The best baby swim floats and swimming aids for toddlers

best baby swim floats and swimming aids for toddlers

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Seeing your baby learn to swim is exciting, challenging and can make for some seriously proud moments, but to give you some peace of mind, you'll want to consider some of the best baby swimming aids. If you've got your swimming nappies and baby swim vest ready, you're probably thinking about giving them a bit more independence in the pool.

Most babies love to be in the water, but to help them feel safe and confident, it's worth investing in some baby swimming aids. If you want to test the waters before taking them to a public swimming pool, there's always the option of a paddling pool at home, or if you're heading on a staycation, to a house with a pool.

Visiting the swimming pool is a great indoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. A swimming float will help your child improve their swimming technique. When it comes to toddler swimming aids, there are lots of products available to help you out.

We've rounded up some of the top-rated baby and toddler swimming aids on the market that have all been reviewed by real parents, so whether you're looking for a pool noodle, armbands, or a swim seat, you're sure to find the perfect float for your tot.

Best baby swim floats and swimming aids

Best baby swim seat

Suitable for babies aged 0-12 months (up to 11 kg) and 12-24 months (up to 15 kg), this Zoggs Baby Zoggy Inflatable Trainer has a secure seat with a pillow back to help your little one sit upright comfortably and get used to kicking their legs in the water. One parent reviewer was very pleased with the quality of the product and the fact that the edges of the material were smooth, so it wouldn't hurt their child's legs or arms. they said it was easy to blow up and safe for him to sit in. They felt very comfortable seeing their child safe in it, and said, "We bought this pool seat for my 3-month-old son who weighs 15lbs. He just fits in it comfortably with lots of potential for growth which is ideal."

It's available in two colours and inflates and deflates easily, making it great for travel and popping in your suitcase. However some parents have found it not to be as straightforward to inflate. One reviewer says that inflating it takes a bit of effort, as there are four separate valves that each need filling. However, he was very happy with it overall and happy to recommend it, saying they'll be using it lots over the coming months. Another reviewer who was happy with the value for money and said the product was good quality and a reputable brand, felt it was a bit of a faff to inflate and described it as difficult to juggle with carrying little one at the same time. Once in the pool though, they said little one love it and they felt confident moving around the pool with her.


  • The pillow-back helps your little one to sit up comfortably and kick their legs
  • Effortless, easy-inflate valves make getting set up and packing it away a doddle
  • Easy to to pack for holidays and trips to your local swimming baths
  • Dual air chambers give added safety in case of punctures


  • The different parts need inflating separately so it can take longer to get into the pool.
Sizes: 0-12 months (up to 11 kg) and 12-24 months (up to 15 kg)
Inflates: Easily with valve
Material: Plastic
  • Stable secure seat with pillow back
  • Easy inflate valves
  • Available in sizes 0-12 months (up to 11 kg) and 12-24 months (up to 15 kg)
  • Easy to pack
  • Dual air chambers with separate safety valves for added safety

Best for keeping toddlers safe in the water

Splash About Kids' Go Swim Vest
Price: $27.00
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Macy's$31.00View offer

Shortlisted in the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards Best Travel Product Under £30 category

This Splash About Kids' Go Swim Vest is great for keeping your little ones warm, as well as being a buoyancy aid to assist children learning to swim and gain water confidence. It's available in sizes for one to two years, two to four years and four to six years, as well as seven lovely colourways. Our mum tester Karen says, "there are several child-friendly and interesting designs for little ones to like - we had the gecko's which my daughter loved." She found that it was of great assistance whilst in the swimming pool as it means that you care not holding the whole weight of your child in the water. She says, it also offers some peace of mind knowing they'll stay above the water.

We love this vest for travelling with, and it's perfect for taking with you on your family beach hols. Mum tester Jodie says, "It is quite slim when folded, so it doesn't take up much room in your luggage. Our son has been going for swimming lessons for a while; however, he doesn't like his head getting wet or being in deeper water. The swim vest meant that as our holiday progressed, our son's confidence slowly increased so that he was happy to float and start to kick between us both."

