 week jabs

Baby gear essentials

When you’re out and about on the move with your baby, whether that be in the car or by foot, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfy and secure.

Car seat

Pram/buggy/travel system

Sling or baby carrier ​

Added extras

newborn essentials

Bottles/teats/bottle brush (around 8-10)

Breast pump (manual/hand or electric)

• Sterilising equipment: Steam sterilisermicrowave steriliser bags, microwave steriliser or cold water steriliser

Baby lotion

Soft hooded towels

White noise machine

Toy basket


Baby feeding pillow

Bottle warmer

Nursing chair

• 4-6 dummies

Cradle cap brush

• Cradle cap shampoo

Milk storage bags

• Dishwasher basket for small items

High chair



Cot mobile

Play mat

Bouncy chair

Pram hand muffs (a great one for winter)


Pram organiser ​​

Our baby essentials checklist

You can print this checklist out or save it to your notes for your baby essentials shopping trip:

m&b-baby-essentials-checklist (3)
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