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The Dreamgenii® Snuggleroo

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The Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier is a soft, comfortable and cotton baby carrier designed to recreate the movement and tight embrace of the womb. Awarded Bronze for the Best Baby Carrier in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards, this baby wrap is available in three versatile colours and offers four positions as baby develops from birth to 12 months. Find out what our parent testers thought when they got to try out the Snuggleroo.

Dreamgenii® Snuggleroo overview


• Machine washable

• Soft material, made from 100 per cent cotton and easy to store

• Easy to adjust

• Promotes bonding with baby

• No buckles or complicated mechanisms


• Instructions a little tricky to follow

• Only ideal for newborn babies

Key features

Machine washable: Our parent testers found this ideal, especially if baby had an accident.

Made from 100 per cent cotton: Not only is this gentle on your baby's delicate skin, but also your own. Many of our mum testers praised the fact they weren't left with any red marks on their skin.

Promotes bonding and trust: Close contact with your baby can not only help develop yours and your baby's emotional connect, but it also makes your newborn's brain release hormones that stimulate their brain development.

Hands-free parenting: Ideal for when you have 101 things to do.

Good for reflux and colicky babies: The upright position can reduce muscle tension on the front of your baby's body.

Testing the Dreamgenii® Snuggleroo

We had six parents put the Snuggleroo to the test with their babies and the general consensus was that they all found the carrier comfortable and a delight to use, particularly during the newborn stage.

One thing our mum testers did bring to light was that the instructions for the Snuggleroo were a little complicated to follow. “They weren’t very clear on how to wear it,” said mum tester Natalie, while Rosemary agreed saying the carrier “could have done with more detailed explanation rather than reliance on photos.” However, once figured out they both agreed it was comfortable and that they (and baby) enjoyed the Snuggleroo’s features. “Our newborn did find it comfortable and we had hands-free, which we found very helpful as parents,” said Natalie. “ I loved how high and close it held baby to me, so he felt reassured at all times too,” added Rosemary.

The Snuggleroo is made from soft, 100 per cent cotton with no complicated buckles or mechanisms, a key feature which really stood out for our parent testers. “I found that the material wrapped around the baby nicely and was very soft,” said mum tester Sooha. Mum tester Georgia also agreed saying “the material was comfortable, and the fact there were no buckles or single straps made it easier to use — we were not left with sore shoulders or strap marks where the sling had been.”

Mother&Baby best baby carrier Bronze

Encouraging bonding with your baby is another great feature of this baby carrier. “I loved the feeling of closeness it gave baby and I, and he loved exploring the world facing forward especially,” said Rosemary. However, it was the comfort that the Snuggleroo gave our testers and their babies, as well as the lightness of the product that really stood out for our testers.

“What I loved about the Dreamgenii is that it was so comfortable,” said Georgia. “It’s the way the material enveloped you and your baby together, with a gentle material. There was no direct pressure, your body and shoulders were able to take the pressure over a large area. But more so, the product is lightweight, so it can easily be folded up into your change back, popped underneath the pushchair or packed in a suitcase, without taking up too much space.”
Sooha also agreed: “It’s easy to adjust which saves valuable time. The Snuggleroo is lightweight and folds to a very compact size, so you can easily fit it in your baby bag for outings.”

Final thoughts

Despite the Snuggleroo being a little complicated to set up, once this was figured out our mum testers loved the closeness it gave them and baby, as well as its soft, supportive material. The lightness of this baby carrier, with no bulky buckles or mechanisms, makes it easy to store in your baby’s bag while out and about, meaning you can always have the Snuggleroo on hand. Not forgetting the fact it gives parents the opportunity to do hands-free parenting is always a bonus when you have a busy schedule to get through.

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