Baby Dan Alfred By My Side Crib review

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Baby Dan 
Alfred By My Side Crib

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What we say:

This wooden crib works as a standalone crib and a co-sleeper and converts to a child’s bedroom seat once your baby outgrows it. There are four different height settings and the side panel can be removed easily. Removable wheels make it easy to move from room to room. Overall this is good value.

Tested by Petra Robertson, from Sheffield, mum of two. She said:

This was really easy to put together. It looks lovely and feels sturdy. One of my favourite things about this is that it’s got really tall sides, so I’ll be able to use it as a crib for a long time, even after my baby can sit up and maybe even stand. It’s a good size but compact at the same time, so doesn’t take up lots of space.

Tested by Carly Hurd, from Lincolnshire, mum to Rhys, 12 weeks, Evan, four, and Isla, six. She said:

This offers great value for money but it does feel like a budget option and seems on the small side. Rhys already looks big in this so I can’t imagine it’ll last until he’s six months. It’s tricky to convert between modes because the side needs to be screwed into place. The mattress is lovely, soft and reasonably thick, and the covering can be unzipped for washing.

Tested by Vicky Pearce, from Basingstoke, mum to Jenson, six months, and Violet, four. She said:

This took 45 minutes to put together. It’s basic in style and the mattress is an additional expense. Unfortunately, it seems unsuitable for use with a divan bed base in co-sleeping mode. I love that it has lockable wheels so it’s easy to move between rooms. It’s a fuss-free bedside crib that’s easy to use and clean.

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