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Bob Revolution SE Three Wheeled Pushchair

by Liat Hughes Joshi |
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2014 – Shortlisted for 'Best Pushchair' Award!

The Bob Revolution SE pushchair is great for country excursions. It has fantastic suspension and is comfortable, with lots of room. The sunshade is big and the pushchair has a nice, padded handle (although not adjustable) and internal pockets.

Whilst curbs, potholes and rough terrain are no issue for this pushchair, it is heavy and bulky – not great for quick trips to the shop or inner-city living. It’s a tight fit in a car boot and doesn’t come with extras – a rain cover, for example. The seat’s most upright position is still reclined (not ideal for older children, especially) and the basket is quite small.

The pushchair is not recommended for everyday use but for an active, out-of-town lifestyle it’s perfect – robust, good quality and worth the spend.


A must for active families, this pushchair is a true off-roader that is perfect for jogging and serious family hiking expeditions. Suitable from six months, it’s a roomy model that needs a large storage space.

A serious off-road model, the BOB makes a wise buy for parents who want to jog or hike with their baby or live in a rural area.

It can handle any situation from quick trips to cross-country hikes and will last for years as the seat is so roomy. But do watch out for its size – it’s worth checking it will fit in your car boot or hallway before buying. Great for outdoor life, it offers a comfy ride – the seat and harness are nicely padded. It collapses easily and is freestanding when folded, but it is bulky though.

The handlebar has a wrist strap for added safety that gives extra reassurance down steep hills. The seat’s suitable from six months but you can add a BOB carrycot or one of Britax’s popular car seats for use with younger babies.

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Bob Revolution SE Three Wheeled Pushchair

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