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Graco Evo Mini Three Wheel Pushchair

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Compact and light, the Evo Mini is the perfect three-wheeler for urban life and is straightforward to use and suitable from birth. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as other three-wheel pushchairs, but is great for travelling and holidays.

The Evo Mini by Graco is an excellent buggy made from good quality materials. It’s lightweight, strong, sturdy, easy to assemble and cruises around like a dream. The buggy has lots of room for babies to move and grow into, and the large basket underneath compensates for the lack of ‘carry space’ on the handles. The rain cover is a bit small – with no extra length on the sides for protection, and the buggy does not fold compactly enough to fit into a small car boot. But overall, a stylish-looking, trendy pram that manoeuvres easily and is a comfy ride for little users.

This is a super lightweight and compact three-wheeled pushchair that’s a great budget buy. It’s good to use about town, as it’s nippy and handles well, but struggles over rougher ground.

Suitable from birth, the Evo Mini is easy to assemble and use, but it doesn’t feel as sturdy as some other models and also has no parent facing option. The handle can’t be adjusted either, meaning it’s more difficult to push if you’re basically anything other than average in the height stakes. It’s truly a model geared towards nipping to the shops as it has a roomy basket and a one handed fold – ideal if you’re jumping on the bus.

Our testers also thought it would be good as a spare pushchair to keep at the grandparents or for holidays as it folds up quickly and neatly. The Evo is also available in a four-wheeled version.

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Graco Evo Mini Three Wheel Pushchair

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