Poco Baby Hammock Cradle review

from Poco Baby
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The Poco Baby Hammock is a lovely product, with a gentle rocking motion that will send baby into the throes of comfort and sleep. It is difficult to assemble but it looks stunning when built. The Hammock does up a lot of space and is not recommended for smaller nurseries. The paint also tends to chip and for such a hefty price tag the hammock is outgrown quite quickly – it is suitable until baby is 9 months. But if the WOW factor is what you’re after, you won’t go wrong with this product!

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Product Information

  • Longer Sleep Duration

  • Swaddled environment

  • Helps alleviate Flathead Syndrome

  • Portable & adjustable

  • Replicates the movements babies felt within the womb

  • Great air ventilation

  • Suitable from Birth - 9 months (29lbs)

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