Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump review

Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump

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Smart touchscreen technology with a streamlined design puts the Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump under the best breast pumps banner for Mother&Baby parents. USB rechargeable battery with two-hour battery life and the light motor unit connected to the pump guarantee handy, wireless use while the smart touchscreen display features a memory button and timer for easy tracking and recording of pumping sessions.

The six stimulation settings and nine expressions of this electric breast pump modes mimic the baby's natural sucking pattern and the ultra-soft silicone breast shield helps massage the breast to promote let-down and optimize milk flow. Pump directly into the milk bag, feed directly from the bag and store milk safely with the handy adapter.

This Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump also won gold at the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards for best breast pump.


  •  Modern, stylish design
  •  Wire-free
  •  Easy to use
  •  Smart touch-screen display


Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump overview and testing

Setting up the pump was an easy experience for most of our mums, with just a few parts to put together and after the initial charge, away they went. "The pump worked so well," raved mum Sian. "I managed to get 3oz very quickly without needing to miss a feed. That was enough for my evening out that day so I was really happy. Next time I used the pump and I was able to feed baba from the other breast really easily as the device isn’t too bulky and I could prop it on a cushion to be hands-free. I was also able to go and make a cuppa whilst using it."

Testers liked how all of the functions are on top of the bottle/pump which made life much easier as there were no complicated buttons to fiddle with. Our mums also loved that the milk bags fastened straight to the bottle teats too, making life a lot easier for busy mums.

Although the unit is lightweight, some mums found it does start to get quite tiring to hold, especially if your pumping sessions take a while. While it comes with a stand that you could rest on the table, depending on your breast size you may not be able to do this.

"My six-month-old little girl is exclusively breastfed and I have been using this breast pump to pump milk a few times a week with the hope of her accepting a bottle. Pumping milk is now a comfortable and easy process, and my baby has taken to the Lola & Lykke bottle well" says mum Vicki. "I had tried two pumps before but did not get on well with them, and it created a bit of a barrier for me trying to get my little one to take a bottle of expressed milk. I got on really well with this pump – it exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of use, comfort and design."

"It has a lovely design on the breast shield, and I love the dark blue colour on the electric pump. It also comes with a soft, stylish bag to store it in which I thought was a great extra."

The wire-free element of the pump was also a huge hit with our testers. "I love the fact that it is wireless – no more hanging out by the plug socket to pump! The battery lasted several days too which was great."

Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump

Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump final thoughts

With so much positive feedback, there's no surprise that the Lola&Lykke® Smart Electric Breast Pump won gold for Best Breast Pump in the 2023 and 2024 Mother&Baby Awards.

Our testers thought that the design was beautiful, a lovely colour and that it looked sleek and modern. It's not bulky and it is wireless so very easy to transport and use on the go. It's also quiet enough that you can use it during the night without waking the baby.

There aren't lots of pieces to assemble and clean so it's a very fast process on the whole and a lot more hygienic.

One tester was keen to see a double version of this pump while another thought it would be great if milk storage bags were included.

"This product really is the one to have," says tester Ruth. "The only thing that might make people critical of it is the price but I think that its effectiveness and ease of use make it worth it as an investment item. It could easily make a difference to managing to breastfeed your little ones or not and is a definite plus for a working mum."

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