In terms of usability Karen describes the vest as soft and being able to bend easily around the child so that it's comfortable for them to wear and not too bulky. She says her husband found it difficult to carry their daughter whilst she was wearing it though, due to the extra circumference, which might be something to keep in mind. However, they said it's really easy to pop on the little one with a durable zip. Mum tester Julie, on the other hand found it was perfect for her to hold her child on my hip in the water. She says, "This product gave me the confidence to take my really hyper, fearless 2-year-old to the swimming pool for the first time. It's so simple putting the vest on your child, it's reassuring knowing you can't put it on wrong."

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  • Holds little ones in the right position for learning to swim
  • Compact and lightweight, designed with travel in mind
  • High quality neoprene, padded straps and a soft chin tab add comfort
  • Designed to be quick-drying, making it perfect for taking on and off throughout the day
  • Tested to all the right safety standards
  • Fun, bright designs
  • Shortlisted for a Mother and Baby Award


  • Quite heavy in comparison to blow-up swimming aids but no need to inflate
  • One parent found it harder to pick their child up when wearing it
Colour options:14
Material:Soft neoprene
Floats: Non removable floats
Sizes: ‎1-2 Years
  • Lightweight swim vest
  • Compact and lightweight – made from one, flat piece, which is non-removable
  • Made from high quality neoprene
  • Robust zip covered with a soft tab
  • Quick-drying
  • Variety of bright designs for kids
  • Available in 3 sizes for children aged 1-6 years
  • Tested and conforms to the CE European standard: EN 13138-1: 2014. It must be used under adult supervision and is not a life saving device. Not to be used in place of a life jacket.

Best armband swimming aid

Zoggs Armbands
Price: $9.99

If armbands are your child's preferred flotation device, you can't go wrong with these Zoggs Armbands. They're made from PVC, with flat contoured underarm gussets for comfort, and come in sizes suitable for under one year, one to three years, three to six years and six to 12 years. Parents agree that these arm bands are comfortable for their kids to wear in the pool and swim with. Keep in mind that the arm bands can puncture, and some parents have reported this happening in reviews. The design accounts for this by including two air chambers in each band.

One mum reviewer thought the quality was very good and that the armbands were made from durable material. She says, "They felt a bit harder to inflate than expected, but it's not a big deal for me. I am happy to recommend these armbands and would buy them again." Another reviewer liked that they were easy to use and worked well, but they warn against inflating them too much, saying "they will squeeze the kid’s arms and leave red marks on them". However, they were still more than happy to recommend them as a swimming aid.


  • Excellent value for money with these traditional-style swimming arm bands for kids
  • Flat, contoured underarm gussets for comfort
  • Made from durable Vylux, which is less likely to be torn or punctured
  • Two air chambers in each band with separate non-return safety valves
  • Easy to use – just put the band on your child's arms and then inflate


  • Can get a puncture which shouldn't be an issue in the water but would then need replacing
Size: Under 1 Year (0-11 kg)
Item weight: 0.22 Pounds
  • Float bands available in 4 sizes, ages 0-12
  • Buoyancy aid for learning to swim
  • Flat contoured under arm gusset for comfort
  • Two air chambers in each band with separate non return safety valves
  • Made from durable Vylux which is not easily torn or punctured

Best float suit for girls

Splash About Kids UV Sun Protection Floatsuit
Price: $38.00
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Macy's$38.00View offer

Available in sizes 1-2 years, 2-3 years, and 4-5 years, we love this float suit for girls as it comes in a variety of cute girly designs – like the pink owls and pussycat design, and the apply daisy design with no zip. They also offer some lovely designs for boys too, like sea life and tug boats.

The Splash About Kids UV Sun Protection Floatsuit will help promote the natural learn-to-swim position with the floats arrangement, that works by tipping your child forward so that their shoulder automatically move towards the water, and all this without bulky armbands getting in the way so that they are encouraged to find their water balance and gain confidence in the water.

Not only that, but the suit is UPF50+ to help protect your child from harmful UV rays when you're swimming outdoors. On parent reviewer loves the fact that the floats in each chamber are made up of two foam pieces, making it easy to customise the buoyancy and balance little one out, reducing the number of floats as they get more competent in the water. They say, "Our 18 month old loves how he can be so independent in it."

