The baby holiday essentials to pack for your next getaway

baby holiday essentials

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We all love a holiday, but we can all agree the worst part is packing for it (and don't get us started on unpacking). It's stressful enough when packing without a little one in tow, but packing for a baby or toddler means there's a whole lot of things to remember, and unlike your partner, you can't blame your little one for forgetting their sun hat!

To help make the packing process a breeze ahead of your family holiday, we've put together a complete guide of all the baby holiday essentials to pack in their case, and we've thought of everything from their passport to their travel potty.

Travel essentials

Passport and any travel documents

Car seat - if you're planning on taking taxis or renting a car

Pushchair or pram


Baby carrieror sling - these are great for airports or busy areas

Changing bag - be sure to pack all the nappies, dummies, wipes, nappy sacks, rash cream, dummies, muslins a change of clothes that you'll need for the duration of the journey, that's even if you get a delay.

Travel potty for toddlers

Plenty of entertainment - Think activity books, crayons, portable DVD player for older babies

First aid kit

Any medication

Travel plugs

A parasol or sunshade

Toddler reins

Travel cot - check if your accommodation can provide one before packing

Food and drink

Milk - If you're breastfeeding, you might want to take a breast pumpor some formula if you're formula feeding as your baby's formula might not be available in the destination you're visiting

Bottles and teats

Sterilising equipment and bottle warmer - if not provided by your hotel

Meals - such as jars, pouches or homemade food if you don't think there'll be much for your little one to eat where you eat

Snacks - think things like raisins and rice cakes



Plastic spoons, forks and bowls

Bath, bed and toiletries

Baby wash

Shampoo - if they have hair

Baby lotions and creams

Baby sponge - or flannels and their towel

Sleeping bag


Sleep suits or pyjamas

Theirnight light

Nappies, wipes and nappy sacks

Hand sanitiser

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Talcum powder - it's great for getting sand off toes

A high SPF sun cream

After sun

Insect repellent and after bite


Try to plan your baby's outfits for each day so you don't end up packing a load of clothes they won't wear. Depending on how long you're away for and your plans, you might want to take a at least two outfits for each day in case there are any accidents or the weather takes a turn.

Long-sleeved tops/dresses to keep the sun off your baby's skin

Cardigans/clothes you can layer in case the temperatures drop at night


Swimwear and swim nappies



Pop up beach tent

Cuddly toy

Pool floats and arm bands

Bedtime stories

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