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Midnight feeds, heartfelt cuddles and comfort checks are now right within your reach with the Graco Sweet2Sleep bedside crib. Packed with every feature you need to keep baby right by your side, within your sight and cared for all night, this crib is here to help both you and baby rest easy and wake up refreshed.

Graco Sweet2Sleep
Price: £103.99


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Easy-access
  • Folds down
  • Wrap-around bed strap for security


  • No storage underneath


The Graco Sweet2Sleep won Gold in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Baby CaBest Cot, Crib or Moses Basket.

Testing the Graco Sweet2Sleep

I would recommend sweet2sleep for any parents, grandparents, carers and family members. Sweet2sleep is a great bedside crib as I felt the bonding we have is because he was right beside me in easy reach securely in his crib right next to me. When I was recovering after the birth it helped so much for easy access side rail which raises and lowers. There is mesh you can see through and seeing my baby sleep peacefully in this comfortable crib gave me a good nights rest.


This product makes co-sleeping soo much better and easier but also safer. With the zip down side its handy to see baby and also to feed without bringing them in the bed with you. The neutral colour means it can be used for any gender but also kept for the next baby even if they are a different gender. The straps that go under the mattress make sure the next to me is securely in place and no gaps can form. The bending feet allow the next to me to be next to the bed if you can't fit the feet underneath the bed itself. The mattress is firm and fills the space so baby cant get stuck at the side. It's large enough to keep baby next to you for a long time. Height adjustment allows me to have her head up a little more after feeding and also to get the right heigh for the bed.

The cot is is very practical for travelling with as it it come with its own carry bag. We have only carried it a couple of times using the bag and it’s really useful. Open up the bag and it’s ready to set up anywhere you maybe, if it’s a permanent fixture which is most likely what you would use it for or a travelling cot its ready to start assembling.

Very easy to use and build. Love the pull down bit makes me feel that baby is more secure compared to zip pull down version. The design build is very well built. Very comfortable for little one who is currently 4 months with loads of room. Very easy to use and pack away. Easy to transport and easy to clean.

My life has been easier at nighttime knowing I can get a good nights sleep as my baby has been so comfortable in his sweet2sleep crib. We used the product in the living room to help with my recovery and then carried it upstairs when it was bedtime. Once my recovery got healed it is in our bedroom and it has been an amazing crib. It’s easy to build and easy to fold down if you’re going on holiday. It is a perfect fit in our little boot of the car.

Being able to fold in to a portable bag helps for if we’re a visiting in-laws or a weekend away with a new born. When we are using it every night it is easy for me to get my baby in and out for feeds. It has at least 5 height setting to match the height of our bed and also the stability legs folder to 90 degrees so it can be up tight against the side of our bed.

Final thoughts

The Graco Sweet2Sleep makes night times much easier, with it placed next to you or secured to your bed, your baby will be by your side for the feeds, nappy changes and cuddles. The crib is lightweight and portable so can be taken downstairs or along with you on your travels as it folds down to a compact size and has a carry bag.

The Sweet2Sleep is adjustable so you can adjust the height of it to what suits you the best and has 4 tilting options which is designed to relieve indigestion and tummy discomfort.

It also has mesh sides providing visibility and airflow for your baby's comfort, combined with sturdy mesh-covered aerated mattress. Although it could benefit from having some storage underneath to create keep access to the essentials in the night.

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