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  • Holds little one in the correct position to learn how to swim
  • The sleeves protect younger babies from the sun with its UPF 50+ fabric
  • The 16 piece float system allows you to remove float bars as your childs confidence grows
  • Chlorine-resistant fabric means it'll last wear after wear
  • Fabric is wind and sand resistant, making it perfect for fun on the beach
  • Available in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Sizes 1-2 are on sale


  • Some reviews mentioned it makes your child slippery to grab hold of
  • Can be difficult to get on and off if your child is wet
  • Takes up more packing space than inflatables
Sun safety:UPF 50+ Sun Protection
Age suitability:Ages 1-6 Years
Colour choice:4
Material:‎Synthetic Fiber
  • Lightweight Sleeved Floatsuit
  • Made from UPF 50+ fabric and designed to provide maximum coverage over the areas most vulnerable to the sun
  • 16 piece float system with removable float bars that are secured in pockets inside the suit for maximum buoyancy
  • Nylon/Polyester blend is chlorine resistant
  • Tested and conforms to the CE European standard: EN 13138-1: 2014. It must be used under adult supervision and is not a life saving device. Not to be used in place of a life jacket

Best swimming aid for building confidence

A fab alternative to traditional inflatable armbands, Zoggs Float Discs Armbands are a fantastic aid to help increase your little one's confidence in the pool. The removable discs mean that buoyancy can be adjusted - start with two floats per arm and remove one from each arm as their confidence grows. They're durable, puncture-proof, don't require any inflation, and are suitable from two to six years.

One parent reviewer said they like that the bright colours make it easy to spot their kids in the pool, but that they felt the arm bands, despite being safe and comfortable, were a bit bulky, which has been mentioned by more than one reviewer. This may be one of the reasons why it is recommended that these arm bands only be used for short periods of time – up to 30 minutes per session, and parents are advised to regularly check for any signs of rubbing which may occur during use.

This dad of three said, "My kids had trouble with the arm bands staying in place. Sometimes it slipped down their arm and had to be adjusted multiple times". He also thought the recommended age range is quite broad and that perhaps they're not as suited to very young children if prone to slipping down their arms. On the other hand, some have said they felt that kids could easily grow out of them. We think it just depends on your child.


  • Bold hi-vis design allows you to spot your child in the pool more easily
  • Puncture-free floats provide better peace of mind
  • Easy to adjust to your child's confidence in water by removing foam sections


  • Kids can easily out grow them
  • The floats are advised to only be used for short periods of time
Age suitability: Suitable for ages 2-6 years - maximum weight 25 kg
Safety: <meta charset="utf-8">Zoggs float discs should only be used for short periods of time of up to 30 minutes per session; regularly check for any signs of rubbing
Weight: ‎0.1 Grams
What's included: Four discs
  • Lightweight floats made from durable puncture-free EVA foam
  • Two removable discs per arm
  • Suitable for ages 2-6 years - max weight 25kg

Sturdiest baby swim seat

This bestselling baby swim seat is suitable for babies that are 0-12 months and is perfect to keep your baby stable and upright while they get used to the feeling of being in the water. The sturdy vinyl material on the Bestway Baby Swim Safe Seat is durable and long-lasting and is designed with a comfortable seat to keep your baby afloat while they learn to enjoy being in the water. One mum reviewer said, "I took my three-month-old swimming in this, and I cannot explain how much he LOVED it. He didn't want to come out and was so happy just floating and kicking about." She says it was extremely sturdy and that there was no chance of it tipping over. Her little boy sat nicely above the water level, and she said she would definitely recommend the baby swim seat to everyone.

The seat is easy to assemble and you can inflate with a hand pump, electric pump or even by mouth. Reviewers say it doesn't take long at all, and they didn't even get out of breath when doing it by mouth. Although the age range is 1-12 months, one reviewer doesn't recommend the float for babies that can't sit up by themselves yet – they say that they should be using a lying down float rather than one like this. Another reviewer also comments on this, saying the float will be better the more core-strength your baby has. "We have a 5 month old who was flopping forward a tad but she is quite tall" they say, "saying that, we've tried a few others that all felt much less sturdy and we pretty much had to hold them at all times, but this thing is so sturdy and felt very safe for the little one."


