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Designed with versatility in mind, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 adapts effortlessly to your growing family. With the capability to accommodate your child from newborn to toddlerhood, and even siblings, this is a great pushchair which ensures convenience without compromising on comfort or quality.

The included bassinet provides a cosy and protective space for newborns during leisurely strolls or on-the-go outings. When they're old enough, your little one can move up to the reversible toddler seat featuring multiple recline positions, and an adjustable canopy with SPF 50+ sunshade.

Navigating urban landscapes or rugged terrain is a breeze thanks to the Vista V2's robust suspension system and puncture-proof wheels, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of the surface. Plus, the one-step fold mechanism and lightweight construction make transportation and storage hassle-free.


  • Large storage space beneath the pushchair
  • Combines the functionality of a modern stroller, with the bassinet style of a more traditional pushchair
  • Stands alone when folded, so really easy to pop anywhere for storage


  • Is larger than some other pushchair options

Testing the UPPAbaby Vista V2

Here's how our mum tester Daniella got on with the UPPAbaby Vista V2...

I have absolutely loved using the UPPAbaby Vista V2 pushchair. I opted for the black version however I did appreciate the range of colours available as there is something for everyone’s preferences. The carrycot creates a classic pram style which is something I have always wanted; however, it is much more durable and stable with an ease of use compared to traditional prams. Personally, I think the comfort offered from the pushchair is one of its best qualities.

uppababy vista daniella
©Daniella Hamilton

Not only is it made from luxurious fabrics and leather, but the different elements have been created with both child and parent in mind. For instance, the handles are comfortable to manover with adjustable height to accommodate whoever is pushing the buggy. The pushchair is easily washable with a damp cloth for the frame and mild detergent for the fabrics. Just ensure you dry those flat to ensure the shape and life of the fabric remains.

Moreover, the under-seat storage is the easiest and roomiest I have seen on a pushchair as yet.

uppababy vista in park
©Daniella Hamilton

The carrycot can be used alongside the stand to create overnight sleep solutions. This was extremely useful when staying away from home as we did not have to worry about taking additional cots on our journey. The Vista V2 is complete with a mattress for the carry cot and as we move into warmer and brighter days, the carrycot helps to create ideal conditions from baby through its extendable canopy (which provides UPF 50+) and breathable mesh to encourage airflow. Additionally, a bug shield and rain shield for both the carrycot and toddler seat are included in the pushchair purchase.

Compared to other pushchairs on the market, the Vista V2 is wider in scale which is perfect for me however I do appreciate not everyone will have a car boot large enough to fit it in. I would also highlight that the Vista V2 frame is heavy in comparison to other buggies. Although some people may find the large wheels unnecessary, for us they are ideal as we spend a lot of time outside on walks. The four-wheel suspension is ideal for this as it helps to absorb shocks and create a smooth and comfortable journey, whatever the path or terrain. Another key feature of the Vista V2 is the front wheel locks which have a visual indicator that displays red or green alongside the right-hand wheel which is a relief for anyone dealing with baby brain.

uppababy vista on pavement
©Daniella Hamilton

UPPAbaby do sell car seats to match, yet if you already own a car seat, there are multiple types of adaptors available to purchase that are compatible with Maxi-Cosi®, Cybex, and BeSafe®. Other adaptors are available to purchase online for different brands too. Furthermore, the range of add on pushchair accessories on offer from UPPAbaby are vast. I opted to purchase a cup holder, handmuffs and basket cover as I, and baby, enjoy daily walks whatever the weather. Looking into the future, the Vista V2 is easily adaptable for multiple configurations to transport two or even three children. For example, using the PiggyBack ride along attachment. Although my baby is too young to use the toddler seat, being able to have it as forward facing or parent facing is a great feature, and I look forward to using it.

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 was delivered with minimal plastic packaging which is important to me. I found it easy and quick to assemble, without having read the instructions. Initially, it was difficult to fold/unfold but after a few tries, it became a smoother and quicker transition. To my surprise, when folded, the pushchair can stand alone which is ideal for individuals not wanting to prop it up against a wall. This is a neat storage feature that has been ideal for my house.

Lastly, within the pushchair bundle, a storage bag is also included to keep the adaptable parts and accessories in when they are not being used.

Final thoughts

While the pushchair is a higher price point compared to others on the market, the bundle includes the shields and storage in additionally to the ability to be easily convert into a multi-unit for up to three children. I would highly recommend this pushchair for those who have the car space and plan to grow their families however, those on more of a budget with one child may prefer a buggy with a smaller frame.

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