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Joolz Day2

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The new pushchair from innovative brand Joolz is the Day2 - a redesign of its first original pushchair.

The brand‘s promise of ‘Positive Design’ aims to make babies and parents happy through its comfort, ease, and style.

Features of the new pushchair include:

  • Ultra-light, puncture-proof tyres

  • Extra-large sun hood with Air-Top to ensure shade and fresh air

  • High seat positive to prevent you bending too far

  • Toy hanger hoops

  • Four-wheel suspension

  • Hypo-allergenic mattress

  • Upright open harness with magnetic buckle

We love the Joolz Day 2 for its handy features such as a one-hand fold and unique carrycot ventilation panel, plus the fact that the carrycot converts into a seat - and it’s made in Holland, so has a lower carbon footprint. It looks great too.

Tested by Sophie Knight, mum to Eli, aged four months

"I loved the look of the original Joolz Day pram so when I found out I was pregnant and there was a new version on the market, I was really happy and excited when our pram finally arrived.

"The look of the Joolz Day2 is very smart and sleek, and you can tell immediately that the workmanship is high quality - it feels sturdy and well made.

"The pram looks super comfortable for Eli and he's been really happy in it - he often naps in his pram during the day at home, not just when out on walks. I really like the grey quilted interior.

"It's reasonably easy to put the pram together and take it apart to fold up into the car, although the mechanism is a bit tricky to master initially - you have to push two buttons on the handles, push them down simultaneously and then push the handle down quickly - but it eases up with use and now we've got it down to a fine art.

"Once folded up, it's compact and easy to store in the house - surprisingly so, as it's not a small pram!

"The turning circle is great for its size, and it's really nimble manoeuvring around shops and cafes.

"My husband likes using this as the handle is adjustable; he's over 6ft so it's great for his height. We found with other prams and pushchairs that he'd struggle if the handle didn't adjust.

"We haven't used the pushchair yet, Eli is still too small, but it won't be long and I think he'll really enjoy seeing the world from another angle on our walks.

"The only negative I've really found is that the basket isn't very big; plus, if you roll up the rain cover and stash it in the basket, there's not really any room for anything else.

"We got a puncture in one of the small wheels, and I was a bit worried at how much a replacement wheel would cost, but my husband managed to use his bicycle puncture repair kit to fix it!

"Lots of people have commented on how smart our pram is and I'd definitely recommend it to other mums."

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