  • Comfortable for your baby to sit in and get used to being in the water
  • Four air chambers give this baby swim seat reliable buoyancy
  • Safety valves makes it easy to use, enabling fast inflation and deflation
  • Good value for money
  • Seat keeps baby stable
  • Durable and pre-tested vinyl material


  • Little ones can outgrow it quickly
  • Not suitable if your baby can't sit up yet
Suitable for:Ages 0-1
Inflates: Four air chambers with safety valves
Product dimensions:1.92 x 1.33 x 1.42 cm; 340 g
Max weight capacity:1 kg
  • Designed to be safe for babies at the pool – suitable for ages 0-1
  • Comfortable set design to keep baby upright and stable
  • 4 air chambers
  • Pre-tested vinyl for durable long-lasting use
  • Safety valves for fast inflation and deflation

Best swim float with cover

If you're looking for a baby swim seat that's suitable for younger babies, the LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float is designed with a cover to protect them from the sun. The OPF50+ sun canopy is completely breathable, and it can be detached and folded when not in use, which also makes travelling with this product much easier as it'll fit into your car book with no problem. One reviewer bought one for their one year old when going on holiday abroad and said it was ideal and attracted many admirers. They said it's sturdy and doesn't flip – which is always a worry! Also, that it was easy to blow up with a pump and it blocked the sun nicely.

It's great for little ones learning to swim as it supports two swim ways, both breaststroke and backstroke, so you can teach them to not be afraid of the water and they can get used to being in it in all positions. The product is also packed with safety features. It has a five-point connection meaning little one is kept securely in place, and the removable buoyancy ball add to this stability while also ensuring they don't tip forwards into the water, or worse, slide out! The float ball in the upgraded model is a great addition and added safety feature that prevents them from rolling backwards too. All this, and the fact that it is made from durable, leak-proof PVC that has passed all necessary safety tests, making it 100% non-toxic for your baby's skin. You might notice a strong smell initially from the material – It is recommended to open the product and leave it out for a few days so that the smell of the material can dissipate naturally before use.


  • The UPF50+ sun canopy protects baby in the sun
  • Supports two swim ways, helping them get used to being in the water in all positions
  • The five-point connection helps to keep baby in place,
  • Removable buoyancy ball adds to the stability so that they don't tip forward
  • The upgraded model also has a float ball preventing them from rolling backwards too
  • Durable, leak-proof PVC makes it 100% non-toxic and friendly for babies' skin


  • Some reviewers mentioned a strong smell
Age range:‎3 Months-36 Months
Material:‎Polyvinyl Chloride
Maximum weight capacity:‎36 Pounds
Package dimensions:‎28.2 x 26 x 6 cm; 730 g
  • Features a breathable and detachable and foldable UPF50+ sun canopy
  • 2-ways to swim – supports both breaststroke and backstroke
  • 5-point connection for safety and stability
  • Removable buoyancy ball adds to the stability, preventing tipping or sliding out.
  • Float ball increases safety by preventing baby from rolling backwards
  • Durable leak-proof 0.35mm PVC material – passed international CE standards for toy safety, 100% safe and non-toxic, friendly to baby's skin.
  • Warning: The baby swimming float is not life-saving supplies, it is required accompanied by a guardian. Only needs to be inflated to 80-90%. When the temperature is low, in order to prevent the product from leaking, please open it for a period of time or soak it in warm water before inflating it for use.

Best swim jacket for developing confidence

Konfidence Baby Swim Jacket in Navy
Price: $39.99

To help with their kicking technique and develop their strength, Konfidence The Original Jacket is available for ages 18 months to 36 months. Improving their confidence in the water is what this brand is all about, as well as keeping tot safe while they have fun in the water. What sets this one apart from the rest is the featured fully adjustable and detachable support strap. In fact, it claims to be the only jacket to provide a completely detachable support strap to suit the needs of your child. It's also recommended by renowned experts at Starfish Aquatics Institute and backed by 25+ years of expertise and experience, in designing and making children’s swim vests and swimwear worldwide, giving you complete peace of mind that you're getting your money's worth.

One reviewer says it's great for kids who have grown out of arm bands but still need swimming aids, but to watch out because they can undo the zip easily themselves, so you need to trust them to keep it on, and obviously still keep them within reach in the water. Another reviewer points out that it's fine for bigger kids because it doesn't hold them completely. It's more like a support for those who are trying to learn how to swim. One reviewer describes how this jacket not only saved their little one in the water, but also helped when she fell around the pool! They say she never hit her head once due to the size of the jacket and within a week found complete water confidence wearing it. While the design doesn't necessarily account for falls around the pool when it comes to safety, this could certainly be something to think about if you're worrying about a bulky fit.


