The best baby spoons, bowls, and suction plates to make weaning fun

The best baby spoons, bowls, and suction plates to make weaning fun

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When it’s time to start weaning your baby, you will want to choose the best baby weaning products such as baby spoons, bowls and plates available. Specifically designed baby tableware will make all the difference to your weaning journey. They will support your baby's development and prevent any mealtime mishaps.

Weaning can be a stressful time for both parent and baby. So choosing the right products will make your life much easier. Having the right dinnerware for your little one can make feeding your baby a much more relaxed situation.

How we chose the best baby dinnerware

Firstly when it comes to bowls and plates it’s a good idea to choose non-slip bowls and plates with suction; this not only will help prevent them from ending up on the floor, but also help your baby once they start baby-led weaning to keep their dinnerware in place. We tested how well the suction worked on a range of surfaces including wooden tables, wipeable tablecloths and highchairs.

Usability was also something we tested, keeping in mind both parents feeding their baby and baby feeding themselves. Particularly for baby-led weaning you will want to choose spoons that are light and small as they will be easier for baby to grip onto them with their small fingers. Some of our picks also feature mouth guards to help baby learn how far to place the cutlery into their mouths.

While most weaning sets are normally BPA-free plastic or silicone, it's worth making sure they are made from safe materials. This is in case your little one decides they would rather chew on them than use them to eat. Also keeping in mind materials, we considered washing, warming, and freezing capabilities in our testing process.

The best baby spoons, bowls, and suction plates at a glance:

Best bowl and spoon set: Munchkin 10 Piece Bowl and Spoon Set - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for on-the-go feeding: Babymoov Babybols Multiset - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for highchairs: EasyMat Mini Portable Baby Suction Plate - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best for fun design: Qshare Silicone Divided Baby Plate with Suction - Buy now on Amazon UK

Below we have selected the best spoons, bowls, and plates for babies and toddlers to make mealtimes easier for both of you. In fun colours and designs, these options are sure to keep your baby captivated during the weaning process.

The best baby tableware weaning sets

Best weaning set overall

The perfect way to introduce cutlery and tableware to your baby. Designed so that your little one can dip into food and practice self-feeding. All Pippeta weaning products are non-toxic, BPA Free and have passed vigorous safety checks.  Included in the set is a suction plate, suction bowl with dividers and a fork and spoon set, with choke guards.Our mum tester Melanie said: "Having purchased numerous other products that haven’t lasted or washed as nice as these, I can definitely recommend. Each of the items is great in design and practicality, from the cutlery to the bowl and plate. The cutlery is a perfect size and has helped my daughter to use cutlery during all mealtimes. It's one of the few suction plate/bowl designs that I've found has actually worked as well - the minute I put this down on my table it sticks, not so hard that I can't pull it off but enough that I can feel it's working before I've even secured it."

Best tableware kit with bib and storage

Containing everything your baby will need to start their weaning journey, this fun kit includes easy scoop feeding bowls, spoons, a no-spill cup, bib and storage pots. It's also all dishwasher safe meaning you'll have less washing up to do after messy mealtimes.

One parent thought this was the perfect set for weaning: "This weaning set is perfect, my little boy is almost 5 months and he is on solids every so often. I have started weaning him a little bit. The colours are so lovely, the downside is the bib is still a little bit big but I know by next month it will fit my little one perfectly. Would highly recommend this product."

Best bowl and spoon set

A 10-piece set that includes four bowls with lids and two soft-tip spoons to make your life easier on the go. They're 100 per cent spill-proof and 100 per cent leak-proof. You can also put them in the microwave and the dishwasher. Definitely a must-have!

One parent found these the perfect size for little ones, and useful for leftovers: "Absolutely love these. I've had no problems with the lids, they all fit. I was worried about whether they would be big enough as it's hard to tell the size but they're perfect. I've attached photos showing them next to a 200g jar of baby food. The jar fits perfectly with a bit of room to spare. The lids are great for leftovers. We only use these spoons and already had a ton but they're always useful!"

