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Baby Carrier Harmony is a comfortable and versatile baby carrier, crafted with care in every detail. The baby carrier has a wide seat area and adjustable head support, and it is made of cool mesh with soft jersey details. A waist belt, padded back support, and padded shoulder straps provide comfort for the babywearer.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Natalie: Baby Bjorn is one of my favourite brands and the bjorn harmony carrier certainly does not disappoint. It has a great mesh design, we have it in the classic black colour which looks stylish and sophisticated. It is so simple to use and feels very comfortable on the back and padded in all the right areas, plus my babies love being in it which is fantastic. We have previously used another carrier and in comparison the harmony feels and looks luxurious

Philippa: I love how easy this product is to use. I’ve used a range of carriers before and really struggled to get them on and baby in by myself! This one is so much easier, I am able to adjust all of the straps effortlessly. The carrier is incredibly comfortable and makes carrying my little one so much easier. I like that it can be used from newborn without having to buy a separate insert. There are several positions that baby can be carried in which makes it a versatile product and one that will be suitable as baby grows.

Jenna: I love that this folds up and pops in my bag so easily for times I may need to use it, it isn’t realistic to be able to take a pushchair everywhere I go but the baby carrier I had before this was such a struggle to get on comfortably that I rarely took it anywhere because I didn’t want to use it. I really love that not only is this comfortable for me but also comfortable for my daughter and even when the weather is hot she never seems uncomfortably hot with being in this carrier. Being a mum of two means we haven’t done things we used to do with my eldest due to the routes not being accessible with prams and also being too long a journey to do in an uncomfortable baby carrier. I cannot wait to be able to go out to those places using this carrier as I have no doubt that it will be an easy and comfortable walk

Kirk: Having been happy with our previous BabyBjorn carrier – a welcome mobility bump from the pram – being informed that we would be getting an upgrade didn’t enthuse us as much as it could have. How wrong we were. Despite being happy with the previous model, there were a few niggles we never realised were such a big deal. The straps twisted a bit too easily. The fabric was strong, yet chunky, which led to overheating on warmer days as our little one grew bigger. Also, as the weight rose, so too did the inevitable twinging of back pain – thanks 18 months of lockdown!

This brand-new carrier has addressed every issue we’ve been forced to admit. The 3D mesh OEKO-TEX fabric is not only strong enough to carry our little one, but it’s extremely breathable and soft for the baby. It absolutely breezed past our enthusiastic stress testing – call us paranoid parents! Despite the little one going through a struggling phase, it filled us with the confidence to go hands-free and off-road. The other benefit of this design is that we found it to offer a vast boon in the breathing stakes, letting more air get between baby and parent, which really helped with the overall comfort and kept us a lot cooler than our old carrier. Another bonus in the comfy stakes was the way the weight was distributed throughout the strap system. Almost instantly we found that carrying our child was less demanding than previously.

The straps seemed to fit better and were adjustable over two height options. The shoulder padding positively hugged, and the savvy design spread the load around the lower back and almost negated the tell-tale haunch of a hiking parent. It wasn’t just our comfort though, little Esmé was treated to a superior experience. The adjustable head support - now serving as a chin rest/dribble guard - is less bulky, softer and offers more room for her to peep over the top and excitedly squeal at livestock or poor, clueless passers-by. One of the slight annoyances we had with our old carrier was having to constantly push this support back down every time it crept skywards. The Harmony didn’t have this problem at all, I can’t tell you how glad we were.

Another issue we didn’t know needed answering was weight. While we never exactly had to lug our other one around, it became all too apparent that it wasn’t the lightest bit of kit – the overheating makes sense now. With the mesh design choices on the Harmony, not only is it more breathable, but it feels positively floaty in comparison. Seriously, if you haven’t gone mesh yet, do it now! It makes a huge difference when you’re wrestling with an overly energetic child and donning your garb at the same time. Equally, getting the little one in place was simple, even easier than before. Thanks to the Snap-on locks, which seemed identical to our untrained eyes, we still had the same level of confidence that the LO wasn’t going anywhere and couldn’t unclick herself on a whim.

While we are full of enthusiastic praise, there was one area that my wife took some adjusting too. The pad that sits against the small of the back wasn’t quite to her taste. While I managed to fit it into my routine fairly quickly thanks to a life lugging around heavy kit bags, having anything push against her back is a new sensation and coming from something that didn’t have this feature was a bit jarring for her. Despite this, the overall feeling is overwhelmingly positive – hugely better as she puts it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Kirk: BabyBjorn is the brand we gravitated to when we were looking for our first carrier, simply because we’d heard so many good things through word of mouth, but also because there’s a certain market permeation from the brand name that offers a level of buyer confidence. At the time, we thought our carrier was perfect and that the odd peeve was just the price you pay for having a small child strapped to you. Having now found out that you can mitigate most of those issues and have a better, more comfortable experience we won’t – and haven’t - hesitated to recommend this one to other parents.