  • Fully adjustable and detachable support strap
  • Recommended by experts at Starfish Aquatics Institute
  • Backed by 25+ years of expertise and experience
  • Eight foam floats can be removed in order to adjust the buoyancy as your child learns to swim
  • The high-visibility back design makes it easy to spot your infant in the water
  • The chunky YKK self-locking zip and Velcro tab keeps the jacket firmly in place
  • The soft high-grade 3mm neoprene with 50+ UV protection makes it comfortable and safe


  • Hand-wash only
Colour options:10
Material: ‎80% Neoprene, 20% Polyamide
Sun safety: 100% UV protection on covered areas
Safety: 8 simple to remove floats
  • Unique fully adjustable and detachable support strap
  • Recommended by the renowned experts Starfish Aquatics Institute and backed by 25+ years of expertise and experience, in designing and making children’s swim vests and swimwear world wide
  • 8 removable foam floats
  • High-visibility back
  • Chunky YKK self-locking zip
  • Velcro tab
  • Made from soft high-grade 3mm neoprene with 50+ UV protection, complying to the most recent European safety certification EN13138-1

Best swimming jacket aid for toddlers

This baby swim vest offers complete freedom of movement while in the water to help your toddler develop the natural swimming position and gain confidence in the water. One dad reviewer says, "Obviously it’s not going to hold them perfectly upright and out of the water but that’s not what it’s for. This gives my son much more freedom and I just hold his hands. He likes swimming so much more with this!" Made from neoprene Zoggs Swim Jacket has UPF 50+ sun protection so it's perfect for taking with you to the beach or on trips to the outdoor pool. It has built-in floats that are puncture-proof to aid with buoyancy as your little one learns to swim, so no need to worry about floats deflating while you're out for the day, and it's suitable for children two to three years old and four to five years old.

One mum reviewer bought the swimming jacket for her daughter who was a complete non-swimmer to wear at her lessons after realising she needed one where you could remove the floats a few at a time. She says, "Now she has a bit more confidence, this suit is perfect as it gives enough floatation to keep her head above water, but she doesn't rely on it to do all the work." Reviewers have reported that the jackets tend to come up a bit on the small side, so this might be something to consider if you want them to have room to grow


  • Offers complete freedom for toddlers to move about in the water and gain confidence
  • Encourages a natural swimming position
  • Made from neoprene with UPF 50+ maximum sun protection
  • Designed with built-in puncture-proof floats for great buoyancy and peace of mind
  • Choose from two different sizes to get the best fit for your child
  • Includes a manufacturer one year guarantee


  • Some reported it comes up small
Sizes: Available in 2 sizes: 2-3 years (15-18kgs), 4-5 years (18-25kgs)
Sun safety: UPF 50+ maximum sun protection
Material: Neoprene
  • Made from neoprene with UPF 50+ maximum sun protection
  • Puncture proof floats are built into the jacket
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2-3 years (15-18kgs), 4-5 years (18-25kgs)

Best designed swimming aid

Price: $39.95

This swim vest acts as a buoyancy aid for tots. The Speedo Tiger Cub Float Vest helps with developing your little one's confidence and independence in the water. Made with built-in foam inserts, the vest ensure they're held up in the water, allowing plenty of movement while they learn to swim. One reviewer says, "Our son loves his new swim vest so much. He finds it much easier to swim than the annoying armbands". Another reviewer says, "It's alright but doesn't keep little one afloat as well as armbands."

We think it depends on what you're looking for, but this product is designed to allow your child more opportunities to develop their swimming skills and provide just enough support in the process. Another parent demonstrates this in their review saying they bought one for their 2.5 year old and she absolutely loves it. They say, "It still gives her room to play in the water but gives me a bit more peace of mind. She can jump in and her head will still go under so she gets used to going under the water, but I still catch her and bring her up. Seems good quality too."

Some reviewers have reported that the vest comes up large. If you're worried about this, one reviewer offers a solution. They say, "it was slightly big for their quite large 2 year old so would size down for a smaller child. We paired with armbands & he happily floated round the pool unaided & should last him through next summer too!"


