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Robust comfort with the compact one hand fold – this newborn pushchair is ideal for rural and suburban living. The Mamas & Papas Ocarro has a large, robust design perfect for all-terrain journeys. The dual suspension can handle the ups and downs of off-roading while baby stays snug and cosy in the large, padded seat. And with the iconic one-hand fold, the Ocarro travel system stores away easily, ready for the next adventure. The Adventurers love to go further. Whether it’s a country walk or hefty hike, they need a pushchair built to join them.

Product specifications

• Suitable from birth up to 15kg

• 13.5kg

• Carrycot and car seat compatible

• Supportive sleep: Lie-back seat design

‎• Dimensions: H:104 x W:59 x L:96cm Folded: H:37 x W:59 x D:76cm

• Cooling comfort: Ventilated seat

• Privacy & protection: Extendable hood

• Cosy support: Head cushion & padded chest pads.

• Adventure ready: Ergonomically-designed chassis

• Durable support: Puncture-proof tyres

• Visibility: Reflective wheel trims

• Stress-free storage: Easy-access under-seat basket

What's in the box?

You'll get the pushchair, bumper bar, basket and raincover


• Ideal for uneven terrain thanks to the dual suspension

• Folds away with one hand

• Easy to carry when folded

• Adjustable handle bar

• Reflective wheel rims for night time walks


• Doesn't include a footmuff

• Difficult to stand up straight and balance when folded

• Basket can be difficult to access with larger items

Real mum reviews

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review..

How did the Ocarro make your life easier?

Laura: This product makes my life easier as a mum as it’s really easy to use, it’s not bulky or heavy so it makes trips out easy and hassle free. As it’s not bulky it’s also easy to keep stored away at home - when you have a little person and a lot of things for them, storage and compactness are a real bonus!

Nicola: This buggy is easy to fold down (and at a push could probably do this one handed although I haven't had to test this myself!). Also the assembly is so perfect for nursery drop offs and pick ups. It also folds to a very slimline design that fits easily in the boot, but is still big enough and comfortable enough for our difficult sleeper to sleep happily in!

Celia: The one hand fold and assembly definitely made my life easier. We have a narrow staircase and little space for the pushchair. The Occaro was perfect due to the compact fold making it easy to get up and down the stairs as well as storing the pram, this has really made a difference to just a quick outing rather than feeling like it's an ordeal each time. The basket under the pushchair is a life saver to hold the many baby items needed. With the mesh sides you can be sure that the items are secure and will not bounce out of the pushchair, which is a great little feature. The other feature which I like is the belt holding baby. I feel my baby is very secure and safe yet comfortable with the five straps coming together. Knowing the baby is safe definitely is a weight off your mind.

Amy: I must admit I do love this pram! I love the fact that you can put it up and down using just one hand which did make my life easier (especially when caught in the rain)! I like the face the hood comes down quite far but there’s a zip to let some air in and a flap to check on your baby as you’re pushing (my previous pushchair didn’t have this) which does put your mind at ease, especially the first time you put your baby forward facing! Also, the fact that you can fold the pushchair down with the stroller seat on, and it folds down just as neat as it would without the seat is an added bonus as it saves time when out and about in the car! All in all these little features do make a huge difference!

Would you recommend the Ocarro to other parents?

Laura: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum as I really liked the design, I felt stylish when out and about with my little girl and she also seemed to really enjoy being in it! When out walking I noticed it gave a really smooth ride and felt really lightweight so it was easy to handle. It was easy to use and fold away - loved it!

Nicola: This is a very comfortable buggy for our toddler and has a big comfortable seat with comfortable straps. I think this buggy will last us for several years size wise. It is quick and easy to fold and folds to a very slimline size that fits easily in the boot. It also has great size back wheels for easy steering.

Celia: This pushchair has so many reasons I would recommend it to friends, there are many small features that just make all the difference to using a pushchair. The top reasons for recommending have to be the one hand fold to a compact ready to carry size. The Ocarro is easy to maneuver and feels light to push although it has quite a weight to it you do not notice this due to the thoughtful design. The basket is also a great feature it has mesh sides which prevents items bouncing out, which happens more than you think. And the larger wheels to the rear of the chair really help getting up the curbs and create a much smoother ride for baby. You can use it from birth which would actually make the pram great for travel.

Michelle: I would recommend this product as it has a beautiful design and offers many different colours. The build of this product is great, it feels smooth to push around and I feel my baby is comfy while in the pushchair. The carry cot is nice a snug for my baby and cushioned well, I do feel this could be small if someone was to have a big baby and they wouldn't be able to get much use out of it. Being able to fold the pushchair down with the seat part attached makes it very compact and allows you to free space up in the boot and also when in storage.

Would you choose the Ocarro above all others on the market?

Laura: I would choose this product above others on the market as I really liked the design, I felt stylish when out and about with my little girl and she also seemed to really enjoy being in it! When out walking I noticed it gave a really smooth ride and felt really lightweight so it was easy to handle. It was easy to use and fold away - loved it!

Nicola: We like how easy this buggy is to fold and reassemble and how flat it packs down, however the problems with the basket accessibility is a real downside for us and for me I would chose another buggy for this reason as well as the plastic tyres, as we need more suspension and durability for off road terrain...

Celia: I would choose the Ocarro over other pushchairs due to the ease of use. There is a reason pushchairs need to be tested. Although the Ocarro is a full size (and weight) pram it folds down to such a manageable size for storing/travel. You do not feel the full weight of the pushchair due to the innovative design. The compact fold makes it easy to carry folded, not cumbersome at all. The fact you can collapse the pram on your own with one hand really just sold it for me. Along with the tight turning circle and easy maneuvering of the pushchair. The very stylish and modern look of the pushchair with the quilted hood makes the pushchair standout also.

Sarah: I wish I had tested this pushchair in the shop because I would have bought it straight away for my little one. It is a stunning piece of design and every little detail has been thought through. It is super easy to use, very foldable, pushes like a dream and has plenty of storage space underneath for shopping trips.

What changes would you make to the Ocarro?

Laura: There isn’t anything that I would change about this product, it met all my expectations as a new mum and I think the price point is fairly reasonable. It’s a stylish product that is easy to use and I’m a happy mummy when I have a happy baby!!!! Thank you for letting me test this product!

Nicola: The underneath basket is badly designed. It is large but difficult to get things in and out of and is nowhere near as good as our uppababy. Also the wheels are made of plastic and would be better as normal tyres and have less suspension and give on the rough woodland terrain that we go walking on. It is a shame as the wheels are a real let down and seem cheap across the otherwise luxurious buggy design.

Celia: The hood is very stylish and beautiful with the quiting, but smaller than other brands so my baby looked closed in. In saying this the smaller hood did make it nice and dark for my baby and great for sun protection. I did struggle to keep the hood open when fully extended so I was often adjusting it to ensure I had opened the hood fully so it would stay in place.

Paula: I am not a fan of the design of the clips at the side to extend the handlebars. I love the size of the shopping basket but I don’t find it easy to put my shopping in. I would love if my baby was a little higher as I feel they are quite low down, this would also make the shopping basket easier to get to. Elevators would be good to raise the seat unit slightly but then I am not sure if it would fold down with the seat still attached. I also found the bassinet was very small and I don’t think it would be used for long. It doesn’t stand that easy as the front wheels spin in the opposite directions making it hard to stand, I had to move the wheels into position to make the pram stand up when folded. I think it's because the back wheels are so large it makes it harder.

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