Best bamboo suction bowl

Bronze Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

This is a natural bamboo bowl made with food-grade silicone to protect your child from BPA, phthalates, and other toxins. The cool-touch bamboo deters burns to baby's delicate fingers if they reach out for it during feeding and the removable suction bottom lets you transition bowls to regular use when your child outgrows them. The set comes in six cheery unisex colours to suit any child.

Our mum tester Zoe said: "I would definitely recommend this to my friends. The bamboo material is lovely and smooth and looks much nicer quality than the standard plastic bowls that most competitors seem to be advertising. The spoon is a good shape for your little one’s mouth so it's easy for them to use for self-feeding."

Read our full tried and tested review of the Bamboo Bamboo Baby Stay Put Suction Bowl and Spoon Set here

TUM TUM Baby Weaning Set
Price: $24.99

Shortlisted Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

Allowing babies to feed themselves with what they choose has to be a good thing and making it fun with foodie faces is even better. This children's first dinner set is ideal whether for baby-led weaning or conventional weaning. It includes a kids plate with dipping pot ears for superior dunking and removable suction and a 'Peepo' bowl with hiding bears.

Review: "We are not new to TUM TUM products, and will continue to purchase as the quality is outstanding, the plates actually suction to the high chair unlike others and the price is brilliant for what you get! Highly recommend"

Read our full tried and tested review of the TUM TUM Baby Weaning Set here

The best baby bowls and plates

Best suction bowls

Price: $21.99

These redesigned bowls come with a larger and stronger suction base which creates a firm hold. They're also dishwasher safe and BPA free. They are a good staple addition to your baby's feeding routine and perfect for little ones aged 6 months and up.

Mum Jessica was glad she chose these over others: "So I’d toyed with the idea of getting the lovely animal bamboo bowls for ages (triple the price of these!) and my husband convinced me to go with these plastic ones and as soon as we started using them I haven’t looked back. They’re not the most attractive or exciting of bowls for weaning but man are they practical! So easy to use, clean, take out, they’re compact so easy to take more than 1 out. The suction works brilliantly and couldn’t be more pleased!"

Best suction plate

**Gold Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2021 Mother&**Baby Awards

The weaning and feeding range from Vital Baby is perfectly sized for little hands and mouths, ensuring weaning and self-feeding are simple, fun and less messy. Made from safe and soft phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA-free materials, vital baby® NOURISH™ and HYDRATE™ products have been designed to help little ones gain confidence with eating whilst making life easier for parents and carers.

Our mum tester Emma said: "I love the bowls and plates particularly with the mega suction that attaches to them, it has taken me a long time to find a bowl or plate that my son cannot remove from the high chair tray and this brand has got it spot on! This means that I can have my dinner with my son without watching out for the flying plate! PERFECT!"

Read our full tried and tested review of the Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range here

Best bamboo suction plate

Shortlisted Best Toddler Food Range/Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards

This adorable suction plate is sure to add some fun to your little ones' meal time. A good size and sturdy, this plate is made from 100% natural bamboo which is antibacterial and toxin-free. The powerful food-grade silicone suction base also means no more flips, spills and mess. One of our mum testers, Chantelle, said: "I love this plate. It makes mealtimes less messy! No more plate being flung across the room with dinner on it. I can nip across the room and grab something without finding a pile of mess on the floor when in come back. It is really easy to clean too. You ideally need a brush just to get in all the corners properly but it comes apart and back together easily."

Read our full tried and tested review of the Bamboo Bamboo Unicorn Suction Plate here

Best plate with compartments

Shortlisted for Best Weaning Product at the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards

The EasyMat Mini Portable Baby Suction Plate was designed to fit any highchair trays coming with four corner suction cups, which hold the plate steady, as well as its own carrying case. The EasyMat mini is EasyTot's best-selling suction plate for your little one's first foods all the way to 24 months.

