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Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip Travel System

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Winner in the M&B Travel System Test in the March 2015 issue of the magazine!

Patented technology makes this possible to fold and open easily in seconds with one hand. The seat can be positioned to face you or the direction of travel, and it can be collapsed with the seat in either position.

This pushchair is billed as having the world’s most compact fold, yet the seat is fully reclinable as well as big and roomy, with an adjustable leg rest.

The carrycot and car seat adaptors are available separately. It’s suitable from birth up to four years. Lockable swivel wheels ensure good manoeuvrability, and the wheels can be removed for easy storage.

Jay Brownlee, 32, from Stirling, is mum to Naomi, three, Miriam, two, and Lydia, three weeks. She says: ‘Lovely and flexible. It’s so intuitive to use. Brilliant folding mechanism that can be activated easily with just one hand, making it easy to lift into the car.’

Susanne Remic, 37, from Bolton, is mum to Isobel, two, and Elsie, four weeks. She says: ‘This handles most surfaces well. The adjustable leg rest accommodates taller children well. Compact and easy to fold with a huge hood and sizeable basket.’

Gemma Ridlington, 29, from Halesowen, is mum to Alexis, two, and Robyn, seven months. She says: ‘Incredibly simple to fold/ unfold with the seat in either position, and extremely light and compact when folded. Great in pretty much every way. I loved it!’

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Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip Travel System

Weighs: 9kg

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