  • Uses foam inserts for buoyancy and to encourage free movement in the water
  • The swim vest is easy to put on with the zip-up design
  • High-visibility colourful design


  • Some report it comes up large so best to check the sizing
Age suitability:For ages 2 years and over
Floats: Foam inserts (non removable)
  • A Swim Vest with foam inserts for buoyancy
  • Colourful high-visibility design featuring Aanadi the Bengali Tiger Cub
  • A zip-up front

Most fun swimming aid for toddlers

If it's confidence your child needs, Swimfin Swimming Aid will absolutely do the trick. It keeps your little shark afloat without restricting movement or getting in their eye line, so it's perfect for when they reach the big pool. It also has adjustable straps, so it will be easy to wear and adjust as they grow, meaning it's suitable for two years and over.

Our mum tester, Charlotte Walsh, tried this product out on her two kids, aged two and four. She described it as bright and easy to use, ideal for helping kids with their positioning in the water. She says, "My two children loved them from day one, on land as well as in the water! The SwimFin was easy to get on and off, and it holds the child upright when treading water with minimal effort."

the fin is designed for little ones who are already confident in the water, so your younger child may need some extra support and encouragement. Charlotte says, "my two-year-old took some getting used to the water, however once he had established himself in a float vest he had no problems at all." Her older daughter was struggling with keeping her bottom up while swimming forward and she says the SwimFin gave her the buoyancy needed to keep her up. This led to her having the confidence to swim on her own in just two weeks.

Another reviewer bought it for their six-year-old son who hadn't mastered swimming. They said it gave him real confidence in the "big" pool. "It is just enough to help them see afloat without blocking movement" they say, "great for swimming on their back too. I would recommend it if you have a child who has some experience in the water but is not 100% capable of independent swimming."

Read our full Swimfin Swimming Aid review


  • Adds stability for your child In the water while encouraging a natural swimming position
  • Easy to use and can be put on in under a minute
  • Provides total freedom for your child to move all of their limbs in the water
  • Fun design and highly visible when in the water


  • May only suit older children
Age suitability:One Size (1.5-12 years)
Material: ‎100% Plastic
Dimensions: ‎27 x 12 x 25 cm
  • Fun swimming aid for extra stability
  • Suitable for children ages 1,5 - 12 years
  • Stimulates a natural swimming position
  • Can be put on in 60 seconds
  • Offers total freedom of movement

Best baby swimming float for its removable canopy

Kalolary Baby Swimming Float Non Inflatable Swim Ring
Price: $104.99

This infant pool float is made of upgrade pearl foam inside, fully closed membrane in the middle and leather on the outside. Very strong, sturdy and stress-free, with its removable tail and canopy, this baby float will help encourage babies to pull baby around the pool easily. 

One buyer said: "As a parent, introducing my little one to the joys of swimming is both exciting and nerve-wracking, but the Kalolary Baby Swimming Float has made the experience a breeze. Its non-inflatable design, coupled with the added tail feature to prevent flipping, offers peace of mind while my baby explores the water. The removable UPF 50+ sun protection canopy is a fantastic addition, ensuring my child's delicate skin is shielded from harmful UV rays during outdoor swims. The Green Forest colour adds a playful touch to the float, capturing my baby's attention and sparking their curiosity."


  • Made of upgrade pearl foam inside
  • Fully sealed membrane in middle and upgraded leather outside
  • The baby floatie includes both the removable tail fin and the sun shade
  • This swimming float has an upgraded five point harness system with a protection case around the release button so baby can't accidentally unbuckle


  • The floating tail must be installed throughout the use of the float
  • Pool floats are not a substitute for swimming lessons or life jackets

Best baby swimming float for sensory development

Designed with removable SPF 50+ sun protection canopy, the Aniq baby swimming float, comes with cute animal prints and rolling bells which help to stimulate your baby's sensory development. Designed with high-density PVC material, non-toxic and comfortable, you’ll bd able to travel with this anywhere, as it smalls size is portable and easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for your baby to learn to swim. 

One buyer said: "This blue and green baby to toddler inflatable pool float with spf 50 sun canopy is very well made from sturdy vinyl, with the exception of the sun canopy which is made from sturdy netting with a bias binding edging, which just clips on and off easily. The float is easy to inflate with the pump that's included, though it does take quite a while, as there are several valves to pump up different areas of the float. What I particularly like in this design, is that it's front has strong buoyancy support, with little inflatable wings on each side to prevent roll over, with adjustable shoulder straps also providing safety and stability."


