Silver Cross Surf 2 Travel System review

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Silver Cross Surf Pushchair

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A luxury option that looks great, handles well but is on the large size. Full of clever features, like extendable handlebars, that comes in seven colourways.

Foam-filled pneumatic tyres and air-sprung suspension mean a smooth ride, even on uneven ground. The carrycot (included) is sturdy enough for occasional overnight use. The seat unit can be positioned both rearward- and forward-facing. The handle is adjustable to five different height positions, and detaching the car seat from the frame is straightforward. However, it’s rather bulky when folded and our testers found the basket was too small.

Tested by Becky Magill, 27, from Bath, mum to Joshua, three months. She says:

“It’s stylish and robust, but the basket is small – you’d just about fit a pint of milk in it. The instructions tell you to remove the adaptors when taking the car seat off, which is fiddly, and there’s nowhere obvious to store them so they could easily get lost, making the whole thing un-useable!”

Tested by Laura Harrison, 33, from Surrey, mum to Edward, four weeks. She says:

“I liked the way this looks, and the fact it’s light and manoeuvrable. It’s easy to push, whether you’re going into town and around the shops or walking through long, wet grass to the park. It’s easy to lift up and down kerbs, too. But the tiny basket really lets it down, as does having to remove the pushchair seat before folding.”

Tested by Maria Currie, 32, from East Dunbartonshire, mum to Sophia, nine months. She says:

“The fabric is plush. The braking system was the best of all those we tested. You apply it by stepping lightly on the pedal, and release it by pressing a button on the handle, which made it feel really safe. It just needs a bigger basket and a wider hood.”

Utterly gorgeous to look at, the Surf has the option of adding a carrycot (£160), but it also has a pushchair seat that reclines fully and still offers an excellent level of comfort for a newborn, it comes with its own plushly padded babynest. The handle is extendable too – great if your tall. If you can afford the Surf and want a little luxury in your baby’s life, go for it, but do check it will fit in your car boot first – it’s not the most compact option.

Silver Cross have been listening to their customers, too: the Surf has been updated for 2013 and the shopping basket has been made bigger which was a main gripe in past tests. The compatible car seat is on the heavy side though, even without a baby in it. It’s easy to push but can be tricky to collapse. It comes in a rainbow of colours so you should be able to get it in your favourite shade.

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Product Information

Silver Cross Surf Pushchair

Frame, seat and carrycot £725, car seat £135

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