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Jane Duo Level Travel Cot

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This travel cot features two different base setting positions, so it can be used until your child is approximately three years old. Three real mums tested this travel cot in the April 2015 issue of M&B magazine.

The upper position is suitable for babies who can’t yet sit up unaided, while a simple adjustment then lowers the base to make it usable by older babies and toddlers.

Wheels attached to the base make this an option if you’re looking for an easily transportable travel cot that you don’t have to carry. It can also be moved around easily once assembled. The storage pocket included on the travel bag is a useful additional feature.

Corinne Hills, 37, from Sheffield, is mum to Arthur, 14 months, Wilfred, three, Tobias, five, and Tom, 15, said: ‘The mattress in this cot is thin and I found it very difficult to adjust the mattress-height setting. I also found it extremely tricky to pack away.’

Roz Walker, 32, from Glasgow, is mum to Aaron, seven months, said: ‘Unfortunately, the mattress isn’t very thick and you can feel the cot base through it. I would recommend this as a play pen, but only for very occasional use as a travel cot.’

Naomi Johnson, 32, from Peterborough, is mum to Logan, 10 weeks, and Elizabeth, 11, said: ‘The bright colours really appeal to children, but the bassinet was difficult to attach and didn’t feel secure. It’s also heavy and not easy to disassemble.

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Jane Duo Level Travel Cot

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