  • Suitable for 6-36 Months
  • Protect your baby's eyes from direct sunlight
  • Made of high density PVC material
  • Comfortable and environmentally friendly


  • Not many colours to choose from
  • This product is available in two sizes, size S for babies aged 3-12 months and size L for babies aged 6-36 months.

Best baby swimming float for its adorable design

Designed with adjustable waist belt, safety buckle, back airbag to provide safety protection foryour little bubb, this swimming float includes doublea airbags and double security locks, ideal for swimming position, safety & independence in the water. It also gfives you a calm and stress-free trip wherever you go, as the inflatable baby swimming ring is easy to fold, storage and carry.

One customer who purchased this for her daughter said: "This swimming float comes with a detachable sun shade hood, hand pump, swimming bag, 2 water floating toys, puncture repair patch and a safety rope. The safety rope is so the float doesn't go any uncomfortable distance away from you, but ensures that you do not need to be holding the float continuously and let your baby know your there while they can have their own space. Plus I don't think if you held on to the float, it would be a secure grip. The safety harness inside is better than previous ones I've had, the straps for the baby that sit over the shoulder are seemless waterproof plastic so won't produce any friction marks if baby is splashing around.


  • Baby float is made of high quality 0.35mm eco friendly 6P material
  • Durable and non toxic
  • Leak proof inflation valve design
  • Recommended age: 6-36 months
  • Designed with a removable canop that provides SPF 50+ sun protection to protect your baby from UV rays while having fun playing in the water
  • Suitable for pool parties, beach trips, lakes, birthday parties, bathing


  • You have to wait 15 minutes after inflation and esure there us no leakage before use

What is the average age a child learns to swim?

The globally recognised Swim England Learn to Swim Programme starts lessons from as young as a few months old. Although, you will need to be in the water with your little one. At the age of three, your little one can begin to learn to swim with instructors on their own. There is no set age when your child will learn to swim, but the earlier they learn the foundations of swimming, the quicker they will progress. At the age of five, they can begin the learning to swim framework. Learning to swim is an essential life skill - so it is good to get them swimming early. By this age, children can usually learn basic water skills such as treading water, floating, and getting out of the pool. By the time they reach five or six, most children in swim lessons will be able to do front and back crawl.

When to start baby swimming lessons

According to the NHS, 'You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It does not matter if they have not yet completed their course of vaccinations.' So really, the choice is yours to make.

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington shares her tips with us on taking your baby swimming with the help of her experience from when her daughter Summer was a baby.

"I first took Summer swimming when she was three and a half weeks old. It sounds really early, but it's fine for your baby to go in the pool at that age. Lots of people were shocked when I said I'd taken her swimming before she'd had all her injections, but the NHS guidelines say that you don't have to wait until your baby's had them," explains Rebecca.

"Most baby swimming classes won't take you if your baby hasn't had their jabs, but to be honest, you don't need to go to a class the first few times, as you're only in the pool for about 10 minutes."

What to take to baby swimming lessons?

• A swimming costume or baby wetsuit

Swim nappies as normal nappies are not suitable

• One towel for you and a soft towel or towelling dressing gown

• Snacks if your baby is weaning; swimming is hungry work!

• A bottle of milk if you're bottle-feeding

• A changing bag

• Your changing mat

• A bag for wet clothes and used towels

Baby swimming lessons

There are also plenty of swimming programmes in leisure centres or indoor pools available, especially for babies all around the country. Here are a few programmes to look into:

Turtle Tots

Water Babies


Puddle Ducks

Little Dippers

If you would like some in-person support when taking your baby swimming, why not see if your pool offers swimming lessons or classes? It's a great way to meet other parents and for your youngster to see other babies in the same situation as them.

How much are swimming lessons for babies

The price will really depend on the kind of swimming lessons you're looking for. While some pools and leisure centres offer pay-as-you-go schemes for swimming lessons, many will require you to pay upfront for lessons.

You can expect to pay on average, around £8 to £15 per class. For one-to-one lessons, they're likely to start from around £17 - £20 per class.

Does a baby need arm bands or aids for swimming?

Babies under one cannot wear armbands; however, many toddlers prefer them because they give the fiercely independent tots some freedom. If your toddler is learning to swim, armbands can restrict movement. It is a good idea to bring a baby swimming ring or float for smaller babies.

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