Beth: The quality of this product is outstanding. From the moment I opened the box I was impressed. The design is incredible, the materials used are so soft and of such high quality, and the clasps are really easy to use whilst also looking smart and clearly manufactured to the highest standards. I think if you are looking for a top of the range carrier that offers a safe, comfortable and secure space for your baby to hang out in, then this is the one.

Kate: It’s easy to get baby in and out of by yourself (don’t need anyone around to help). Also very easy to adjust. Very comfortable to wear and spreads baby’s weight evenly across your back. Also grows with the baby and can be used in three different ways to ensure longevity and value for money. Quality of materials is also very good - breathable for both you and baby.

Daisy: This carrier honestly changed our lives. It is easier to fit (especially when swapping between me and my husband) than any other carrier we tried. The material also doesn't make you sweat like the others. We other carriers I could not keep them on long enough to sweat as I found them too uncomfortable but with this even going for long walks in hot weather myself and my husband found the material nice and breathable. It is also so small to fold up and put in your bag.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Angela: The safety of the carrier is quite clear, with the robust buckles, and the zips etc. The mesh makes it a lot more comfortable too, for baby and the parent. Baby Bjorn is a trusted, well known name and you know you'll get a good product. The clips are easy to put on, and you know you've put them on securely as it clips tight. Cost aside, I absolutely love this carrier. It's easy to put on, as it's one whole piece, and I love how it looks and feels. It's stylish, so you also feel fashionable, as well as secure in the knowledge your baby is safe and comfy.

James: I would definitely choose this product again if we were to have more children. Previously we have gone for cheaper products and after testing we now understand why this is more money. It's easier to use, easy to adjust and simple to keep clean. Also love the breathable fabric for a number of reasons.

Kirk: As I’ve previously stated, we had always intended to use the BabyBjorn brand so our only measurable experience is with a previous model. This also makes it a very simple choice for us to stay with a brand that we know, and knowing others have the same level of trust is key to our peace of mind. That said, this is streets ahead of the one we were using and, given any cursory glance at the overall market, I would absolutely buy this with my own money.

Laura: Fantastically presented with a lovely feel. The fabric is perfect and breathable as well as flexible and super soft. There are lots of positions in which you can carry your baby and also from Newborn to roughly 3 years old. As you can wash this at 30 degrees and it dries so quickly, any accidents can be cleaned up fast, this is not the case with many other carriers. It is easy to use and for any person of any size. It feels very safe and secure with baby in it walking around and it is so light too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalie: It would be great if there was more colour choices or different patterned fabric, I know that bjorn have some limited edition carriers which are in leopard print, I think having different coloured/patterned carriers would attract more people and give the harmony the edge over competitor brands / carriers

Kirk: Despite a slight niggle with the rear padding in my wife’s eyes, I would call this a home run and, apart from maybe making this easy to remove, I wouldn’t change a thing. The design upgrades are all leaps forward that we didn’t know would have such a huge impact. The fact it breathes so well is a true godsend and the improved weight distribution has made carrying far more palatable, especially for my wife who relied on carriers to break the monotony of lockdown and trek through the more inaccessible beaten tracks dotted around our small village. Consider this a glowing 5-star review!

Philippa: I really love this product and really had to think hard for something to improve! It would be useful if there was a pocket incorporated into the carrier somewhere to give the wearer space to carry a couple of small items (dummy/teething toy etc.). It would also be great if it came with a bag to pack it away into between uses to keep it neat and tidy. With the straps and buckles I find it hard to make it look tidy when putting it away. Neither of these things affect the use though, this is a fantastic baby carrier which I am really pleased with.

Angela: We felt that the clips for the shoulders should be a little higher. We may not be looking at it right, but it felt to us like it might be quite restrictive when our baby gets bigger. But perhaps that's where putting them on your back is best. We also feel that it's overpriced. Although we do love it, and it's designed so well, the price would stop me buying it. I wouldn't even get to know how good it was, as I wouldn't get past the pricing if I was buying.

Product Information

  • BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Harmony

  • 3D Mesh in 100% polyester fabric

  • 3D Jersey in 80% polyester, 16% cotton and 4% elastane

  • 0-3 years

  • Min carrying weight: 7lbs

  • Max carrying weight: 33lbs

  • Min height: 53cm

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