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Recaro EasyLife

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Excellent on easy terrain, such as shops and smooth pavements. Read our full review of this lightweight pushchair, rated in the May 2015 issue of M&B by three real mums

This is simple to steer and can be folded and carried with one hand. Opening it is trickier and requires two hands.

It’s reasonably compact when folded and fairly lightweight, but its main selling point is the comfy seat. With a generous recline setting and lots of padding, it’s a good buy for babies who tend to take their naps while you’re out and about. Good under-buggy storage too.

Overall, this is a good mix of the practicalities of a sturdy pushchair with the additional appeal of it being so light.

Merry Algie, 32, from London, mum to Edeline, six months, said: ‘Noisy wheels – they clattered over every bump in the ground and jangled my wrists. I found it impossible to open while holding my baby.’

Becky Dickinson, 41, from Devon, mum to Jonas, eight, Daisy, five, and Anya, two, said: ‘A standard basic pushchair, but with extra benefits of lightness and an easy-fold design. It’s fine if you’re more concerned with practicality than style.’

Natasha Harding, 40, from Kent, mum to Alexa, 14 months, said: ‘Light and easy to steer, but it didn’t handle very well on rough ground. A good all-rounder. However, Alexa is only one but already fills this!’

Weight: 5.7kg

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