Our mum tester Ellen said: "I really liked this product. The compartments are all of a good size and depth. This helped my little one to get the food on the spoon herself. If a cold didn’t like their food mixing this is also great as they can be separated. The mat is really sticky so baby hasn’t managed to throw it on the floor yet which means meal times aren’t as messy!"

Read our full tried and tested review of the EasyMat Mini Portable Baby Suction Plate here

Best for fun design

Qshare Silicone Divided Baby Plate with Suction
Price: $6.88

This plate has a unique design in bright colours to make mealtime more fun for your little one. It's made with 100 per cent food-grade silicone with BPA, PVC, BPS and Phthalate free. It has strong suction and is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. We love how handy it is for dividing foods as well as fun for a dino-loving tot!

Mum Kathryn found this to be a great little plate that could get easily cleaned in the dishwasher: "Just what we needed. It's so lovely and my 16 month old absolutely loves it. It's great for getting him to try different things at his own pace. The suction cups work really well and it cleans brilliantly. There's no staining from curry and bologna and it looks as good now 2 weeks after use as it did when it arrived. It's easy to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher. I'd definitely recommend them to my friends!"

Best baby spoons and cutlery

Best spoon for self-feeding

tommee tippee easy feeding spoons
Price: $21.70

Tommee Tippee has been a popular choice for parents for generations. This pack of five spoons designed for little ones aged 6 months and up have chunky handles for a secure grip. They're also chew-proof, BPA free, dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

One reviewer on Amazon said: "Got these for preloaded spoons with baby-led weaning. Baby has taken to them well. Short handles are better for baby to control going into the mouth. We bought a few as they often get flung during meal times."

Best spoons with temperature check

munchkin white hot soft tip baby spoons
Price: $11.77

Shortlisted for Best Weaning Product at the 2015 Mother&Baby Awards

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons are soft and easy to grip. The spoon tip turns white when food is too hot, which is a nifty feature but it is quite sensitive, often suggesting that a meal is too hot when it is at a palatable temperature. The spoons are also quite small, which is perfect for smaller babies but a bigger scoop would be useful for more efficient eaters. There are four spoons in a pack and the product’s overall competence makes it good value for money.

Mum Mariam said: "The best thing I have purchased for my child, she loves using these spoons and I know exactly when the food temperature is perfect due to the changing colours. They also look so cute, would 100 per cent recommend. I love them!!! Will be buying again."

Best for feeding purees

munchkin soft tip baby spoons
Price: $8.09
Alternative retailers
Walmart$10.39View offer

Munchkin made this set focusing on baby mouths and sensitive gums, so they feel very gentle. These infant spoons come in bright, vibrant colours and are ergonomically designed for ease of feeding and easy grip.

One reviewer found them an excellent spoon to start weaning: "I can't believe I'm writing a review for spoons but having tried a few different ones, these ones are my favourite. Small enough for little mouths, long handle for me to feed my baby and for them to grasp the spoon too. Not as wide or shallow as other spoons which was a good thing as the slightly narrower spoon and its depth meant the food ended up in baby's mouth not smudged around their face. I'm sure different babies take to different spoons and before trying different ones I'd have said they can't be sufficiently different to care enough but that hasn't been our experience. Really recommend these."

Best easy-to-grip spoon and fork set

munchkin toddler fork and spoon set
Price: $10.89
Alternative retailers
Walmart$10.89View offer

If you think your tot would prefer to try eating with a fork, these easy-grip forks and spoons are a great option. Although you may be a bit wary of the metal at first, you'll probably find your baby loves the idea of feeling like they're using grown-up cutlery, just like mummy.

One mum shared on Amazon, "I wasn’t sure about metal cutlery but the protector on the handle was really attractive as my little boy has eczema and food on the hands can be irritating. He loves these - maybe because the metal matches adult cutlery? But he also seems to be able to use the fork better than his plastic alternatives. Great."

Best bamboo spoons

This set of six silicone baby spoons is made with natural bamboo fibre and anti-bacterial soft silicone. You can also get matching plates and bowls. Important: This product is hand wash only, and because it’s a bamboo product, you will need to wipe with coconut oil once a month to make it last longer.

