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best Moses baskets

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Your baby should sleep in a cot or crib in the same room as you for the first six months of their life, however, if you don't have the space for a big cot in your room, the best Moses baskets are a great alternative.

Designed to be smaller than your standard baby beds, Moses baskets are practical beds that don't take up much room in your home and can be used in your bedroom or in the living room for daytime naps. They're also suitable baby beds to travel with if you need to.

Best Moses baskets at a glance:

Best overall Moses basket: Tommee Tippee Sleepee Moses basket - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best natural knitted Moses basket: The Little Green Sheep Natural Knitted Moses Basket and Mattress - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best modern Moses basket: Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket and Stand - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best innovative Moses basket: SnuzBaskit Dark Grey Moses Basket And Dove Stand - Buy now on Amazon UK

Moses baskets are designed for use from birth until around six months, after which your baby can move into a cot in a room of their own. Some people also like to have a Moses basket in the living room, so that they don't have to keep taking baby to their room for a nap, or have to move their bedside crib around the house.

Best overall Moses basket

Tommee Tippee Sleepee Moses Basket u0026amp; Rocking Stand
Price: $327.69

This modern, durable Moses basket is made from soft hypoallergenic and recyclable material that is BPA and phthalate-free. It's well-ventilated - it features more than 300 air holes - and is really easy to clean - you just need to wipe it down with a sponge and soapy water.

Strong integrated handles make it easy to lift and move from to room, and it's ideal for overnight trips away from home as it's so light; our mum tester Verity said: "This is similar in appearance to the Shnuggle [tested below] but even more futuristic. It has lots of similar features: it's hypoallergenic, easy to clean and well-ventilated. There is plenty of room to grow lengthwise and probably a few more months of use width-ways. The plastic is semi-flexible at the sides, which means the handles meet – very handy when you're carrying the basket with one hand at the same time as holding your baby."

It comes supplied with a mattress and 100 per cent cotton waffle liner, and includes a rocking stand. You can buy the Moses basket separately without the stand, but this bundle saves you money on both. The stand can be set as fixed, without rocking. The mattress cover and the basket liner are both machine washable. 

We like that it doesn’t look like a traditional Moses basket, but some grandparents might not like its modern design; one mum tester said: “I love this basket. It’s so easy to use and the design is modern. My mum, however, didn’t like it, and said it looked like a laundry basket. Luckily she’s not the one who’s got to look at it every day!” 

We tested this Moses basket as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2022, where it was Shortlisted for Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket.

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  • Lightweight and easy to carry from room to room 
  • Easy to clean with just a sponge 
  • Static and rocking options


  • Some parents said the stand is difficult to build
Dimensions:84 x 42 x 42cm
Stand included:Yes
  • Adjustable safety stop
  • Fear-free carrying
  • 300 airholes to allow maximum airflow

Best natural knitted Moses basket


This Little Green Sheep Moses basket is very traditional-looking. It is made from organic woven palm leaf, making it incredibly light to carry while very durable; our mum tester Hannah said: "I would recommend this to a fellow mum due to the high quality of the product, the look and how easy it is to move around the house, this means that your baby can come with you. Every new mum wants their baby to be safe and comfortable, which this product allows. My little girl loves being in the Moses basket and goes to sleep happily."

It comes with a hypoallergenic mattress, plus a quilted liner, and it is available in a small range of neutral colours; the liner is machine washable. This Moses basket is definitely an ideal choice for babies with sensitivities or allergies. The mattress is also temperature-regulating, and features coconut fibres for support and reducing pressure points. 

A Moses basket stand is available for an additional cost, and you can also buy a protective mattress cover separately. 

We tested this Moses basket as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2020, where it won Silver for Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket.

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  • Strong and durable material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Organic quilted liner


  • Doesn't include a stand
Dimensions:82 x 42 x 24cm
Stand included:No
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight

Best modern Moses basket

Made from hypoallergenic polypropylene instead of wicker, this contemporary Moses basket is well-ventilated thanks to its breathable base. 

It's larger than traditional Moses baskets and comes with a luxury quilted mattress and 100 per cent cotton liner included, which is machine washable; being larger means you might be able to use it for longer than other baskets, although always stop using a Moses basket as soon as your baby can sit up unaided for safety reasons. 

The stand is different from most we’ve tested, as it can be used as a traditional basket stand, or turned over to be used as a curved rocking base. This makes this basket multi-functional and worth the higher price. 

Our testers tried out the Moses basket and curved stand, which can be used in the fixed bed-height position at night or as a low-level rocking stand for daytime use; our mum tester Katy said: "One of the more sophisticated Moses baskets we tried, which is reflected in the price and in the fact that assembly requires a screwdriver (not included) and some elbow grease. The base is reassuringly sturdy and can be used as a rocker – very handy. The liner is easy to pop off, making it easy to clean. The handles are very short, making it awkward to carry – not ideal when running around after my toddler."

