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EVERYDAY, the multifunctional 3-in-1 baby stroller with a large carrycot (with a handle) and a soft mattress (bamboo viscose fibres enriched cover, for good ventilation and antibacterial properties). The pram's deep strolling seat with side covers allows for forward and reverse mounting, while the travel system includes universal adapters and the MINK car seat.

EVERYDAY's made of waterproof material with UPF50+ filter, the frame includes adjustable cushioning. The pram is lightweight due to its compact size and yet has a load of up to 27 kg. Characterised by remarkable manoeuvrability, robustness and functionality (various additional features and accessories).

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth said: "I absolutely love this travel system!! Getting out and about has never been easier or more stylish!!! This travel system allows me to take my baby out with ease and he’s so comfortable and snug! It’s so quick and easy to put up and down and fitted in my car boot without having to take a wheel off which is no mean feat!!"

Charlotte said: "I found the stroller really easy to use when out and about with baby. Once baby is in the stroller it is really easy to adjust the seat for baby's comfort. I loved the design feature of the window in the hood of the stroller so I could see baby at all times. The 360 degree wheels made the pushchair really easy to manoeuvre on all terrains including muddy ones! The spacious basket under the stroller was a great size meaning you could fit at least 4 size shopping bags easily underneath. I also loved that the material was waterproof meaning that when the stroller got wet or dirty it was really easy to clean."

Louise said: "This is a great pram to use as the bassinet sits higher up than others. This means it is easier to see the baby and also lift them in and out. It has good suspension and is relatively easy to use on different terrains. The sunshade is excellent and clips on to the hood and base of the bassinet meaning good shade cover. There is a useful cupholder and also storage pocket within the bassinet for keys/phones etc."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlotte said: "I would definitely recommend this product not only for great value but also great design. Although I personally found the frame of the stroller very large compared to others I loved the seat design and finishing touches which gave the stroller a premium feel. I loved the small design features such as the brown leather tabs and reflective wheels which made the stroller feel more expensive."

Louise said: "It is a great pushchair and easy to use. The wheels are a good size and it is easy to manoeuvre on different terrains. The wheels are lockable is desired. The wheels also clip in and out easily. There are lovely little design features such as the pattern on the inside of the hood, the sunshade and the pocket on the bassinet is very handy."

Elizabeth said: "I would recommend this travel system for its design, functionality, ease of use and price. The vast majority are a lot more expensive and cheaper ones I’ve seen look just that, cheap! This looks expensive without the price tag but it also meets up to expectation and gives you what you want from a travel system. I particularly loved how much shade coverage my baby got and how smooth the hood is going up and down, it didn’t click and wake my sleeping baby!! I also love that the carrycot part is collapsable and therefore easy to store."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Elizabeth said: "Yes I would choose this product above others! I just think it delivers such a well costed product that’s easy to use and stylish. The price doesn’t compromise on features or style! It feels well built, my baby is safe and secure and comfortable and it feels lovely to use!! For those reasons I do think that this product should win!"

Louise said: "The little extra design features make this stand out for me. I loved the pattern on the inside of the hood which kept little one entertained once he became more aware. It is easy to lift baby in and out of. The sunshade which comes with it gave excellent coverage so you don't have to constantly keep checking or use various different items to ensure baby is in the shade."

Charlotte said: "The Everyday 3-in-1 stroller is amazing value for money. For the price you get so much all at a great quality. This product sees your little one from birth through to toddler. I loved that the stroller also came with every accessory you could need including a changing bag for mum complete with changing mat, cup holder and bag hooks for the pushchair. The pushchair has been designed clearly by mums and dads who know what they need to make life easier!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Louise said: "It did not come with any assembly instructions. It was stated that there was a video on the Kinderkraft YouTube channel but I couldn't find it on there at all. Luckily it was fairly intuitive to get the bassinet on but might not be as easy when it transforms into a pushchair. It would be easy to have a QR code on the box or manual which linked to the assembly video."

Charlotte said: "The main thing I would change about the Everyday 3-in-1 stroller is the way the stroller folds away for transportation. Once folded there is no way of keeping the whole system together in a tight compact way. Instead it opens out when trying to lift it to get in the boot of the car. This makes it extremely difficult to move due to the size and weight of the stroller. We found it very difficult to lift also due to the weight of the product."

Elizabeth said: "I’m going to be honest, I’m struggling to think of anyway to improve upon this product. If I’m going to be really picky maybe adding more settings to the handle so it’s more extendable. My husband is very tall and therefore would want this higher than it currently comes. I really can’t fault this travel system at all!! We absolutely loved it!"

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