Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan luxury review

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Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan luxury

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The stylish new cosmopolitan luxury is made from a soft charcoal melange fabric with a striking geo print.

This 4-wheel drive offers mums flexibility and fashion at the same time, with 12" rear wheel aeromaxx tyres for a really smooth ride.

The retail price is £749 which includes the pushchair, bassinet, parenting satchel and cosytoe. Accessories are sold separately (storm/sun cover for pushchair and bassinet, car seat adaptor, protect infant car seat, blanket, food tray, freerider).

Tested by M&B Gear Expert Heidi Scrimgeour:

It’s hard to know where to start with reviewing the Cosmopolitan Luxury, because the list of things I like about it is as long as my arm.

Indeed, the only critical thing I can think to say for the sake of balance is that it’s pretty heavy - but since it ticks every other box in terms of what I look for in an ideal pushchair I could happily overlook its heftiness.

Firstly, its big appeal is the inclusion of a newborn bassinet at no additional expense. Mountain Buggy describe this feature as two ‘fabric sets’ but what it simply means is that you can unbutton the seat unit and attach the newborn bassinet and vice versa.

The bassinet is so plush and touchable that I wanted to climb in there and take a nap myself. I love the addition of a handy pocket on the bassinet - it’s the perfect size for your phone, purse and keys. No fancy pants extras that you have to find yet more cash to stretch to here - you’ve get everything you need in a pushchair from birth right through to toddlerhood. (Except maybe the raincover.)

Furthermore, I love that the seat unit is interchangeable so you can position it either parent-facing or facing the direction of travel. I’ll never understand why every pushchair isn’t designed like this. And it literally couldn’t be easier to change the seat position - you just push down on buttons on either side of the seat and simply lift if off the chassis, turn it round, and pop it back into place on the frame. If only everything in life were this easy.

The Cosmopolitan Luxury seems sleek and streamlined - it’s the very antithesis of bulky - and yet there’s still plenty of room for growth in this for my daughter, who is 2.5 years old.

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The print is chic and the whole thing screams (well, discreetly purrs) style. Did I mention that they’ve thrown in a co-ordinating change bag (with a matching change mat tucked inside) as well as bag clips to secure the bag to the pushchair handles safely?

Add an extendable hood - a secret zip in the canopy extends it further than the average pushchair hood - and a height-adjustable handle plus wrist strap - a handy additional safety feature - and it’s hard to think of anything else you’d want in a pushchair.

Maybe a sizeable shopping basket that remains accessible regardless of which way the seat is positioned or how far the seat back is reclined? Yep, it’s got that too.

In terms of performance, large air-filled rear wheels and lockable swivel front wheels give excellent manoeuvrability. The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Luxury is also surprisingly compact when folded and can be free-standing - a major plus if storage space is at a premium or boot space is limited.

The frame is also compatible with the Mountain Buggy Protect infant car seat so it can function as a travel system, too. I told you it did everything.

Finally the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Luxury is ridiculously easy to collapse and unfold - it’s completely intuitive to use, to the extent that I was able to assemble the whole thing without instructions in a matter of minutes.

It’s a good job we were reviewing a limited edition sample on loan which has to be returned tomorrow, because this is the only pushchair ever to make me momentarily contemplate having another child...

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