The basket is available in a range of neutral tone colours. It’s easy to assemble, and our tested had no issues with assembly unlike some basket stands; one reviewer said: “I assembled it by myself, and had no issues at all. Very easy to assemble, it doesn’t weigh much, I could move both pieces by carrying them alone. Very good quality!”

We tested this Moses basket as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2018, where it was Shortlisted for Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket. 

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  • Two ways to use the stand 
  • Easy to assemble the base 
  • Modern style with a range of colours 


  • In rocking mode, it’s very low to the floor 
Dimensions:90 x 44 x 63cm
Stand included:Yes
  • 3 x positionings
  • Rocking and stationary mode
  • Breathable airflow covers

Best handwoven Moses basket

Made with elephant grass, this beautiful handwoven Moses basket features ethically sourced goat’s leather handles that are soft to grip. 

The basket is sturdy and has a protective cotton liner; one tester said: "Love the design and natural fabric. Well made.”

You can choose between a foam mattress and cotton sheet or upgrade to a natural coconut coir and wool mattress; bear in mind that the mattresses come at extra cost. 

The main benefit of choosing this tribal-inspired Moses basket is its ethical foundations, being made in partnership with a cooperative in Northern Ghana; the baskets are traditionally made by weavers, taking three days to make.


  • Ethically sourced and hand-made in Ghana
  • Beautiful tribal-inspired design stands out from others 


  • Mattress comes at an extra cost 
Dimensions:75 x 40 x 25cm
Stand included:No
  • Handwoven

Best innovative Moses basket

With two mesh windows for better visibility and breathability than most Moses baskets, this SnuzBaskit Moses basket has a modern design while being comfy and cosy; our parent tester said: "Having the SnüzBaskit from day one was a complete game changer for both myself and my baby girl. Like any newborn, she felt so tiny and precious that every moment holding her or moving her around felt so important. With the SnüzBaskit, I felt that every time I put her in there to sleep, she was ok, protected and safe – allowing me to relax for those much-needed minutes having hands that were free to make food and cuppas with!" 

It’s another larger-than-average Moses basket, just like the Shnuggle Dreami (above), but again this supposed longevity depends on how quickly your baby grows and develops; always stop using a Moses basket once your baby can sit up unaided. 

This basket is made from 100 per cent recycled felt, meaning it’s extremely light to carry from room to room, but feels luxurious and soft. There’s a range of muted, stylish colours to choose from, both for the basket and the wooden stand. The windows set this basket apart from others we’ve tested, and parents all seem to love being able to see their baby through the sides; one mum tester said: “Great product, light weight and stylish – nice mesh feature on the sides for airflow and allows you to see baby at a glance.”

The basket comes with its own breathable mattress; the cover is removable and washable, and you can buy a mattress cover separately; you can also buy a matching basket liner separately, too. 

Read our full SnuzBaskit review


  • Comes with a stand included 
  • Mesh windows on the sides to see baby more easily 
  • Made with sustainable materials
  • Range of colours to choose from for both basket and stand 


  • Mattress cover and liner are additional costs 
Dimensions:84 x 46.5 x 31.5cm
Stand included:Yes
  • 20% lighter than standard Moses baskets
  • 3D breathable mesh cover
  • Sustainably sourced wood stand

Best value Moses basket

This is the most traditional Moses basket we’ve tested, made from woven palm leaf, making it naturally breathable. It’s sturdy and lightweight, being easy to carry from one room to another with the integrated woven handles; one review said: "Exactly what I was looking for! Just the basket, I have my own mattress, so this was perfect. It's light, strong and smells so good! It's made of natural straw. Sides are strong, even if the baby is active, it won't collapse, holds baby well! Absolutely love it! A lot better than those expensive fake Moses baskets."

This is the most basic Moses basket we’ve tested, as it is just the basket you’re purchasing; matching bedding sets are available at additional cost, and you will need to purchase a mattress too. So although the price is low, remember that you need to add other purchases to the overall cost. If you want a stand, that would also be another cost to consider.


  • Most traditional Moses basket we’ve tested 
  • Natural products are breathable and sustainable 


  • You need to purchase a mattress and bedding separately 
Dimensions:75 x 28 x 24cm
Stand included:No
  • Handwoven
  • Naturally breathable
  • Versatile
  • Integrated handles

Best Moses basket for additional features

Price: £84.95 (was £189.95)


This Moses basket is possibly the most comprehensive on our list, and looks more like a cot than a Moses basket. It features a stand with storage basket at the bottom, plus a canopy, a nightlight, and even a vibration function and lullaby sounds to soothe your baby to sleep. This isn’t your average Moses basket. It folds up neatly, so can be stored away easily; one customer review said: "Excellent quality! Snug as a bug in a rug and sleeps so well. Very sturdy and strong and I love the storage at the bottom."

It comes with a mattress; the basket does only come in the one grey colour, which is probably the only real downside. For a reasonable price you get a lot of functionality with this Moses basket.


