Britax Bob Revolution Pro

from Britax
RRP  £455.00

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The Britax Bob Revolution Pro pushchair is perfect for outdoor trips. It has excellent off-road wheels, a very useful hand brake and a huge sun shade (which does, however, sit awkwardly on baby’s head when extended).

The seat is super comfy – with extra padding and loads of room, as well as a recline feature. It has plenty of storage space and adjustable handles but it's a beast! The pushchair's large proportions, whilst great for outdoor adventuring, are not conducive to the practicalities of everyday use. Its not freestanding and its size makes it not only difficult to store but barely able to fit into an average car boot. It’s also heavy.

The Revolution Pro is definitely a specialist product, aimed at ‘outdoorsy’ families with a huge car and acres of space (like, 4x4s in the countryside). It might not be ideal for city dwellers but it’s brilliant for country living.

Taking into account the pushchair's intended purpose, the price is high but the product is worth it!

Product Information

  • Drum Hand Brake - The newly developed drum brake provides additional stopping distance

  • Adjustable Handle - Adjustable padded handlebar provides grip comfort and wrist strap adds security while strolling

  • New Frame Design - New black powder-coated frame for a sporty, sleek look

  • Swivelling Front Wheel – Great for agile manoeuvring and tight turning - lock it in place for increased stability

  • Easy-Fold Frame – Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame

  • Suspension System – Ensures your baby has a smooth ride on any terrain

  • Accessory Adapter – For quick and easy attachment of the BOB Infant Carrier Adapter or Snack Tray

  • Multi-Position Canopy – Overhead coverage helps to protect your baby from the elements - the large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your child

  • Wheels – High-impact polymer composite wheels to handle even the roughest terrain

  • Storage Features – Two interior seat pockets, one large pocket on seat back and large Low Boy Cargo Basket underneath

  • Tracking Adjustment – A simple twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knob keeps you rolling straight

  • Parking Brake – Engage and release with the step of your foot, helps to keep stroller in place while at rest

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