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Joie Versatrax travel system

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Joie versatrax at a glance:

Adventures aplenty await with the beautifully crafted and marvellously versatile Joie versatrax. This elegant pushchair is as easy to fold, as it is on the eye – the handy quick release on the back of the seat will have you packed up and ready to go in the blink of an eye, whether the seat is fixed forward or rear facing. The clever freestanding when folded design also makes this travel system easy to lift and store. The versatraxTM handles like a dream thanks to the Sweet StrideTM single front swivel wheels, all wheel suspension and one touch brakes.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte Buckett says: My son found this buggy really comfortable and had no problems falling and staying asleep in it. I found it really easy to push and liked the colour and materials used, it felt really stylish. I particularly liked the large basket that was easy to access and the fact that the buggy was really easy to push and was a smooth ride for my son.

Emma Chatfield says: The construction feels very solid, so great for longer walks with baby. Folding mechanism means easy storage and carry handle makes lifting quite easy. Multi positions are great for baby from young until older toddler. The basket is huge! So great for when shopping or you have a lot to carry and not in the car.

Natalie Drury says: The basket is really nice and big so I can fit all of my shopping bags in there when I go to the supermarket. This is a great advantage as I don't always have use of the car so it means i cam get more shopping in one trip rather than having to go every day. We often like to take pic nics, a blanket, football etc when we go for days out so the big basket is very useful once again.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Laura Minns says: The foldability of this pram is excellent! The pushchair is really robust in build and quality- the wheels for example are thick and great for different terrains. So to get a pushchair which is so sturdy also fold so compactly is a really unique feature. The easy pull handle to fold the pram is such a great feature and makes getting it in and out the car so easy. It also makes the pram much smaller to store than long, conventional pushchairs.

Celine Ottaway says: It was a really smooth push. I really liked the design of it, really good quality material used, the colour was lovely. I really liked the peep hole through the top – my current one doesn’t have one so it was a real bonus. The leatherette touches are lovely, the pivoting over lap bar is nice, it is quite low so no chance of it falling and hitting baby on their head (like I have seen on some other pushchairs). It has a good expansive canopy that extends quite far, so great cover on really sunny days. Really spacious basket, nice and deep. My 22 month old was happy in it and was really comfortable.

Hannah Perry says: The pram keeps on surprising and surpassing me - super smooth wheels, huge canopy for extra ventilation, lots comes included - rain cover, cup holder, hidden zip and pocket storage in huge basket! Super elegant black matt frame with brown leatherette and a stylish grey flannel all encompassed seat makes this so trendy and good looking. Handlebar swivels so no need to remove. Easy usability from birth to preschool. One hand folding.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Adele Rance says: I probably wouldn’t choose this as my one and only above all other pushchair simply because it doesn’t fit my lifestyle personally and it’s not 100% to my taste but it is definitely a very good competition for those who are in the market to buy a pushchair of this type. There is nothing that I don’t like about it however there is nothing that I really really love about it.

Sarah Spencer says: Although this product is not perfect, I honestly think I would strongly consider it. On the larger side of prams, it can be difficult when shopping in local stores, especially with social distance rules. However, the basket certainly redeems the fact that the pram is large as it could easily fit a weekly shop in there, a decent family sized picnic or my almost 4 year old when he's tired.

Marlene Srawley says: I’m not sure I would choose this above all others. I think it has something great qualities and looks very modern. However I don’t think it’s the best value for money. The handle is quite wobbly and when the pushchair is collapsed the wheels and handle bar touch the floor, which is not ideal If you have been out for a muddy walk.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura Williams says: There are a few things that I think would need to be changed on this product. For the same price I think there are better quality products. The opening of closing of the pram could be better, easier and less fiddly. The handle bar is a bit rattly and flexible in my opinion. It makes the product feel quite low quality.

Charlotte Wilson says: The changes I would make to this pram focus mainly on how easy it is to adjust. Firstly, the way it closes is very quick and easy in theory however there were 2 issues linked with the pram once closed; it didn't stay firmly closed there was some flapping which made it not very easy to then move around (put in car etc), and then also once closed the seat is touching the ground which means its easy to get dirt on the seat where your baby is sitting. I couldn't figure out a way around this (my silver cross pram closes in such a way that only the wheel still touch the ground so i was surprised this wasn't the case here) Also adjusting the straps to fit your baby took me much longer than i have experienced in other prams (a small thing but annoying when you are in a rush with a baby).

Laura Minns says: The pram is quite wide, and a little tricky to manoeuvre through narrow door ways. The adjustable handle also feels a little temperamental, and not that easy to move up and down. These are only small points to note, because the survey requires me to, I think the pushchair is really very good quality on the whole.

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