  • Full of functions and features 
  • Includes sound and vibration functions 
  • Mattress is included 
  • Large storage basket underneath 


  • Not as portable as most we’ve tested
Dimensions:118 x 61.5 x 107cm
Stand included:Yes
  • Includes 3 removable Toys
  • Folds for storage
  • Mesh sides for breathability

Best neutral Moses basket

The John Lewis ANYDAY Moses basket comes with a mattress, padded liner and fitted sheet, so you don't have to worry about purchasing them separately. It also comes with a white cellular blanket included in the price - something the others we’ve tested do not. It's cosy for your newborn and practical for you, as the sturdy material supports your baby, and the handles make it easy to move around the house. It’s a traditional Moses basket without any additional features to fuss over; one review said: "Very good quality Moses basket and excellent value. Looks great in new nursery. Lightweight, so easy to transport from room to room. Would definitely recommend this to other expectant parents."

One downside parents have noted is the packaging when ordered online; one tester said: “This is a great Moses basket - light and easy to move around. Comes with a sheet and blanket. Good price as well. Only issue is I ordered this online and the amount of packaging was pretty terrible - about double the amount of plastic in there than the Moses basket.”


  • Includes a mattress, liner, sheet, and blanket 
  • Traditional style Moses basket


  • Too much plastic packaging when ordered online
Dimensions:75 x 28 x 24cm
Stand included:No
  • Easy to move
  • Comes with a mattress

Best contemporary Moses basket

A traditionally styled wicker woven Moses basket in a light grey that will fit into most home decor styles, this basket makes up for few fancy features with simple grace and good-quality workmanship. It comes with a mattress, washable covers, and also a quilt - although quilts aren’t recommended for use with newborn babies, so use with care. 

You can buy a stand for this Moses basket separately. The handles, made from leather, make this easy to carry around the house; one mum tester said simply: “A lovely Moses basket. The little blanket is adorable.”


  • Contemporary design
  • Internals made with soft bamboo cotton


  • Quilt might not be suitable for newborns 
Dimensions:84 x 47 x 29cm
Stand included:No
  • Dressed with high quality materials

Best accessorised Moses basket

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your baby’s nursery, or a stand-out gift for a loved-one’s new arrival, this Moses basket ticks the boxes. It comes with a lot of accessories, so it’s an ideal purchase to set up your nursery all in one go. With the basket, you also get a drape, with rod for hanging; a rocking stand, a quilt, liner, and a mattress; one review said: "Bought as present for my great nephew. It looks fab, and he is sleeping for 8 hours every night! 17 days old. My niece says her baby loves being in it."

The Moses basket stand can be adjusted in height so that your baby can be eye-level, and it can also be changed from a stationary to rock mode.

The basket is easy to carry from room to room thanks to the sturdy handles. This large bundle provides you with everything you need for your newborn’s first place to sleep.


  • Comes with a drape, unlike all others on our list 
  • Basket stand height is adjustable
  • Large bundle of accessories included in price  


  • Styling not to everyone’s taste 
Dimensions:84 x 52 x 25cm
Stand included:Yes
  • 1 x Moses basket
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Drape hanging frame
  • 1 x Bedding set
  • 1 x Safety mattress

Moses baskets: All you need to know

Do you need a Moses basket?

Some mums prefer their babies to sleep in a cot from day one, as it means not having to make the transition from a bedside crib or Moses basket to a cot later on. Others think their tiny newborn might feel rather lost in the vastness of a cot and prefer a cosier cocoon for the first few months. If that's you, or if you can't fit a cot in your bedroom, then a Moses basket is the answer.

Would a bedside crib be better?

The main advantage of a Moses basket over a bedside crib or baby cot bed is portability – a Moses basket has handles on either side of the bassinet, so you can easily carry it with you from room to room when your baby is napping. If you'd rather your baby always nap in your bedroom, then a bedside crib may be a better choice. Moses baskets are generally a more affordable option too.

When do babies outgrow Moses baskets?

Moses baskets are usually suited to babies from newborn up to the age of four months old. However, it's worth noting the weight limit of your Moses basket, as some babies can exceed the limit before, and some are also suited to babies up to six months old.

Another thing to note is that if your baby can sit up or pull themselves up on their own, then it's time to transition your baby to a cot.

Can you use a Moses basket overnight?

A baby can sleep in a Moses basket during the night, and ensure the basket is free from covers, teddies and any pillows. For safe sleep the Lullaby trust recommends your baby must be in the same room as you for the first six months.

How much storage space have you got?

You won't use a Moses basket for long, but this piece of baby kit will have huge sentimental value. You might want to keep it for another baby or as a little basket for teddy bears. Some designs fold neatly away for easy storage once outgrown.

Moses baskets can be pretty versatile. You can have one for your baby in your bedroom or even for the room you spend the most time in during the day. Most Moses baskets also come with handles so that they can be easily moved too.

Will you take it away overnight?

A Moses basket isn't specifically designed for travel use, but when you're popping in to visit the grandparents overnight, taking it with you is easier than packing a travel cot. Plus, your baby is likely to sleep better in the familiarity of their usual bed.

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