Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump Review

from Medela
RRP £25.99
medela harmony pump

by Stephanie Anthony |
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Looking to find out more about the best breast pumps on the market? The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump features Flex breast shields, to provide more comfort and help express more milk.

This portable, single manual hand breast pump with 2-Phase Expression technology works whether you’re aiming to maintain your supply, need help coping with issues affecting your breastfeeding, or simply want more time with your baby and less time pumping.

Manual breast pumps like Harmony are perfect for busy schedules, as a backup to your electric pump, or for occasional use if you normally breastfeed your baby. It's small enough to fit into your handbag and with no need for batteries or wires.

The oval breast cups with soft, flexible rims at a 105° angle reduce pressure on the breast and thus supporting the milk flow. To enable pumping in the most comfortable position, the breast shields can be rotated 360°. The pumping rhythm gently imitates the baby's natural sucking behaviour, whereby the pumping strength can be individually adjusted via buttons. Thanks to its compact, lightweight format and quiet use, the Harmony pump is ideal for when on the move!


  • easy to use
  • portable
  • hygienic and easy to clean


  • Bottle teat sold separately

Testing the Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump

One mum review said: This is the third manual pump I’ve used and by far the best one. It’s more effective in collecting milk as you can use the stimulation phase first using your thumb for short pumps and then change to longer pumps using the main lever. Very simple and easy to use. Also good for travel as it’s quite compact. Cleaning and setting up is really easy compared to other manual pumps and it comes with a stand to avoid it tipping over and spilling the milk.

Another tester said: I didn't buy a pump for my third baby as my other two didn't drink expressed milk. However I was struggling when my milk came in and so got this to try and relieve some pressure and as I didn't want to express milk for a stash I didn't want to spend too much. This was easy to use and hold. Worked well for me, I even managed one handed feeding baby on one side and expressing on the other. Disassembles easily for sterilising.
Only thing that could be better is that it has the bottle and a lid for storing but doesn't come with a teat to be able to feed from the bottle. So would need to purchase separately.

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