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Mamas & Papas Franklin Cot Bed

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If you're looking for a best cot bed or crib with a robust design and contemporary style, the Franklin offers a range of shades that will bring the perfect finishing touch to your nursery. Baby will sleep soundly in the stylish convertible cot bed, and with 2 cot base heights it's easier than ever to lower baby down for bedtime. Because it can used either as a cot, crib, cot bed, toddler bed or day bed, it'll last for up to 4 years. With plenty of soft close storage underneath and space to hang up baby essentials, keeping baby comfy and your nursery organised is easy.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katrina: Wow wow wow! What a stunning bed! This cotbed looks beautiful, extremely sturdy and solid. I love the design and colour and the draw underneath is perfect for storing nappies and bedding etc. It slides out lovely and has a soft close function which is much better than some cheaper cots with drawers. I also love the rail at the end of the bed meaning I can hang a nappy sack, I thought that was a great addition.

Megan: This cot bed is excellent quality, it looks smart and I definitely feel assured that my baby is safe. One great feature is the storage draw, with soft close. The draw is big and spacious and allows me to keep my baby's room looking neat and tidy and the soft close is an added benefit. I also love the rail bar at each end of the cot, which I usually use to hang blankets on when not in use.

Emma: This cot bed is so well designed with it’s high sides which is brilliant for my little climber. The drawer under the cot is great as you can store so much under there. My little one is sleeping so well in there thanks to the comfy mattress. The fact it turns in to a toddler bed later on is great as it will last us years which is great value for money.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Megan: This cot was simple to assemble, looks lovely, is great quality, has great added features and is safe and sturdy for babies. I would recommend this cot bed to other mums for the useful drawer, hanging rails and the anti bite plastic strip along the top of the cot. This cot looks elegant, modern and smart as well as being solid and practical.

Katrina: It came extremely well packaged and instruction that made it easy to build. It is extremely heavy and therefore I'm very confident that it is going to last a long time. The bite protector was a great addition to be included as standard. The mattress is lovely and seems extremely comfy, my baby didn't wake until 9am the first night he used it! So it must have been comfy!

Emma: The cot is really stylish and is gender neutral which is great as you can pass down to siblings. The fact it turns in to a bed is one less thing to think about. The under cot storage draw is really handy. The high sides are great to stop little climbers and keep them safe. The mattress Is lovely and comfy too.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emma: Would definitely choose this cot again as it’s so stylish and practical. We will get years of use out of this product as it’s so well made. The under cot storage is so useful for smaller rooms as you can fit lots under there. I would recommend this cot to friends and family. It’s a really lovely piece and will last.

Megan: I would choose this cot bed if the price was a little lower. The cot is of high quality and has great features but unfortunately isn't a price I could afford when shopping for a new cot, amongst everything else needed for a new baby. I do think the cot is worth its price and it really is stunning but for me personally it is a bit pricey. Otherwise I cannot fault it and would recommend it to others.

Katrina: Solid and very well designed would be the main reasons I would choose this product above others. The draw was great and spacious and the cot is just simply beautiful. We have loved trying this product and I'm sure this cot will last for many years, the instructions made it very easy to build and it didn't take long at all which is always helpful when you're a busy mum!

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I wouldn’t actually change anything about this product. For us its perfect and really easy to use. It fulfils all our needs as a family. It’s stylish, well made and practical. It will be passed down to younger siblings as its so sturdy and well made it will last through the years. It was easy to assemble with clear instructions.

Katrina: I'm not sure there is anything I would change about the cotbed itself. My husband did mention that it could have been made easier to convert into the toddler bed. We have extra screws and pieces of wood to keep for when we need to do this, which I suppose storing them, they could easily get lost or damaged. But this really is nit picking as it was very hard to find anything that I would change or improve.

Megan: One issue I have found with this cot, compared to our previous (old) one is the height. I am only 5"3 and cannot place my baby down in her cot without a very slight drop. She is 14 months and loves climbing so the cot has to be at its lowest for her to be safe. As a smaller than average woman I struggle to lean over to her and the sharp, square edges are uncomfortable when reaching over to comfort her. I understand the cot needs to be low for safety but maybe softer edges would benefit those reaching down.

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