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Every parent who's ever taken their little one to the seaside knows that sand gets everywhere and can still be found weeks after the trip, but thankfully there are special sand removers on the market which can help you to get rid of sand as soon as you step foot off of the beach.

A sand remover can make reapplying the kids' sunscreen much easier and make their hands nice and clean, ready to go and eat an ice cream or enjoy lunch by the sea. Plus, they are particularly useful for children with sensory issues as the feeling of sand on their skin may be uncomfortable for them.

Editor's Choice:
Best for travelling: SavviSand Sand Removal
Best for fragrance: Original Beach Powder
Best for a multipack: Johnson's Baby Powder
Best multipurpose option: WANGDEFA Sand Remover Brush

From sand removal powders to brushes and sprays, there are plenty of products to try and once you see how effective they are you'll want to bring them on every beach trip (along with your beach towels and bucket and spade sets of course). We've rounded up a list of the ones that are actually worth your while; check them out below.

Best for travelling

sand remover
Price: £19.99


Perfect for beach holidays, the SavviSand kit provides a pain-free way to get rid of unwanted


  • Soft bristles
  • Lightweight applicator


  • Have to wash it out after use

Best for fragrance

sand remover
Price: £22.95


This sand remover powder smells just like vanilla ice cream so you can keep the beach vibes alive


  • Vegan formula
  • Allergen-free


  • Some users say it's easy to accidentally spill it

Best for a multipack

sand remover
Price: £9


Yes, you heard it here first: you can use baby or talcum powder to effectively remove sand as it


  • Leaves skin feeling super soft
  • Great at minimising sweat


  • Some users say that the bottles aren't full

Best for a budget

sand remover
Price: £3.48 (was 9.99)


Available in blue and pink, these mitts are easy to slip into your beach bag and bring out


  • Breathable mesh on one side
  • Elasticated strap


  • Only one per pack

Best multipurpose option

sand remover brush
Price: £17.71


Thanks to the cute sea-themed design, little ones will love using this brush to remove sand from


  • Wide
  • Great for furniture too


  • No long handle

Best for powder

sand remover

Rrp: £8.99

Price: £6.99


Say goodbye to that itchy sandy feeling with a little shake of the Sand Away bottle. It absorbs


  • Easy to use
  • Slides off quickly


  • May have to use a lot if covering your whole body

Things to consider when purchasing sand removers

Type - There are plenty of sand removers to choose from, so you must decide whether you would like to use a spray, powder or a brush or mitt.

Usage - Some sand removers are effective at dislodging sand from furniture and car seats, whilst others are more effective on skin. If you're using a spray or powder you may want to use a brush or beach towel to wipe it off.

Ingredients - Always check the ingredients before using a sand remover, as some may have chemicals that are not kind to your skin or the environment.

Size - You may want to opt for a small travel-size sand remover, particularly if you're going abroad and don't want to take up too much room in your family suitcase.

Does baby powder really help to remove sand?

If you're looking for a fast and effective way to remove stubborn sand from your body, talcum or baby powder is your best bet as it's not only easy to use but contains no nasty ingredients, making it ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin.

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