Lupilu Organic Fruit Baby Food Pouches Stage 1, Bananas & Apples review

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Lupilu Organic Fruit Baby Food Pouches Stage 1

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At a glance:

Part of Lidl's new and improved Lupilu range which includes everything from award-winning nappies to organic food pouches, these banana and apple pouches are suitable from four-months-old. These handy resealable pouches are 100% organic, made with only fruit and vegetables and no added sugar and are perfect for weaning babies at mealtimes or as a snack for toddlers.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gini: My little one seemed to enjoy the flavour of the product. I used it as a stand-alone snack, with other food and in baking and it worked well in all three settings. Before opening, the screw top is very secure. It is easy to throw in your bag to take out and about.

Amanda: I would recommend this to other mums as it was good value for money, made with natural ingredients and to top it off they are organic. The pouches were easy to store with a screw cap that sealed in any remaining product. Because it was in a pouch it was easy to squeeze out just the right amount without any waste. It was really easy to use and a flavoursome and wholesome product.

Paul: This product has lots of great features. It's 100% organic with a mixture of two different fruits so the variety is good. The pouch is good for on the go use and can be put in the fridge and cooled on a hot day. The twist cap enables the leftover product to be stored in the fridge for 24-hours. The cap also enables the food to be dispensed easily straight onto a spoon when out and about. The baby seemed to like the taste of the food and the consistency seemed good too.

How did this product make your life easier?

Carolynn: Like most food pouches, the product provides convenience especially on the go. With having another toddler, this product has been a lifesaver. I don’t have to stress planning what to feed my younger daughter who we have just started weaning whilst prepping for the older one. I am also reassured that the content of the pouches is prepared in the best environment and safe to be consumed hot or cold.

Eve: As an on-the-go pouch, this product can be thrown into a change bag without the worry of heating it up, spilling everywhere or leaking. This is a fantastic little product for just keeping in a change bag, the glove compartment or as an emergency snack. The pouch had a resealable lid which means you can pour the desired amount out or even straight onto a spoon. The Lupilu pouch has made my life easier by combining a variety of fruit that would take a while to boil, strain and mash.

Jamie-Lea: Easy to use screw top lid. Can be stored upright. And I can save leftovers on the fridge by just resealing. It is easy to take out as it fits nicely in changing bag. I can use it straight out of the pouch by simply squeezing onto a spoon (no need for a bowl) which makes it ideal for days out. It's nice and cheap so that makes it more appealing. Nice smell of food looks good and baby enjoyed it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gemma: I have repurchased this, as for the cost, it is an excellent product. I think the pouches should win in this category because they only contain fruit, are organic and good value for money. The packaging is also recyclable so it is better for the environment.

Eve: Yes, we have now switched from using other pouches which has saved us a large amount of money per shop. The size of the pouch is far more generous than other leading brands making the Lupilu very good value for money. In regards to taste, my little one enjoys the taste of the purée on its own but I like to add it on top of porridge or yoghurt to give it more volume.

Amanda: I would choose this product over others as it is exceptionally good value for money for the size and especially for an organic product. The taste was spot on, fresh banana flavour. I felt that I could trust the product as being safe and healthy for my baby and I like the way the lid locks the product in keeping it fresh for 24 hours.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gini: If anything, this product was a little bit too big. My little one does baby led weaning so he would need a few sittings to finish the whole packet. For older children, ones with bigger appetites or who are weaned traditionally this would be a great product.

Paul: The pouch is a great feature but the packaging could be redesigned. Compared to some on the market, the packaging doesn't stand out as much and doesn't look as high-end. This is only a minor criticism as the product itself is fabulous but if I was in a shop and faced with lots of pouches I think I would go for another brand because of the packaging.

Gemma: The only thing I would change is to make smaller pouches, especially when you are first introducing food to your baby as I would only give a couple of spoonfuls after a meal meaning the product would be wasted. It would be good to have some different flavour mixtures of less common fruit pouches, e.g. pineapple, kiwi, mango.

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