Joie Chrome Plus Travel System review

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Joie Chrome Plus Travel System

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This versatiletravel system is good value for money. It looks good too: colour packs (hood, seat liner, footmuff, apron, chest pads and buckle pad) are available in black, blue, green, red and sand. Compact when folded, even with the seat attached. Lockable swivel front wheels give a smooth ride, and the basket is ample. The handlebar is height-adjustable. Detaching the car seat from the frame took practice.

Tested by mum Vicki Lee for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

I LOVE the Joie Chrome Plus. It’s easy and lightweight to push. I love the design, the colours, and I can even push it with 1 finger. I’ve had other prams in the past, and this is the best by far. It’s so comfortable to use, and very comfortable for my baby.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

So quick to set up and fold down, easy to manoeuver, and fantastic colours to choose from.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything about this.

Tested by mum Alison Vickers for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This travel system feels really well made. It's solid and feels comfort to push - even with one hand! The basket underneath is really big - very handy! It's so easy to change from the car seat to the pram and reclining seat. And it's also really easy to recline the seat. I liked the bright green liner too!

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

It's really easy to use. It's easy to fold up and to change the seats around. The big wheels are great for uneven pavements and bumpy kerbs! It's nice and comfy to push - even with one hand!

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

The frame’s quite heavy and large. I could fit through doorways OK but it could be a little smaller and lighter.

Tested by dad Richard Barnes for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow dad?

A wonderful interchangeable customisable travel system. Great design and flexibility and exceptional value for money. Wonderful colour selection and the ability to change colour packs makes the system changeable for a second child if you wish. The ease of changing from forward facing to rear facing makes this a real winner.

How does this product make your life easier as a dad?

This is all you need from car seat to carrycot to pram and pushchair - buy once and you don't need to change anything as your little one gets older. Saves you money and time and effort.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

Add some storage or a bottle holder on the handle.

Tested by Becky Magill, 27, from Bath, mum to Joshua, three months.

She says: “It looks quite compact when folded, but took up most of the space in the boot of our people carrier. It looks great and offers good value, but the angle of the handle made my wrists ache, which really put me off using it.”

Tested by Laura Harrison, 33, from Surrey, mum to Edward, four weeks.

She says: “We did a trip to London with this and it coped with everything from getting on and off trains and Tubes to carrying it up and down stairs. Our baby slept through it all! I love the colour packs, they’re ideal for breathing new life into the buggy for re-use with a younger sibling later on.”

Tested by Maria Currie, 32, from East Dunbartonshire, mum to Sophia, nine months.

She says: “It’s easy to fold in two simple steps, although you do need two hands. The handle design curves upward which I found awkward, and after a while my hands and wrists were uncomfortable. It’s light enough to steer with one hand, and is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, but it gave an uneven ride.”

Suitable from birth, this pushchair is easily converted into a travel system, with no need for additional adaptors to fix the car seat onto the chassis.

However, the car seat and carrycot aren’t included. It’s easy to change the seat position so that your baby either faces you or faces the direction of travel, and the seat can recline fully flat.

It has a two-position leg rest for comfortable naps on the move. There are adjustable handles, a single-step scuff-free brake and a spacious shopping basket.

There’s also the extra benefit of it being ultra-compact when collapsed. Lockable front swivel wheels ensure a smooth, streamlined ride.

Jay Brownlee, 32, from Stirling, is mum to Naomi, three, Miriam, two, and Lydia, three weeks. She says:

‘Simple and intuitive to fold/ unfold and compact once folded. Easy to recline and the seat seems very comfortable. Light to push but feels a bit flimsy.’

Susanne Remic, 37, from Bolton, is mum to Isobel, two, and Elsie, four weeks. She says:

‘Easy to manoeuvre over any surface, even one-handed! Good size, comfy padded seat. Easy to fold/unfold. Large hood, generous basket. Sturdy and stylish.’

Gemma Ridlington, 29, from Halesowen, is mum to Alexis, two, and Robyn, seven months. She says:

‘Feels extremely sturdy but also heavy and rather cumbersome. I couldn’t fold it with the seat facing me. Huge shopping basket, and hood extends well.’

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