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Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier at a glance:

This all-in-one, newborn ready Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier has all the carry positions plus ultimate ventilation to keep you both cooler. Omni 360 grows with baby from week 1 to 20 kg and offers a perfect fit for all parents with crossable straps. It is: Breathable, lightweight all-mesh carrier - Ergonomic, forward facing option - Adjustable from newborn to toddler - Lumbar support for extra back comfort - Acknowledged as hip healthy: International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and with the ErgoPromise 10-year Guarantee. The carrier is machine washable, has a built in sun hood for privacy and comes with a handy pouch.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sacha Baillieu-Williams says: This baby carrier is lightweight and breathable - features of which are very helpful in the summer! I found my baby did not get as hot in this carrier compared to others. Also, this carrier can be used from the newborn stage which was great as it almost grows with the baby. Adjusting straps are easy and I can do it up by myself.

Jessica Cowley says: This product is amazing. It is so helpful to me as a visually impaired mother. There are so many things I have been able to do better with this baby along. I can go and pick up and drop off my other children better with the sling. I am able to go quicker round the shops with baby too. I absolutely love it. I think it is great that there are so many different ways of using the carrier. I liked the back, front and side. I think that the front way with my small baby was the easiest but I am sure that the other two ways would make it just as wick and easy. I often struggle to get out with my little family. But having this sling just helped loads. It meant I did not have to worry about having a push chair and wheelchair on a bus because I had the sling. So, little things like that were great for us. Thank you so much.

Charlotte Hart says: This product is brilliant for times when you don’t want to take a pushchair and you can have your hands free and a lot easier than getting a pushchair out the car as it’s obviously lighter and takes up less room so it’s quick to grab and go. It’s also handy in crowded spaces where the pushchair is not ideal.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Candice Hirson says: Having this product will help make life a bit easier with baby: for doing things hands free while still having baby close or enabling the convenience of taking baby for a walk without having to drag a buggy around. We have hopped in the car to go somewhere for a walk and had the luxury of not having to fold and unfold a buggy. With this product I can simply pop baby in and go. This also means adventures can be slightly off road. Prior to using this product I was confined to well paved paths on my walks with baby, but with this product it is no longer a problem. Another plus of this product is having baby close when clingy-ness takes hold of baby, but still being able to get on with various tasks.

Sooha Kim says: I found this carrier to be very comfortable and practical. Super light compared to other competitors and comfortable the shoulders. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and the weight is distributed well. It is very easy to use and I can use it without help from my partner which is great. It also has features like the foldable fabric that acts as a wind shield and provides shades for the baby. In other brands, I had to remember to take muslins with me.

Katie Muller says: I would reccomend this product for the quick set up and ease of use for the 8 month old. It was comfortable for me and her and she sat snug in it. The padding under the chin didnt rub and she has very sensitive skin which I was surprised st how comfy it was for her and for me too. The padded waist was also comfortable and it didnt dig in either of us.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jude Platt says: Ergobaby is a well-known and trusted brand, among one or two others. Having tried a stretchy wrap and another soft structured carrier I definitely prefer the 360 cool air mesh over the other soft structured carrier (baby is too big for the stretchy wrap now). It’s much comfier for me and baby seems quite happy being carried in it. The standout features for me are the detachable pouch and the hood for baby. The price is definitely at the higher end of the range but you can tell that it is made of quality materials and I would say that it’s well worth the price you pay, especially as it will last for a good few years! I would definitely choose this carrier over some of the others – it’s far comfier others that I’ve tried out.

Laura Whittle says: I would choose this over other slings and carriers due to the unique design, it has very clearly been made to provide parents with the comfort both themselves and their baby need. It is made with such strong, durable material without taking away from the style or comfort. I would even be fairly confident in saying if you bought one of these, you would never need another. (Unless of course you decide to burn it or cut it up, but who would ever do that to such an amazing product!) I particularly like that there are no addition parts that need to be purchased- this one item does it all from birth to walking, plus a bit more. There's no need for a newborn insert, everything is there and ready in one piece.

Claire Wood says: Yes I would choose this product over other on the market as it is very good for healthy hips with a sitting position whilst in the harness rather then both legs just dangling. My daughter was just over 5months when I used the carrier, I feel she was a little small for facing outwards as the material at the front covered her mouth so we turned her round to face inwards and she looked more comfortable.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica Cowley says: I do not think there is anything that needs to be changed about this product. I loved everything about this product. I am sorry that I could not thinking a thing to change about this wonderful well designed product. It covered all bases for me I felt. And, I would love to buy one of these slings if I could. That is how great I think this is.

Candice Hirson says: The chin/ headrest is a bit high and when my baby is facing forward her chin rubs against that part of the product, but if I change the height setting, she is too high and her head almost blocks my view. So I would change the amount the headrest can be buttoned down to better improve the comfort of baby.

Katie Muller says: I would change it so the buckle on the rear was easier to fasten when alone. I had to do it up before putting the baby in then kind of slip her in at the side of the carrier which wasn't on the instructions but the only way I could do it and get out alone. When I used it when with a friend I had help so this was not a problem. However for loan use this needs to be easier.

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