Babymore Space Saver cot Review

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by Maria Martin |
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Featuring in out best cot beds and cribs roundup, the Babymore Space Saver cot is super compact, with more features than any other space save cots.

Its features include:

  • Four adjustable bed base positions

  • Removable wheels (two lockable)

  • Protective teething rail on top of both sides

  • Suitable from birth up to 12 months old

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Callie Artis says: "Having two children in a small 2 bedroom house has been a challenge as they have quite a large age cap so the baby will be kept in with us for some time due to the gap. This cot is smaller and fits in the alcove in our bedroom. We should have this cot straight away rather than a bedside crib or other cot bed. We have a smaller baby <10th centile and he fits perfectly with loads of space in a small alcove."

Margaret Bain says: "The baby more space saver cot is definitely making my life easier. I have a 7 week old baby, we no longer have to move the moses basket between our bedroom and the living room. The cot has 4 bed base positions. We have set the bed base at the highest position so i don't have to bend over to pick up my little girl. I had a very sore back after giving birth so having this space saver cot has made my recovery easier."

Alison Barnard says: "This product makes my life easier as a mum as my little boy who is on the 75th centile has out grown his Moses basket/crib before the recommended age to move him to his own room. A normal size cot would take up too much room next to my bed but this cot has fitted perfectly allowing me still to walk around my bed."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Callie Artis says: "Stylish in grey who doesn’t like grey these days. It’s really small but still workable. We do have a smaller baby but he fits in it just fine we certainly didn’t have space in our bedroom for a cot bed. But we only have a room for a small cot in our bedroom and we couldn’t put the boys in together as the age gap is large and we aren’t ready."

Margaret says: "I would recommend the baby more space saver cot to a friend or fellow mum. This product is very compact and does not take up a lot of room in our bedroom. The cot comes with wheels which makes it easy to move around the room. It also has 4 bed base positions so as baby grows you can lower the height of the bed base. The cot is also very affordable and should last until baby is around 12 months."

Alison Barnard says: "I would recommend this product to other mums as it was easy to build taking me less than half an hour on my own, it has four different base positions making it easy to reach my son and it has a bonus of removable wheels. I really like the wheel options as I can move it easily in and out to get past it next to my bed. Its also good value for money."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Callie Artis says: "I would chose this cot over a beside crib as you don’t want both really. It’s really inexpensive compared to others and is attractive especially in a grey which is really popular in these days. It’s relatively easily to assemble although not without stress. It’s really small but not worryingly so for a baby hopefully his next step from this will Be a bunk bed with his brother."

Margaret Bain says: "I believe i would choose this spacer saver cot above all others on the market. This cot does not take up a lot of space in our room. It has 4 bed base positions, other cots i have seen only offer 2 or 3 different positions. The cot was very easy to assemble and has a choice of colours. The cot also had protective teething rails on both sides."

Alison Barnard says: "This product has some really useful features and I have found it helpful in a certain situation but I'm not sure it is an essential product for every mum, especially if they have smaller babies as it only lasts up until age 12 months when another sleep solution would be needed. I think there are better products on the market which deserve to win in this category."

What changes would you make to this product?

Callie Artis says: "It’s a bit of struggle to build it definitely not in a half an hour. This may be due to the fact as parents of a 5 month old and a nearly 7 year old we are chronically tired. Once you’ve got the hang of it it proceeds quickly. It will be interesting to see how things go as the baby gets bigger and how people with larger babies do."

Margaret Bain says: "There isn't anything i would change about this cot . Having this cot has made my life easier with a new baby. Even though this is a space saver cot it is a good size. You have the option of having wheels on the cot making it easy to manoeuvre . You can adjust the height of the mattress depending on what age your baby is."

Alison Barnard says: "If I could change one thing about this product it would be to make it longer lasting to allow it to be used by babies up until 18 months to two years when I could then transfer him over to a toddler bed. It would be even better if it then changed into a cotbed to give it even more longevity and make it better value for money."

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