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Silver Cross Clic

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Silver Cross Clic at a glance

Suitable from newborn to toddler, the Silver Cross Clic is the essential, everyday pushchair that's packed full of practical features to make your daily strolls a walk in the park. Featuring a simple, one-second fold, built-in shoulder strap and one-hand reclinable seat, Clic is perfect for parents and babies.

We asked these real parent testers for their review of the Silver Cross Clic...

How did this product make your life easier?

Nikki: Getting our full pram in out and the car is a hassle and it's also so bulky, so this lightweight stroller has really helped on both fronts! It is very compact when folded down and I like the way it folds in on itself rather than an umbrella type fold. I find you can then put it on its side in the car for trips aware and still plenty of room for suitcases etc! Previously if I was just quickly popping in to the shops, I would just carry my child and always regret it as I inevitably bought more than I went in for. With this new stroller, it's no hassle just to quickly get it out of the boot and pop baby in, which my arms and back are very thankful for!

Ellie: I really like how easy to fold up this is and how small it is. Makes it much easier to fit in the boot. It’s also very manoeuvrable one-handed which is useful when walking the dog or managing more than one child. The seat must be comfortable as my previously nap averse toddler has fallen asleep easily and remained comfy while napping.

Samantha: The Clic makes my life easier as a mum because I have 3 children - the eldest walks fully, the second child walks and uses a buggy board and the youngest uses a pushchair, so getting out of the house for school runs or shopping can become a bit of a challenge, but the Clic helps so much as you can open it with one hand and pull it into place then you are ready to go, or if needs be you can carry baby in one arm and use the Clic's handy shoulder strap and it's like a handbag! It's so lightweight so you can leave the house more quickly with either option of pushchair up or folded and carrying little one. The Clic also folds down with ease so no need to mess around when loading the car or going on public transport and feeling like you're juggling the children and the pushchair. The Clic eases that stress and allows you to travel in style and ease, so no more stressful journeys for this mummy anymore thanks to Clic. I have gained time back to spend with the kids, instead of setting up pushchairs when we leave.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Ildiko: I’d recommend to mums whom needs a quick fold stroller, something light so you can carry on your shoulder while you hold your little one. Nice to have a removable handlebar, and also the little window on the top so you can check the LO. The stroller looks super comfortable, my LO sits happily in there and also naps restfully. It uses hardly any space in the car and being lightweight it is easy to pack away.

Alice: Yes definitely, this pushchair is perfect for a trip to the shops or travelling on the train or abroad. It folds as small as a suitcase or hand luggage bag and it is fantastic that you can unfold it with 1 hand while holding your baby, plus a very convenient shoulder strap to carry it. I absolutely love my Clic. I have a little car and this fits into the boot easy with plenty of room for my shopping. It's narrow with a small turning circle and really easy to push.

Nikki: I would definitely recommend this product to friends. It allows baby to sit more upright than other strollers I have tried, which is really important for my little one who likes to see what is going on all the time however it always goes very flat for when she needs a nap. It's very easy to transport in the car and super light to lift into the car one-handed.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ellie: I think for the size and price point, this product is good. I wasn’t a fan of the colours apart from the black so I think this would be a bit limiting for me. The seat is comfortable and the basket adequate size. I do love how small it folds and how easy it is to do that - really useful when in abs out of the car and I could see it would be great for holidays too.

Samantha: In all honesty I would choose the Clic for an everyday use lightweight pushchair as it just excels in mostly all of what you could want in a pushchair,easy to push,easy to put up and take down,stylish,compact,lightweight and affordable you cannot go wrong it comes with all the strap pads,raincover and bumper bar which is lovely and the colour(aqua) is so unique and vibrant I haven't seen another pushchair in that colour before but the only concerns I do have is the safety side of the put up of the pushchair because if it doesn't click into place properly or you are in a rush and put baby in it will just collapse with baby in and it collapses really quickly too so that is very worrying that it could happen there is no safety feature in place to possibly slow down the rate of the pushchair collapsing or a stopper that could prevent such incident from occurring maybe that could be looked into maybe a new way of folding or added safety measures but all in all the clic deserves to win.

Ildiko: While there are few bits I’d improve I’d choose this stroller as a winner based on my experience. I used it on buses, restaurants even at the airport. It is easy to push, easy to fold up, easy to open up, my child sits and naps comfortable and looks very fashionable too. No need to waste time to pack it away, or take it out. It is built to last, the design is current and the material is durable.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alice: Almost everything about this pushchair is great, the only thing I struggle with is the pinch release to sit your baby back up after they've laid down. For this to work quickly and easily, you have to put the brakes on and use both hands, one to pinch the release and one to pull the cord to sit the baby back up. To be able to do this one-handed would be nice. The only other comment is that the pushchair feels a little wobbly although once you used it, you get confident with the stability. Only if you're used to a sturdy off-road buggy it takes some getting used to the flexibility which I suppose is required for such a fantastically small folding design.

Nikki: It has a little clip in the side that keeps it folded when it is down. I've forgotten to unlock this loads of times, got it out with a baby in my arms and then had to awkwardly unlock it before I could get it up. If they could ensure it stayed folded when not in use a different way that would be better.

Ellie: The hood is a good size but could be even larger. I also miss having a little window on it where I can see my child without having to walk around the buggy. I’ve found this feature really useful previously for seeing if she’s asleep and knowing how she is when we are walking along. I think it would be easy to add abs would make a good product even better.

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