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Mini First Aid Family Gold Award 2024

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Multi-award-winning Mini First Aid have produced a First Aid Kit specifically for the needs of the family. It comes in an attractive pouch and is the perfect size to carry first aid supplies in a change bag, under a buggy, at home or in the car.

It contains 50 pieces of First Aid Essentials including the paramedic's recommended shears. The kit also comes with a handy First Aid guide. Small, compact and lightweight this kit is ideal for family days out, overnight stays and holidays. This product has also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award.

Mini First Aid Family Gold Award 2024
Price: £11.99

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?

Sara: This is such a good little first aid pack! It's small in size but well packed for your everyday bumps and cuts. It's small enough I pop it in my changing bag every trip out and have brought it on holiday with us and it's not taking up a load of space. I especially like the fact its specially packed children's plasters which had to be used for the first time today and it was so good to have a "magic" coloured plaster to pop on my son's thumb.

Kirsty: If there was going to be an emergency, everything is in one spot. I've been popping it in my nappy bag, for that just in case moment. It's light and compact which is perfect, has everything I would need if there was a minor emergency, wipeable which is a must, design is nice too. The only thing I wasn't keen on is the 'burn soothe' sachets, it's a personal thing but I don't think you should be using them and I think the space inside could be used up with more of something else - maybe more wound wipes? I really like that there is two of everything, which means if you use it you don't need to run out and replace it straight away. Really like that there is microporous tape too.

Annika: I can literally grab this little bag and pop it in the buggy or bag or even pocket whenever we go out which makes it so easy. On the first day, we used it I popped it in our buggy on the school run and my toddler fell over it was super handy to open the bag take a cleansing wipe to clean her up and pop on a bandage and fasten it with a safety pin. It's small and has so many useful first aid bits in it.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Farwah: I’d recommend this product to a friend because it has every essential item in case of an emergency. The perfect size makes it easier to toss it in a baby bag or even for a car. It’s well-stocked and all items are absolutely essential. The instructions are easy to follow and very clear. The design is attractive and exactly what every mum needs!

Inaaya: Yes I would definitely recommend this to other parents and those who care for young children to have in their homes. It has all the necessary first aid little bits in the pouch and it comes in a really cool package which zips up - the information leaflet is great as it lets you know what is included in there.

Samantha: I would recommend this product to friends and family because not only does it make life as a parent much easier but it puts your mind at ease. The value of this is really good I’m actually surprised. It has everything you could need from plasters, bandages to scissors. The items are of great quality. This is an ideal kit for having at home or even when you are travelling as it’s the perfect size.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kate: This product stands out as being compact and easy to carry on a day to day basis whereas other first aid kits are far larger and more suitable for keeping in the car / at home. I love that it’s waterproof, has a nice and pretty design and holds the basics that would be needed in a majority of situations. I’m not sure how its competitors perform but this ticks all the boxes for me.

Kirsty: I think this should win. The design is well thought out and it doesn't look overly medical. you would mind having it in the car/nappy bag. Also, the range of items inside is really practical - it makes life easier for the parent that everything is in one place. Also, the two of everything is helpful!

Annika: I liked the really compact design and how it looks and how useful I found it. It now lives in my going out bag especially on our little walking adventures. It has so many useful bits and bob's in there. What stands out for me is when you open it out you can visually see where things are rather than needing to rummage. My kids really liked the look of it too - they love a plaster and the design on them is really lovely and bright.

What changes would you make to this product?

Farwah: As much as it covered all the essentials,I couldn’t find a cooling patch or fever-reducing patches. Also, small bags such as vomit bags would have been really handy too. Apart from that, the compact bag has almost everything that would be needed in case of an emergency. It’s super stylish and easy to fit in any baby bag!

Inaaya: I honestly would not change anything about this because I personally feel its an ideal size can take it anywhere put it in my handbag, baby changing bag, car etc The contents are ideal for its purpose not too much clutter has little compartments for each and an informative leaflet labelling what's in the kit.

Samantha: To be perfectly honest there isn’t anything I would change about this product. I’m extremely happy with this kit and will be filling it up and reusing the bag for as long as possible, I think the only thing that could be improved is to make it more well known as a first time mum might not know about this.

Stephanie Spencer is the Deputy Digital Editor at Mother&Baby and auntie to four aged 8 to 6 months old. With a particular interest in health, she loves discovering products that make parent’s lives easier.   and video editing.

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