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Bugaboo Fox 5

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We're big fans of the Bugaboo best pushchairs for little ones here at Mother&Baby, so we were very excited by the news about the new Bugaboo Fox 5, the successor to the Bugaboo Fox 3.

Suitable from birth to approximately four years old, the premium baby travel system boasts extra-large wheels and an advanced suspension for smooth journeys. It can be used with just one hand, whether you’re folding the pushchair, adjusting the handlebar or reclining the seat.

Bugaboo Fox 5 overview


  • Stylish appearance
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Brilliant steering and handling
  • Fits into the boot without removing the seat


  • Can be difficult to first put together

Key features


Designed to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible, parts of the Bugaboo Fox 5 are made with 100 per cent bio-based materials, meaning its CO2 footprint is 20 per cent lower than if it was made with conventional plastics.

State-of-the-art suspension

The full suspension system combines a sturdy central joint and spring-loaded front wheels making it a pram to effortlessly tackle any terrain and make for a very smooth and easy ride for you and your child.

Easy fold-away system

Lightweight but sturdy, the compact design of the Bugaboo Fox doesn't require taking apart to fit in the car

Here's how dad-of-one Ashley got on when he took the Fox 5 for a spin with two-month-old Luella.

Testing the Bugaboo Fox 5

The buggy comes compacted tightly into a box and is packaged really well. Having some experience fitting together prams I can safely say that overall, this is one of the easier ones to assemble. The wheels all click on very simply and the rest of the frame comes pre-built.

Fitting the bassinet together was very difficult. There are two button-style clips, one at each end and you have to stretch the bassinet to meet the clips and fasten it. I'm not the strongest person in the world nor am I the weakest either but this took a lot of physical strength for me to do. Whilst this was a pain though, the result is a bassinet that is very secure and feels exceptionally sturdy, despite essentially being stretched canvas.

Now I'm going to talk a bit about the frame of the pram so you'll have to bear with me but I think it deserves extra attention. The frame is made of a mixture of plastics and metal with the plastics covering the joints. Now I have a personal preference for metal because the plastic usually feels cheap and flimsy but with the Bugaboo Fox 5, this isn't the case at all. It feels really well put together and very sturdy.

But sturdiness isn't the only thing positive. The frame is also surprisingly light considering how strong it is. In fact, even with the bassinet attached, it's so light that I can lift the whole thing with one hand. Now whilst this may conjure an image of the buggy blowing away in the wind, nothing could be further from the truth because the weight is all seated at the bottom which makes it stick to the ground. This perfect weight distribution means it is light enough for almost anyone to pick up while still feeling robust enough to carry your most precious cargo.

The overall shape of the frame is very compact compared to other prams which means it cuts a stylish silhouette. Not only this but when coupled with the weight distribution I already mentioned, the compact frame means it is very responsive and easy to steer. In fact, I could very safely and comfortably steer with only one hand which you simply can't do with very many prams out there. This is made all the easier with what feels like really comfortable and durable leather over the handlebar.

In addition, the state-of-the-art suspension system is so good it has one of the smoothest rides of any pram I have tested. In fact, I was so impressed that I purposefully ran it over a really nasty path, uneven with loose gravel and large stones and it glided across it as if it was tarmac. The ride was so smooth, I was actually worried it wouldn't send my little one to sleep! But I'm happy to say that the bassinet is comfy enough that a deep slumber was an inevitability. The suspension isn’t gaudy or in your face at all, it is tucked away in the frame and is very understated in terms of looks. But when you are out and about you definitely feel it working as it smooths out the roughest of surfaces.

When it comes to the bassinet, we went for the light grey look with a graphite chassis and I think it's a very cool look. There are other colour choices, and they do look good but there's something about the grey (both the colour and the material) that makes it pop and look very stylish. The inside of the bassinet is well-lined, comfortable and snug. The mattress is very soft to the touch and feels like it's also robust, so should be able to withstand any of the fluids (bodily or otherwise!) that come with a little one.

The bassinet comes with a flap for the summer that lets the wind blow through and keeps it well-ventilated. This flap is very large meaning there is absolutely no risk of your bundle of joy overheating on the extra sunny days.

The bassinet has a bucket-style hood which means it's a lot more open than other prams I have seen. Stylistically I am unsure if that will be to everyone's taste looks wise. But what I can say is that our daughter loves it. It means there is a lot more for her to see and look at whilst still being protected from wind and sun.

The handlebar and the zip cover are the easiest to manage of any pram I have tried. With some other prams, I have had trouble with the zip cover as it gets in the way when you're trying to pick your baby up and similarly the handlebar can be tricky to operate. The Bugaboo Fox 5 doesn't suffer from these drawbacks, both can be operated quickly and moved out of the way.

Safety is always a big concern of mine and many other parents. I've already mentioned the fact that the frame feels robust and despite the lightness, it isn't going to be knocked over because of the weight distribution. The wheels are also really large which combats tipping or knocking. I also find the braking system to be really well-designed and thought-through. The mechanism of the rear brake is very intuitive. You press it down to both put the brake on and release it which makes it so much easier and there is a little red tab that confirms to you that the brake is on without having to move the pram. If I had one wish, it would be that the brake pedal is ever so slightly bigger but this may simply be down to my clumsy clown shoes.

One of my favourite quality-of-life features is the fact that the Fox 5 can be put into the boot of a car whole without taking individual parts off. The weight means it's easier to pick up as a single unit and the way the Fox 5 packs away means you don't have to remove the bassinet at all. Its compactness means it fits straight into the boot lengthways. A tremendous feat of design, bravo to the boffins at Bugaboo.

Final verdict

Overall, with a retail price of £1115, compared to similar brands the Fox 5 is a brilliant all-rounder with very few drawbacks and definitely value for money. It is impeccably well-designed, managing to be both totally functional and stylish. The fact that sustainable products have been used to manufacture it is a huge plus point in this modern age. The suspension system makes the ride silky smooth and coupled with the lightness and quality steering makes it very easy to push and manoeuvre. Folding it away and fitting this into a boot without taking it apart is a huge quality-of-life bonus. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a pram that is high in quality, design and easy to use.

Bugaboo Fox 5 FAQs

Is there a new Bugaboo Fox coming out?

There is indeed! The Bugaboo Fox 5, reviewed above, is available to buy now.

What age is Bugaboo Fox pram for?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 is suitable from birth to approximately four years old, or until your child weighs 22 kg/50 lbs.

Can I use the Bugaboo Fox 5 with a car seat?

Yes, you can! But you'll need a suitable adaptor such as the one below which is intended for Maxi-Cosi car seats. Bugaboo sells numerous adaptors for different car seats.

Which is the most compact Bugaboo?

The lightest and most compact stroller from the brand is the Bugaboo Butterfly which weighs 7.3kg and folds to 54 x 45 x 23cm.

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