Mum Rebecca wrote on Amazon: "My son is 6 months, going through teething and we’ve started weaning. He’s loving the spoons! Not only are they easy to handle but he’s also finding comfort from chewing the ends and liking the different textures."

Best chew-friendly cutlery

Bumkin Silicone Chewtensils
Price: $15.95

These silicone 'chewtensils' have been designed for your baby to chew on, helping to stimulate the gums as they feed. Sized and shaped for babies 6 months and up, this fork and spoon set is perfect for introducing your baby to self-feeding with the added safety of being bacteria-resistant with a ventilated choke barrier and free from BPA, phthalate and toxins. Your little one can practice spooning and enjoy eating purees and soft food.

One mum found her baby could hold them easily with slimy fingers: "I was excited when I received this utensil set for my 6-month-old. He had a tendency to shove everything in his mouth so having something that would prevent him from choking on his spoon was very important to me. It came well packaged with simple instructions on the back.
"My son is only eating purées at the moment, which can be a little slimy. He is able to hold this spoon on his own regardless. When he comes to the teething portion of the spoon, he LOVES it. It actually helped him learn to eat off a spoon quickly since he would chew on it - quickly realising that he also had food on there to eat. We have not used the fork yet, but I have high hopes it will be just as awesome."

Best metal children's cutlery

Bronze Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards

Mealtimes are about more than just eating, so Nana's Manner's set out to design unique, innovative and stylish products that make precious time around the table easy and enjoyable. Their unique Stage 2 Fork & Spoon is a child's first introduction to using utensils to eat all by themselves whilst supporting their development. Approved by experts and healthcare professionals, they are designed to exclusively focus on building children's confidence and independence.

Our mum tester Annique said: "This makes my life easier as a mum, as my little one took to using the spoon pretty much instantly. Within less than a day, he took to using the spoon feeding himself his breakfast, a yoghurt and his dinner. I was honestly shocked. I didn’t think he would take to feeding himself with cutlery so quickly. It now frees me up to feed my other little one, knowing that I have peace of my mind that my eldest is now comfortable able to feed himself without getting the food everywhere."

Read our full tried and tested review of the Nana's Manners Stage 2 Fork & Spoon here

Best for teaching independent eating

Doddl Cutlery Set for Children
Price: $24.99

Silver Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

This cutlery set helps your child eat independently and encourages the development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write. The short ergonomically designed handles make controlling cutlery easier and allow your child to develop skills to make the successful transition to adult cutlery. Made from high-quality BPA free materials, the set is dishwasher safe and long-lasting to support your child.

Our mum tester Jodie said: "This lovely set allows my little boy to practise holding cutlery as well as learning how to feed himself. It means that I can use my time to do other things in the kitchen knowing that he is safe and enjoying being a big boy. It gives both of us confidence which is brilliant and hopefully it will mean that he can start to move on to other cutlery once he’s mastered using this collection."

Read our full tried and tested review of the Doddl Cutlery Set here

What to look for in your baby's tableware

There’s a lot of choice available when it comes to weaning sets and baby tableware so it’s important to find the best set for your child. This may mean a bit of trial and error, especially when it comes to finding cutlery they will happily use themselves and plates that they can’t pry loose from their highchair.

You'll want to choose spoons, bowls, and plates that are designed not to break when your baby throws them onto the floor (which undoubtedly WILL happen).

You should always choose baby products in the correct recommended age range and size. This is to make sure there is enough room for the right amount of food your little one needs.

And always check the manufacturer's recommendations on washing, storage and whether the product is microwave and freezing safe. This will help to make your baby's plates, bowls and cutlery last. You can also see whether they will suit their favourite meals and your lifestyle - for example if you don't have a dishwasher a plate that isn't dishwasher friendly might not be a deal-breaker, and if you like to batch cook and heat up your toddlers meals you'll need something that is microwave friendly.

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