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Nuna Mixx

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Pack up and go anywhere with the MIXX next pushchair. On the move, it’s a smooth ride with all-wheel suspension which is ready for any terrain. Suitable from birth, you can Maneuver daily life with one hand and fold the seat flat for a deep, relaxed sleep. Packed away, the retractable rear wheels fold into the frame, allowing it to fit into tighter spaces, so you can take more trips to more places. The no re-thread harness, oversized UPF50+ canopy, all-season seat and one-touch breaking system, complete the MIXX next.

Find out what our real parent testers thought of the Nuna Mixx Next...

How did this product make your life easier?

Margo said: "The product makes my life easier as a mum with the design, useability and ease of use from first opening the packages. The system felt food quality and one that would grow with my child. There is a good amount of storage too."

Harriet said: "This travel system was easy to set up from the box and had a great fold, which I think is really important in a travel system. It also has a great storage basket underneath, which is always useful when travelling out and about with a baby or child, so this feature definitely makes my life easier as a mum."

Ellie said: "The car seat is very easy to transport around because it is so light. The handle is nice and long, so you can wrap your arm around easily and is a more efficient way of carrying. The full-length sun shield on the car seat and carrycot is an amazing feature that I've not seen before, and this is excellent for sleeping newborns. The fact this feature is on the car seat means that you don't have to have a sun shield in the window and makes driving loads easier because your vision is not obscured. The pram itself folds down really easily, and it's so much easier being able to do this with the seat still attached to the chassis. The spacious basket makes life easier because it's big enough to pop into the shops and not need to carry a shopping basket. The zip is a really useful feature to keep your purse and phone safe because it saves rummaging around in your handbag!"

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Nikki said: "Yes, I would recommend this. My little one was very comfortable in the seat, and it's a lovely design so looks good. The seat can face both ways and folds simply and easily with the seat in place both ways, which is really useful. It folds quite compactly for such a large and decent quality pram base which is critical for boot space."

Emily said: "I loved this travel system. It is extremely stylish in appearance, with good quality materials, lovely fabric and a leather-look handle for comfort. The sun shield on the carrycot is excellent, with lots of options for varying shade and air ventilation, and the magnetic fastening is a clever and neat way to attach. The mattress on the carrycot feels very padded and comfortable. "

Sarah said: "Why I would recommend the car seat to a friend or fellow Mum; the car seat has built-in sleep shades and can be put into a reclined position for newborn sleeping. I also, really like that all the clips are magnetic, so you're not having to fiddle with any other clips."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Pip said: "I love the phone pouch as I am never without my phone and the fact it’s easy to take off the base is a bonus as I hate having to mess around with extensions and adaptors. The padded memory foam is comfortable for the baby and the quality seems really good and worth the price tag. I like the lovely design of the base unit and the big tyres. It’s also easy to take off the base."

Abbie said: "With the current hot weather, I loved the fact this pram has a mesh back, my little boy was cool while riding in it. The canopy also covered them well, and the UPF rating helps to protect him. The canopy extends and retracts manually, of course, but this is a great feature. It's the perfect use. The frame is slim but exceptionally tall. Would be ideal for taller families with long-legged children."

Natalie said: "We would definitely choose the Nuna Mixx Next travel system above all others on the market because it folds down super easy and super quick and as one rather than the seat and the frame! The shopping basket is big, roomy, and easily accessible from the front and the back and the frame feels really sturdy and not flimsy at all."

What changes would you make to this product?

Sophie said: "There are a lot of pros to the pushchair and as a travel system, it's well priced for what I consider to be a reputable brand. The pushchair is stylish and robust however the pros for me were: The depth of the seat and length of the footrest, both of which I feel could be made longer to ensure it is capable of meeting the longevity it's marketed for (up to 4 years). Although the seating looks comfortable and is padded I’m not sure of its durability and how easy it would wipe clean. I’d prefer to opt for a darker coloured fabric. Not lightweight – this isn’t a pushchair you’d want to lug in and out of your car every day and so I think most people would end up buying a lightweight stroller for everyday use. Overall a decent pushchair which I think as part of a travel system that seems well priced would appeal to many. However, it wouldn't serve my current needs for those reasons explained above."

Laura said: "One minor annoyance is that you can’t get the rain cover on the chair with the seat fully reclined and the hood all the way extended. This is a bit frustrating if it starts to rain when the baby is already asleep in that position. So if the cover was made slightly bigger to accommodate this it would be helpful."

Margo said: "If I had to change one thing about the product, I would think about the different levels of the main seat and useability of changing the incline. This will make it more suitable for all ages and also when they are toddler size. Other than that I would not change anything about the system sampled and tested."

Product Information

  • Suitable from birth to 50 lbs

  • Size: L 32.7 x W 23.6 xH 45.3

  • Size when folded: L 27.5 x W 23.6 xH 19in

  • Weight: 28.30 lbs (without arm bar and insert)

  • One-touch, rear wheel braking system is strong and responsive

  • Easy to flip the seat and switch to bassinet or travel system modes

  • Quick release five-point harness for secure strolling

  • True-flat sleeper recline for quick naps on the go

  • Five position recline: easily adjusts with one hand

  • Adjustable calf support with integrated footrest comforts little snoozers

  • Super convenient, automatic quick-click fold lock and trolley function when folded

  • Height adjustable push bar

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